1923 Reserves

Reserves Season 1923
Coach: P. Daykin
Captain: P. Daykin
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 7th
Premier: Geelong

The training list comprised over 50 men, some of the new players who were tried out;
Peterson, Faust (Carlton District), Wilson (Kerang), Killeen (Numurkah), Brown (Muckatah Cobram), Cornall (Essendon Juniors), Metcalfe (Bendigo), Hinkley (Healesville), Ryan (YMCA), Doolan (Footscray), McMahon (Coburg) , Graf (Williamstown Juniors), Blackmore (Maldon), White (Tramways/Coburg jnrs), Cameron (Romsey), Turner (Carlton Juniors), Snell (Brunswick Juniors), Noonan (Edithvale), Nolan (Brunswick Juniors), Gibb (Parkville).
Brew (Newman College), Dee (Carlton District), Pringle (Tasmania), Trewarn (Eaglehawk), Wardley (Essendon VFL), Rowe (Carlton District), Nevin (Maryborough), Hassett (Leongatha), Dick (Tatura), Jim Fraser, Jim Wilson the Kerang player? Tritchlet (Drouin), Holbrook (Prahran), Tom Hart (Norwood), T. Rowe (Maryborough)

Off List: Humphrey, Dingwell
On List; Blackmore, Brew, Faust, Hart, Goodrick, Killeen, McMahon, Pringle, Snell, White
If available; Turner (Melbourne Grammar), Hassett

Name Change

Representatives of the Victorian Junior Football League waited upon the Victorian Football League at its meeting last night, and asked its sanction to change the names of teams in the junior competition to those of the Victorian League second eighteens. The Carlton junior team, for instance, would be known as the Carlton second eighteen. (Herald April 05 p10)
The Age 27 April (p14) reported the VFL will allow the clubs to change their names.

April 07 Practice Match - 16 men per side

Blue & White team
Backs; Peterson, Wilson
Half backs; Killeen, O'Brien (capt), Brown
Centres; Cornall, Blackman, Wright
Half forwards; Metcalfe, Duncan, Morrissey
Forwards; Hinkley, Ryan
Followers; Doolan, McMahon
Rover; Graf
Blue team
Backs; Blackmore, Faust
Half backs; Bolt, Whiter, Cameron
Centres; Turner, Farrow, Whannell
Half Forwards; Snell, Clover (capt), Noonan
Forwards; Nolan, Anderson
Followers; Toole, Gibb
Rover; Fraser

Umpire; Turnbull
Blues; 2.5 4.6 6.7 8.9.57
B&W; 1.1 4.9 4.11 4.13.37

April 14
Crowd; 7,000
Blues v Blue & Whites
Blues team;
Backs; Killeen, Johnson, Turner
Half backs; Wilson, White, Wardley
Centres; Goonan, Kemp, H. Bell
Half forwards; Metcalf, Snell, Clover (C)
Forwards; Halford, Crebbin, Rowe
Followers; Lovale, Hiskins
Rover; McLatchie

Blue & White team
Backs; Brown, Doolan, Faust
Half backs; J. Dee, Boromeo (C), Brew
Centtres; Bolt, Blackmore, Whannell
Half forwards; Gibbs, Pringle, Farrow
Forwards; Trewan, Blackman, Graf
Followers; McMahon, Davies
Best; Blackmore, Pringle. Dee, Graf, McMahon, Brown
Rover; Fraser
Blues; -- 6.9 --- 9.13.67
B&W; ---1.2 ----- 5.4.34

April 21
Crowd; 7,000
Blues v Blue & Whites
Blue team; (18)
McLatchie (capt), Wardley, Fogarty, Traewarne, Bolt, White, Faust, L. Whannell, Blackmore, Dingwell, Humphrey, Pringle, Snell, Hallbrook, Browne, Pritchard, Poole, Hiskins
Goals; Pringle 4, Snell 4
Best; McLatchie. Hiskins
Blue & Whites team;
Martin (capt), Laidlaw, Johnson, Turner, Davies, Goodrick, Wilson, Moffett, Blackman, Bell, Pritchard, Credlin, Fraser, Gibb, Kemp, W. Rowe, McMahon, T. Rowe.
Goals; Fraser 4 Keast/Kemp? 3
Best; Goodrick, T. Rowe, Blackman, Wilson, Bell, Pritchard,
Umpire; Reilly
Blues won by 12 points
Blues; 3.2 3.3 -- 10.13.73
B&W; 2.4 5.9? -- 9.7.61

April 23 Monday
Carlton v Carlton District
Carlton team;
Backs; Wardley, Martin, Bolt
Half backs; Wilson, Boromeo (capt), McMahon
Centres; Graf, Blackmore, Hassett
Half forwards; Snell, Credlin, Duncan
Forwards; Trichler, Fraser, P. Rowe
Followers; Hiskins, Humphry
Rover; McLatchie
Umpire; Stanley

Carlton District team;
Backs; Redman, Watson, Henry
Half backs; Haley, Dee, Faust
Centres; Soderbloom, Devine, E. Martin
Half forwards; L. Bolt, Garvin, Daykin (capt/coach)
Forwards; Ennis, Bell, Scully
Followers; Wilson, Dickenson, Davies
Rover; W. Rowe
Three quarter times scores;
Carlton; 7.11.58
District; 6.9.45

April 28
Crowd 10,000
Backs; Davies, Faust, Killeen
Half backs; McKenzie, White, Wardley
Centres; Cornall Pritchard, Whannell
Half forwards; Snell, Clover (c) Hart
Forwards;Toole, T. Rowe, Bell
Followers; Hiskins
Rover; McLatchie
Best; Snell, T. Rowe, Hiskins, Toole, Pritchard
Goals; McLatchie 3, Bell 3, unknown

Blue & Whites
Backs; Morrissey, Blackmore, Humphrey
Half backs; Wilson, Boromeo (c), Bolt
Centres; Goonan, Blackman, Russell
Half forwards; Brew, Duncan, Pringle
Forwards; W. Rowe, Credlin, Fraser
Followers; Martin, Goodrick
Rover; Trichler
Injured; Goodrick (sprained ankle)
Best; Boromeo, Duncan, Brew, Pringle, Bolt
Goals; Duncan 6, unknown
Match Drawn
Blues; 15.10.100
B&W; 14.16.100

Opening Round

May 05
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park
The Blues were led by P. Daykin captain-coach.
Carlton won by 7 points
Carlton 9.9.63 - 8.8.56
Best; Robertson, Rowe, Faust, Martin, Daykin, Devine
Goals; Bell 3, Oakes 2, Daykin, Robertson, Ennis, Rowe

May 12
Carlton played St.Kilda at the Junction Oval
Carlton won by 16 points
Carlton 6.13.49 - 4.9.33
Goals; Ennis 2, Robertson, Parkhill, Oak, Rodwell.
Best; Dunn, Haley, Martin, Grieves, Parkhill, Watson
Umpire; O'Neill

May 19
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
Both teams undefeated, played in front of a decent crowd.
The Blues led all day until the last 5 minutes of play.
Carlton lost by 3 points
Carlton 6.7.43 - 6.10.46
Best; Martin (BOG), Dunn, Rowe, Humphreys, Daykin
Goals; Lynch 2, Groves, Redmond, Parkhill, Groves

Carlton are fourth on the ladder.
Played 3 Won 2, Lost 1, Points 8

May 26
Carlton played Essendon
Essendon controlled the air and missed many shots at goal. Despite this the Blues ground work was good and led early in the game.
Essendon finished strongly in the last quarter.
Carlton lost by 9 points
Carlton 9.5.59 - 8.20.68
Goals; Ennis 3, Groves 3, Rodwell Metcalf, Daykin
Best; Daykin, Keys, Martin, Groves, Humphreys, Haley

Carlton are fourth on the ladder
Played 4, Won 2, Lost 2, Points 8

June 02
Carlton played Coburg
A large crowd attended..
The Blues played determined football as instructed by their captain-coach Percy Daykin.
High marking and long kicking being a feature of their play.
Carlton won by 21 points
Carlton 10.17.77 - 8.10.58
Best; Ennis, Martin, Blackmore, Soderbloom, Hayley
Goals; Chappell 3, Inch 3, Soderbloom, Daykin, Ennis, unknown

Carlton are fourth on the ladder
Played 5, Won 3, Lost 2, Points 12

June 09
Carlton played Leopold
A strong cross wind hampered play.
Leopold took control after half time and the Blues failed to score in the final term.
Carlton lost by 41 points
Carlton 3.7.25 - 6.18.54
Goals; Inch 2, Boyne
Best; Chappell, Keys, Blackmore, Soderbloom, Miller, Dunn.

Carlton is fifth on the ladder.
Played 6, Won 3, Lost 3, Points 12

June 16
Carlton played Collingwood
The Blues had a problem fielding a team. Eight regulars were suffering from influenza.
Carlton lost by 59 points
Carlton 5.5.35 - 13.16.94
Goals; Inch, Soderbloom, Ellis, Dunn, Miller

Carlton is seventh on the ladder
Played 7, Won 3, Lost 4, Points 12

June 23
Carlton played Melbourne
A fair crowd attended.
Carlton welcomed back Watson, Dee, Wilson, Rowe, Devine who had recoved from the 'flu. The Blues included two new recruits Clayton and McLeod.
Accurate kicking by Ennis and Clayton soon established a good lead. Dunne, Wilson and Keys played well in the second half. Watson's kicking was a highlight and Captain/Coach Daykin's moves all paid off.
Carlton won by 42 points
Carlton 12.16.88 - 6.10.46
Best; The Argus said, Carlton did not have a weak man.
Goals; Ennis 4, Clayton 3, Miller, Dunne, Daykin, Robertson, Groves.

Carlton sixth on the ladder
Played 8, Won 4, Lost 4, Points 16

June 30
No matches due to State games

July 07
Carlton played Geelong at Corio Oval Geelong
Former senior player Percy Daykin captained the Blues.
Geelong's half back line dominated giving the Blues' forwards little opportunity.
Carlton team;
Backs; Watson, Ryan, Devine
Half backs; Dee, Wilson, McLeod
Centre; Martin, Blackmore, Soderbloom
Half forwards; Bolt, Clayton, Daykin (Capt)
Forwards; Ennis, Groves, Melcham
Followers; Miller, Parkhill
Rover; Dunn
Umpire; Dyer
Carlton lost by 32 points;
Carl; 0.0 1.1 2.3 3.4.22
Geel; 1.6 2.8 5.14 6.18.54
Goals; Ennis 2, Parkhill 1.1, Dunn 0.1, Blackmore 0.1, Groves 0.1 (The Argus credited Daykin for the single goal)
Best; Martin, Soderbloom, Watson, Devine, Dee, Blackmore, Dunn

Carlton sixth on the ladder
Played 9, Won 4, Lost 5, Points 16

July 14
Carlton played Fitzroy
Carlton lost by 4 points
Carlton 7.13. 55 - 8.11.59
Goals; Inch 3, Ennis 3, Rowe
Best; Devine, Keys, Wright, Miller, Wislon, Dunn, Blackmore.

Carlton is seventh on the ladder.
Played 10, Won 4, Lost 6, Points 16

July 21
Carlton Reserves played St.Kilda at Princes Park
A fair crowd saw the game.
The Blues were without their full back in Watson.
The first term was fairly even but the Blues held a 7 point lead at half time. The Saints had evened up at the last break.
Carlton then added 3 goals in the final term to run away with the game.
Dee playing on the back line turned many attacks with his marking being a highlight.
Carlton won; 7.10.52 - 4.6.30
Goals; Emms/Ennis? 3, Inch 3, Rowe
Best; Dee (BOG), Wilson, Groves, McLeod, Parkhill, Soderbloom, Blackmore

July 28
Carlton played Richmond at Punt Road Oval
Richmond led all day, despite this, the game was of a high standard.
Carlton lost by 31 points
Carlton 7.12.54 - 11.19.85
Goals; Daykin 4, Inch 2, Dunn
Best; Miller, Devine, Inch, Soderbloom, Murphy, Dunn

Carlton sixth on the ladder
Played 12, Won 4, Lost 8, Points 16

August 04
Carlton played Essendon at Princes Park
Both of these sides were still in contention for the final four.
Essendon started well and had a lead of four goals at quarter time.
The Blues fought back in the second term and held a narrow lead of 4 points at half time.
Carlton continued where it had left off, and had stretched the lead to a seemingly match winning one of 17 points at the last break.
In the final quarter Essendon kicked two quick goals, but the Blues held on, thanks to its backline.
Umpire; Porteous
Carlton won by 5 points
Carlton 11.6.72 - 10.7.67
Goals; Inch 3, Dunn 2, Robertson 2, Wilson 2, Ennis, Parkhill
Best; Wilson, Parkhill, Blackmore, Wright, Murphy, Groves, Daykin

Carlton is sixth on the ladder
Played 13, Won 5, Lost 8, Points 20

September 15
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park.
Carlton team;
Backs; Ryan, Garvin, Key
Half backs; Dee, Devine, Humphreys
Centres; Martin, Wright, Soderbloom
Half forwards; Robertson, Wilson, Daykin
Forwards; Chappell, Miller, Oak
Followers; Groves, Parkhill
Rover; Dunn
Umpire; Hyland
Carlton lost by 6 points.
Carl; 3.1 4.4 5.6 8.7.55
Geel; 4.6 6.8 7.9 8.13.61
Goals; Dunn 3, Chappell 2, Devine 2, Daykin.

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