Season 1889


Carlton Captain. T. Leydin (Leyden).
Vice Captain. W.H. Maloney (Bill Moloney).
President. A. Gillespie.
Secretary. W. Donaldson.
Home Ground. Princes Oval.
Premiership Games Played. 22. Won 17. Lost 5. Drew 0.
Goals Kicked. 118 for. 65 against.

Leading Carlton goal scorers; W. Green 28, George C. White 14, Tommy Leydin 12.

Carlton also played another 5 games winning 3, losing 2 and scoring 16 goals for and 21 against.

In a pre-season game Carlton 1.12 were defeated by South Melbourne 3.5.
This match was played to aid employees of an drama group when a fire destroyed the Bijou Theatre.

The Blues managed 0.8 against South Melbourne, and 2.16 against Geelong .
Prompting one critic,
"The term Goal kickers is a misnomer when applied to Carlton forwards. 'Goal missers' would be more appropriate."

South Melbourne 5.11 defeated Carlton 4.3 at South Melbourne in front 30,000.
Both clubs donated their gate takings to a fund for the relief of striking London dock workers.

In a match against Fitzroy at Brunswick Street Oval in August, a scuffle broke out and punches were thrown when it was alleged that the Fitzroy time-keeper was prevented from ringing the bell at the official conclusion of the game. The last quarter went two minutes over time, and Carlton ran out winners 6.7 (43) to Fitzroy's 5.11 (41).

Carlton along with other clubs this season donated 25% of takings to hospital funds.

Carlton lost the services of Jack Baker who returned to Geelong at the start of the season.

Better players for the Blues were,
Ruckmen, Wally McKechnie, 'Gib' Currie and
Thomas 'Dodger' O'Connor.
Defenders, Charles Coulson , Tommy Leydin and Ivo Crapp
Forwards, Walter Wattling and Green.
Centreman Bill Moloney , and wingers Roberts , Bailey and Keane
Keane was regarded as the fastest wingman in the competition.


An enlargement from an 1888 lithograph courtesy of Trevor Ruddell of the M.C.C. Library. A black and white version of this image appears in Alf Batchelder's book, "Pavilions In The Park."
Standing in the centre is Carlton captain Tommy Leydin. Other former Carlton players, far left back former Carlton vice captain George Smith who was Richmond's first captain in 1885, front row, middle, Billy Hannaysee Port Melbourne's inaugural captain, and Jasper Jones aka W. Jones Williamstown rear of the Geelong player. Note: Essendon's guernsey is blue with a red sash.
April 2015 & Blueseum now has the names, courtesy of Dave Eastman "from www.hardballget.net"
Standing - Left to Right: George Smith (Richmond), W. Quine (Sth. Ballarat), Henry "Sonny" Elms (South Melb.), C. Dunne (St.Kilda), Tommy Leydin (Carlton), W. Jasper Jones (Williamstown), A. Lee (Footscray), Ben Page (formerly Fitzroy, now South Melb.) W. Johnston (North Melb.)
Seated: G. McKenzie (Ballarat Imperials), Dave Higginbotham (Geelong), William Fleming (Essendon)
Front: H. King (Melbourne), Billy Hannaysee (Port Melb.), J. Bailey (Ballarat).
Although produced in 1888 this image does not include the University Club which did not compete in 1889. To see the entire lithograph go to the 1888 page.

1889. Premiers. South Melbourne, 2. Carlton, 3. Port Melbourne, 4. Essendon.

1889 Ladder.

Pos TeamPl WL D GF B GA B PProp Pts
1South Melbourne 1914231212004915662.815
2 Carlton2015501002016414460.750
3Port Melbourne 201343 901965513558.725
4Essendon 2113801122475513452.619
5Geelong 201064881997310648.600
6North Melbourne 201181941517517346.575
14Ballarat Imperials15104152127337542.700
15South Ballarat239104952157916944.478

The three Ballarat clubs were part of the V.F.A., but because of travel difficulties they couldn't play the required matches against the metropolitan clubs to compete for the premiership.
They played local country teams, some Melbourne clubs, and a competition between themselves.

1889 Carlton V.F.A. Fixture

May 04 Carlton vs Port Melbourne, M.C.G.
May 11 Carlton vs Melbourne, M.C.G.
May 18 Victoria vs Tasmania and split round.
May 21 Carlton vs South Ballarat, Ballarat.
May 25 Carlton vs Maoris, M. C. G.

June 01 Carlton vs Essendon, M. C. G.
June 08 Carlton vs Williamstown, South Melbourne C. G.
June 15 Carlton vs North Melbourne, North Melbourne Rec. Reserve.
June 22 Carlton vs St.Kilda, M. C. G.
June 29 Carlton vs South Melbourne, M. C. G.

July 06 Carlton vs Geelong, M. C. G.
July 13 Carlton vs Williamstown, Williamstown C. G.
July 20 Carlton vs Richmond, East Melbourne C. G.
July 27 Carlton vs Footscray, South Melbourne C. G.

August 03 Carlton vs Fitzroy, M. C. G.
August 10 Carlton vs North Melbourne, M. C. G.
August 17 Carlton vs Port Melbourne, Port Melbourne C. G.
August 24 Carlton vs Essendon, East Melbourne C. G.
August 31 Carlton vs St.Kilda, St.Kilda.

September 07 Carlton vs South Melbourne, South Melbourne C. G.
September 14 Carlton vs Melbourne, Melbourne Football Ground. (The Friendly Societies Ground)
September 21 Carlton vs Geelong, Geelong.
September 28 Carlton vs Fitzroy, Fitzroy C. G.


1889 Carlton teams/squads.

Some details are missing, if anyone has these could they please contact Blueseum.

January 05
Carlton played Port Melbourne in an exhibition match.
This was part of the touring American Baseball teams exhibition day at the M.C.G.
For further details see the 1888 page.

January 10 Thursday


The Herald received £10/10- donation from the Carlton Football Club, to be added to the Herald fund for the widow of former Carlton footballer and Herald employee Henry 'Harry' Nudd.
Harry died aged just 32, he was employed in the stereotyping department of The Herald. (Herald p2)

January 12
The Melbourne history site, demonwiki, has Carlton playing a draw with Melbourne on the MCG.
This was an exhibition match for the US baseballers.
Information Blueseum had was that the baseballers had left Melbourne after the Port Melbourne match on January 05
Further investigation is required.

April 05 Friday
Carlton F. C. AGM held at Carlton Hall, Princes Street North Carlton.
Very crowded meeting with Mr. J. Gardiner MLA and Mr. Leonard MLA present.
The president, Mr. Alex Gillespie presided.
Carlton AGM
Finances income £1,421 14s 5d. Expenditure £1,138 10s 4d. Profit £238 4s 1d.
First Twenty played 28 matches, winning 18 losing 7 drawn 3.
Goals For 164 Against 103
Goals; Green 42, Baker 24, Gellatly 19, A. Coulson 14, Berry 14, White 10, McKechnie 6, Leydin 6, T. McInerney 6, Whelan 4, Goer 3, Hutchison 3, M. McInerney 3, Cook 2, Smith 2, Burke, Orwin, C. Coulson, Meates/Mears, Carroll and Woods 1 each.
Second Twenty tied with North Melbourne for the Premiership, playing 21 matches, winning 13 losing 3 drawn 5.
Goals; Carlyle 8, Carter 8, Yourell 7, Monk 6, Davie 5, Adams 4, Miller 4, Mears 3, Steel 3, Coder/Cader 3, Russ 2, Goody, Dunn, Lemon, Bates, Dalgleish, Marie and Fitzgerald 1 each.
Illuminated addresses for long service in the First Twenty prepared by J. T. Rowe and Co. Lygon Street, to T. Leydin, W. Strickland, and W. Crapp.
Gold lockets for excellent play in the Second Twenty to E. Tubb, M. Lemon, H. Carlyle, and A. Steel.
A special award was made by Mr. McWhinney for the best First Twenty player of 1888. After a ballot among the players Wally McKechnie was announced the winner.
Mr. Leonard (MLA) presented a framed group of photographs of the members of the Second Twenty to Mr. C. Carter, the Second Twenty secretary.
Election of office bearers;
Patrons; Messrs; R. Robinson & J. R. Ballenger, Ed Latham, J. Moloney, Councillor J. Pigdon J. P.
President; Mr. A. Gillespie (re elected)
Vice presidents; Mr. Gardiner MLA, Messrs, F. Bloomfield, Theophilis S. Marshall, W. Ievers (Jnr), A. Geddes.
Secretary; Mr. W. C. Donaldson.
Treasurer; Mr. W. B. Hearne.
Second Twenty Secretary; Mr. C. Carter.
Captain; Mr. T. Leydin
Vice captain; Mr. W. H. Moloney.
Committee; Messrs, W. Strickland, J. Melville, J. D. McCutcheon, J. Cook, A. Gellatly, R. Cooper, w. Hemsworth, T. McInerney, S. McIntosh.
(The Argus April 6 p12/Age April 08 p6)

April 10
The "dark blues," who have earned a splendid reputatation in the past, are likely to be full of running during the next season, especially as they have such able directors as the president (Mr. Gillespie) and hon. secretary (Mr. Wm C. Donaldson)
Their 1888 players, whose names are familiar to our readers, have resolved to remain staunch to the old colors, but, doubtless, some of them will have to give place to the "new blood." The North Park the premier juniors for two or three years, will contribute Bulter (forward) and Fox (wing). The Shepparton will part with West, who plays back. McCarthy who was with Port Melbourne second twenty last season, will, no doubt, will act as a back for the dark blues. Syle, a follower, from Richmond should prove remarkably useful with Baker and Co., and so should O'Connor, three or four years ago was one of the South Melbourne elect, but who of lately played over Tasmania way.
(Sportsman p8)

April 12
V.F.A. meeting.
University delegate advises the Association that the University Football Club, which has been struggling for the past three years, has now disbanded.
The University Club requested an amalgamated with the Melbourne Football Club.
Melbourne does not have a local following and has to draw players from various suburbs, the amalgamation will not effect the club's amatuer only stance. University wanted their name included in the official title of the club. However, the name and colours did not change.
Games against the Ballarat clubs not to count towards the Premiership.
12 clubs now make up the V.F.A. Premiership season.

April 12 Friday
The Sun reports that Alf West a back man from Shepparton, Jim McCarthy of Port Melbourne seconds, Cox, a winger, Butler, a forward, both from North Park, and O'Connor from Tasmania have all joined the Blues this season.

April 13
Carlton played Britannia at Princes Oval.
Crowd; 2,000
A beautiful Melbourne autumn day, fine with no wind.
Tommy Leydin captained the Blues and Joyce Britannia
Leydin won the toss and Carlton kicked to the Lygon Street or Cemetery end.
A number of 'colts' made up the Carlton team.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Berry, Butler, Benson, Brumley/Bromley, Crapp, Carroll, Joe Dawson, Thomas Fox, Green, Gellatly, Leydin (Capt), Moloney, McInerney, McCarthy, O'Connor, Price, Plunkett, Sadler, Sutton, Alf West, Wall, White, Watling.
Umpire; Band
Carlton lost,
Carl; 0.0 1.2 1.4 2.5
Brit; 1.3 1.3 2.4 4.5
Goals; Green 1.1 unknown.
Players mentioned; (7) Leydin, Maloney, Green, Crapp, Carroll, Butler & Fox (both from North Park)

April 13
The Australian Town & Country Journal reports that last week the first annual meeting of the Carlton Football Club was held in West Maitland N.S.W. A large number of members were present, the club plays Australian Football.

April 22 Monday
Carlton played North Melbourne at the M.C.G.
A rather warm day with no wind, the ground was in good condition.
Crowd; 7,000.
Leydin captained the Blues.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Butler, Batters, Crapp, Carroll, Joe Dawson, Thomas Fox, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Leydin, Moloney, McInerney, McKechnie, McCarthy, O'Connor, Price, Spedding, Sutton, Strickland, Waldron, White, Watling.
Umpire; S. Thewlis
Carlton lost.
Carl. 1.2 3.2 3.4 5.4
N.M. 3.2 7.3 10.10 11.13
Goals scorers; Leydin 2, Watling, Crapp*, Carroll.
The Weekly Times said Price instead of Crapp scored a goal.
Best; Leydin, Strickland, Butler, McKechnie, White.
Players mentioned; (11) Gellatly, McInerney, Leydin, Strickland, Butler, McKechnie, White, Watling, Crapp, Carroll, Price.

April 27
Carlton played South Melbourne at the East Melbourne C. G.
The two clubs were requested to play this match for charity, at short notice.
All proceeds of this match to be donated to the artists & employees of Brough-Boucicault Company when the Bijou Theatre which was destroyed by fire last Monday.
East Melbourne Club and the Victorian Military Band donated their services.
Entrance fees for this game up from the usual 6d.(5c) to 1 shilling. (10c)
£330 raised. ($660)
Crowd; 7,000.
A number of players from each side were absent.
Weather fine, Carlton kicked to the Wellington Parade end.
The Blues' forwards were off target, and cost them the match.
Roberts played.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Berry, Butler, Crapp, Carroll, Joe Dawson, Thomas Fox, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McCarthy, O'Connor, Sutton, Strickland, Wall, Waldron, Watling, G. White.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.2 0.6 2.12 2.14
S.M. 0.1 1.4 1.4 3.5
Goals; George C. White 1.1, Keane 1.0, O'Conner 0.2, McKechnie 0.2, Green 0.2, Butler 0.2 Watling 0.1, Batters 0.1, Strickland 0.1, Carroll 01, unknown.
Best; Watling, Butler, Roberts, Sutton, O'Connor, White.
Players mentioned; (17) Batters, Crapp, McCarthy, Waldron, Watling, Roberts, Sutton, O'Connor, George C. White, Green, Strickland, McInerney, McKechnie, Keane, Leydin, Butler, Carroll.


Billy Strickland may have been injured in this match as he is not mentioned again this year.
The Weekly Times in their season review said;
"Besides losing Baker, the club lost the services of another brilliant player in Strickland, who was injured early in the season." (October 5 p4)

May 04


Watling (South Australia)
Butler from North Park
Fox from North Park
McCarthy from Port Melbourne Reserves
Roberts from Ballarat Imperial.
O'Connor from Tasmania.
Waldron brother of Topsy Waldron (returning from South Australia? )
McKenzie from Melbourne from May 22


The Coulsons* (Albert & Charles)
(Evening Standard)

Former captain and champion player Jack Baker would play his last game for the Blues on May 11 and transfer to Geelong.

.*Charles Coulson played from May 25 this year.

May 04

Opening round of the 1889 Premiership season.

Carlton played Port Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 12,000.
"Today the football season of 1889 commenced in real earnest, and despite the threatening weather the streets were lined with people long before the time appointed en route on their way to the various football grounds." (Bendigo Advertiser)
Leydin suffering the effects from a dog bite, did not play, Maloney captained the Blues.
The Blues were also without the services of star players Baker and Strickland.
Of the new players;
Watling, reminded the reporter of the Carlton champion Goer.
McCarthy, a tall very promising player from Port Melbourne reserves.
O'Connor, already made a name for himself last week.
Port won the toss and kicked to the railway end and Carlton's White kicked off to start the game.
Scores were equal late in the final quarter when Bloomfield gave away a free kick from the thrown in, and South scored the winning goal.
This first-up loss would prove very costly as Carlton finished just 2 points behind this year's premiers South Melbourne.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Baker, Bloomfield, Berry, Batters, Bailey, Butler, Crapp, Carroll, Joe Dawson, Thomas Fox, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McCarthy, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Watling, White.
Berry, Butler, Dawson and Leydin did not play.
Umpire; G. McShane.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 2.3 3.5 3.8 3.9
P.M. 1.2 1.6 2.8 4.9
Goals; T. McInerney, Green, Carroll.
Best; Bailey, Batters, Carroll, Green, Moloney, McCarthy, McKechnie, O'Connor, Watling, White.
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Batters, Bloomfield, Carroll, Crapp, Currie, Fox, Green, Hutchison, Keane, McCarthy, T. McInerney, McKechnie, Moloney, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Watling, White, Waldron.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton seventh.
Played 1 Won 0 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 3 Against 4 Points 0

A note of some concern from the report was that Carlton had now lost it's last four matches.

Carlton Reserves played Port Melbourne at Port Melbourne.
Umpire; J. K. Stewart
Carlton won; 4.7 - 1.7
Goals; unknown
Best; Davie, Kelly, Dunn, Ross, and Sullivan.


Carlton footballer Tom McCracken aged 23 died of typhoid fever May 08.
Reports vary; one said he died in the Melbourne Hospital and another said at Echuca.
See June 17

May 09 Thursday
The Herald p2 had an obituary for Tom McCracken.
"Everybody connected with athletic circles, with many more, will hear will extreme regret the death of Thomas McCracken, a well known member of the Carlton Football Club, which took place yesterday, from typhoid fever. McCracken in 1885 was one of the pick of the Star of Carlton, and in 1886 took a big part in the Hotham team. In the following year he was sent with the dark blues for the South Australian tour, but since then he has not played in the team. He was a man of splendid physique, and played back, where his services were more than usually effective.
McCracken was a member of the Carlton Brewery Fire Brigade, and it was his voice that was heard in the street when the men were on the rush to the scene of some conflagration, or other. On all hands he was regarded as a good athlete and a game fireman, while privately he was highly respected and had a large circle of friends.
His funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon, when the different brigades have been requested to attend, and the committee of the Carlton Club will also join the cortege. Deceased was only 25 years of age."

May 11
Carlton played Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 6,000 - 7,000
All Carlton players wore black arm bands on their left arms as a mark of respect for their team mate Thomas McCracken who died on May 08.
Blues' skipper Tommy Leydin did not play as he had an abcess in his throat which had just been lanced.
After the teams had entered the field umpire J. Shaw appeared, and he allowed the players to warm up with kicking and practising their "little marking".
Melbourne won the toss and kicked with the wind.
O'Connor started proceedings and kicked off for the Blues.
Early in the first term both White and Green scored goals.
The use of handball was mentioned in the Herald report.
Gellatly injured his shoulder.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Baker, Batters, Bailey, Berry, Butler, Crapp, Carroll, Currie, Joe Dawson, Thomas Fox, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, W. H. Moloney (Capt.), W. McKechnie, McInerney, McCarthy, T. O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, W. Watling, White.
Umpire; J. Shaw ('arrayed in white')
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.0 3.4 4.4 5.7
Melb. 0.0 0.0 1.0 1.1
Goals; White 1.1, Green 1.1, C. Coulson 1.0 or Gellatly 1.1, McCarthy 1.1, Currie 1.0, O'Connor 0.1,McKechnie 0.1, Carroll 0.1
Free Kicks;
Carl. 2, 3, 2, 2 Total 9
Melb. 3, 2, 0, 1 Total 6
Players mentioned; (20) Batters, Bailey, Carroll, C. Coulson, Crapp, Currie, Thomas Fox, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, McCarthy, McInerney, McKechnie, Moloney, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Watling, White.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton seventh.
Played 2 Won 1 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 8 Against 5 Points 4.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Melbourne on the Melbourne Football Ground.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Adams, Brown, Carlyle, Dunn, Davie, Dwyer, Fisher, Gooddy, Hastings, Hannah, Kelly, Kimpton, Lemon, Mears, Monk, Miller, Miller, McInerney, Russ, Rose, Steel, Sullivan, Tubb, Williams, West, Yourell.
Umpire; A. G. Carlos.
No result details.


BARRACKING IN DAYS OF OLD - A glory that has departed

'Gluepot' from The Sun (Sydney) May 18 1913, looks back on football and it's barrackers in Melbourne in the 1880's.

May 18
The North Melbourne Advertiser commenting on today's new Victorian guernsey;
"The new uniform of which we heard so much as being a beautiful blue and gold, and which was soon to take with the public and especially attract the ladies, is an ugly combination of dirty yellow and light blue most peculiarly striped, reminding one very strongly of the antics of a circus clown.
It has been suggested that the selection was made by the energetic honorary secretary of the V.F.A., but surely Mr. Marshall could have made a better choice."

May 18
Victoria played Tasmania at the M.C.G.
Vic. colours - Royal blue and old gold.
Tas.- Rose, primrose and black.
Crowd; 25,000
The weather was fine.
South Melbourne's Peter Burns captained the Vics.
The Victorians were first onto the field followed by the Tasmanians admist great cheering.
The visitors won the toss.
Players were selected from South Melbourne, Carlton, St. Kilda, Essendon, Fitzroy, and the Richmond clubs.
The Sun listed the Victorian team as;
Fleming, centre back: Stiffe and Buckley, back on the wing: Brown, centre half-back: Maloney and Lockett, half back on the left wing: Watling, centre: Shae/Shore and Dick, centre on the wing: Barrett, half centre forward: Windley and Smith, half forward on the wing: Burns, centre forward; Cleary and Pearson, forwards on the wing: Page, O'Connor, Worrall, McKechnie, and Moorhouse, followers.
Umpire; H. Wilson.
Victoria won;
Vic. 1.4 4.4 5.6 6.9
Tas. 1.4 1.4 1.5 1.6
Goals; Worrall 2, Cleary 2, Moorhouse, Smith.
Best; Worrall (BOG), Burns, Cleary, Maloney, O'Connor, Smith, McKechnie, Shore, and Moorhouse.
Four Carlton players selected in the 20.
W. H. Moloney/Maloney - Half back flank.
W. Watling - Centre.
W. McKechnie - Ruck.
T. O'Connor- Follower.
J. Moorhouse (St.Kilda) would join the Blues in 1890.

There were no metropolitan matches.

Geelong played Melbourne at Geelong.
Due to an absentee, Carlton's J. Baker played for the Geelong side.
Baker played with his usual vigour and kicked 2 goals.

A New Zealand Native Team played the Ballarat Football Club.

Carlton Second Twenty played Fitzroy on the Fitzroy Cricket Ground.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Brown, Carlyle, Dunn, Davie, Dwyer, Goody, Hastings, Hannah, Kelly, Kimpton, Lemon, Monk, Mears, Miller, McInerney, Russ, Rose, Steel, Sullivan, Tubb, Williams, Williams, Yourell, West.
Umpire; C. H. Drake
Carlton won; 4.10 - 1.3

May 22 Wednesday


The Sportsman (p2);
"....... but the greatest blow of all is J. Baker severing his connection with the Dark Blues, for whom he has played many seasons, and in whose interests he has worked so faithfully and materially assisted in gaining their most glorious victories. Of course it is only natural that Baker should join the Geelong, as he lives in the district, but it seems strange that he should have put off doing so for so many years. Perhaps the Carltonians have not shown a proper appreciation of the services rendered by their veteran player."


"I think we can win," is the reply of Moloney the acting captain of the Carlton, in reply to our inquiry, "but I anticipate a good match." Then there is a little interesting consversation upon recent events connected with the Carlton. They are indeed in bad luck, and it looks as each day makes its chances for the premiership for sometime to come very small indeed.
Our reporter asks Moloney for particulars as to Baker's leaving the team. "I tell you," he said, "that his announcement came as a complete surprise - at least it was not his announcement to us, but what was said for his reasons for not playing. We knew that we would not have him playing much before the Essendon match, but we were more than staggered to find that he had played with Geelong. It was said to us that the reason for leaving the team was pressure of business. That would seem to a paltry subterfuge, because if pressure of business would prevent him from playing with us the same reason should most certainly have applied to his playing with Geelong.
I tell you I feel very keenly over this matter. With Leydin laid up, with Gellatly, Strickland and others out of the team, for different reasons, it is the most awkward time for the club. Any man would have stuck to the team if it was for no other reason than that they had been particulary unfortunate and that they would want every help they could get. Of course offically we know nothing; but I think we will be entitled when Baker plays on Friday, to know the reason of his deserting us.
There is no doubt that he has been treated well by the Carlton in all the years he has been with us - no one could have been treated better. We know that he would have to give up football in a few years, but they might as well have been played with Carlton. There is no doubt he is one of the first rank of footballers, I do not know that he has a superior. We gave him all the honors, as he was twice captain, was presented with an illuminated address, and a gold watch and chain. It does not please me the idea of a man of throwing us over like this at all. If Baker can give a satisfactory reason, well then, of course, it will be accepted; but, I for one - and there will be many with me - am certainly too independent to do anything to crave for his coming back to us again. Everybody will regret Baker going when he does give up football, but I hold strong opinions on the way he treating us now, and it is a way we never expected Baker, of all fellows, to have gone. In all the years with us he had a great antipathy for some reason or other to the Geelong, and yet we now find that he is playing with them.
If, as some say, he played as an emergency that was wrong, for he cannot now play with us against the Essendon. That match will be a warm one, and we are deprived of his services. If he had come up to the Port's match we would have won. We should have as it was, but it would have been a certainty with him. Certainly we will be wanting an explanation when plays on Friday."
(Herald May 23 p4)

May 24 Friday
Carlton played South Ballarat on the Eastern Oval, Ballarat.
Crowd; 4 - 5,000 witnessed the match. Saturday's Herald said 6,000 were at the ground at half time.
Carroll, Batters, Dawson and Butler did not play.
The Herald May 24 (p3) reported St.Kilda's Arthur Stooke was one of Carlton's substitutes. Stooke received a large applause when he appeared on the field. Arthur Stooke had accompanied Carlton as a VFA delelgate on the club's 1888 tour of Tasmania
Tommy Leydin attended but did not play
Moloney captained the Blues.
South Ballarat won the toss and kicked to the railway end goal.
McKay* (South Ballarat) and Hutchison collided and McKay received a broken jaw. Moloney copped a blow to the face which split his lip.
Many of the players limped onto the ground for the third quarter.
The umpire was too lenient and the game became pretty rough with most players on the ball.
.*"McKay the footballer, who collided with Hutchison, of the Carlton team, on the Eastern Oval at Ballarat, last Friday, injured his cheekbone, is reported to be dying from lockjaw." (Australian Star (Sydney) May 30 p5)
Lockjaw or tetanus causes painful spasms which can make opening the mouth very difficult.
Currie suffered an injury early in the game and played on "one leg" The Herald mentions Myers (Mears?)
Carlton team; (25 named)
Batters, Berry, Bailey, Butler, Crapp, Coulson, Currie, Carroll, Dawson, Fox, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Moloney, Meares, McInerney, McCarthy, McKechnie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, White, Waldron, Wattling, Yourell.
Umpire; Henshaw/Henshall
Carlton won.
Carl. 1.0 4.3 5.4 5.7
S. Ball. 2.2 2.2 2.7 2.9
Goals; White 1, O'Connor 1, Roberts 1, Mears 1, Currie 1, Meares 0.1 McInerney 0.1 rushed 0.1 (rest unknown)
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Baker, Berry, C. Coulson, Currie, Fox, Green, Hutchison, Keane, McInerney, McKechnie, Mears, Moloney, O'Connor, Roberts, A. Stooke, Sutton, Waldron, White, Yourell,.
(Gibbs?, Guthrie? are mentioned in the Ballarat Star report)

Carlton Second Twenty played Maryborough at Prince's Park Maryborough
The team met at Spencer Street (Southern Cross Station) at 6.30am.
Play was due to commence at 2.30pm.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Barry, Carlyle, Dunn, Davie, Dwyer, Daleigsh, Gooddy, Hastings, Hannah, Kelly, Kimpton, Lemon, Monk, Miller, Marie, McInerney, Russ, Rose, Steel, Sullivan, Tubb.
Carlton lost; 0.4 - 3.4
No further details

May 25
The Sydney Morning Herald reporting on Melbourne said;
"It is computed that the matches played for the premiership were witnessed by upwards of 40,000 spectators."

May 25
Carlton played the New Zealand Native (Maori) Team at the M.C.G.
The New Zealand team were in Victoria after a successful Rugby tour of England.
Goer and Bloomfield played.
Crowd; 7,000.
Carlton won the toss and kicked to the railway end.
The Kiwis were unfamilair with the game and it showed. They were completely overwhelmed by the Blues who ran rings around them.
The match was little more than a training run for Carlton and Trait was lenient on the Maories' mistakes.
In the second quarter the Blues lined up for shots at goal. However, they missed some easy chances putting on six behinds in a row from Goer, White, Butler, Carroll and O'Connor.
Batters, Berry, Currie, Joe Dawson, Green, Mears, McCarthy, McInerney did not play.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Batters, Berry, Bailey, Butler, Crapp, Coulson, Carroll, Currie, Joe Dawson, Thomas Fox, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Moloney (Capt.), Mears, McCarthy, McKechnie, McInerney, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, White, Waldron, Watling, Yourell.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 5.2 6.9 8.13 13.16
N.Z. 1.4 1.4 1.4 2.4
Goals; Carroll 3, O'Connor 2, Waldron 2, McKechnie, White, Goer, Bloomfield, Roberts, Sutton.
In The Age report on Monday 27, the paper listed the 20 Carlton players who played;
Bailey, Bloomfield, Butler, Coulson, Carroll, Crapp, Carbody, Thomas Fox, Goer, Hutchison, Keane, Moloney (Capt.) McKechnie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Watling, Waldron, White, Yourall.

J. Baker again played with the Geelong team.

May 27 Monday
The Carlton Football Club entertained the Tasmanian team with a smoke night concert at Parer's Cafe.
Mr. Gillespie presided.
The following day they were taken for a drive around Caulfield and St. Kilda by A. Stooke and J. Barton.

May 31
V.F.A. meeting.
More than £140 ($280) received from the clubs to go to the charity fund.
Carlton's contribution of £35 12s 5d ($71.25) is the highest of all of the clubs.
Carlton £36/12/5, South Melbourne £30/4/6, Geelong £23, North Melbourne £18/13, Port Melbourne £13/13/6, Williamstown £10/17, St. Kilda £8/12, Richmond £8/4/6, Melbourne £8/3, Essendon £7/16/2.
Fitzroy, Footscray and the Ballarat clubs had not submitted their contributions.


Tom Power elected honorary life member of the VFA.
The Sportsman June 05 (p3) said Power and H. H. Budd, " had been the two gentlemen who first took up the formation of the Association."

May 31 Friday


The Herald reported there will a football match between Coventry United and the Dingoes on Saturday.
Coventry United is probably a South Melbourne club, named after the suburb's Coventry Street.

June 01
Carlton played Essendon at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 12,000.
The "Same Olds" were undefeated and were confident of knocking off the Blues.
Carlton kicked with the wind. The ground was in such poor condition the players were having trouble keeping their feet.
Play was delayed at half time when the umpire ordered 5 Carlton players to have protruding nails removed from their boots.
"Before play was resumed there was an examination by request of the Essendon captain of the buttons worn on the soles of the boots of both teams, and the umpire ordered several of the Carlton men to remove those studs which had a cross pin running through them. The Carlton team used leather studs fastened with tacks: the Essendon had smaller studs, fastened with screws. The alterations having been made the game was continued."(Age June 03)
The Blues' effective use of handball was a deciding factor in the win.
"The blues gained an advantage at first, which they maintained to the conclusion of play, the determined onslaughts of the Essendons being generally subjected to repluse." (S. Aust. Chronicle)
Carlton were going to play Butler and McKenzie but both players went to play for country teams which means they will have to miss next week's game as well.
Carlton team; (26 named)
Batters, Bailey, A. Berry, Bloomfield, Butler, Crapp, Carroll, Coulson, Currie, Thomas Fox, Francis, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McKenzie, McInerney, McCarthy, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Watling, White.
Bloomfield, Butler, Fox, Francis, McCarthy, and McKenzie did not play.
Carlton starting 20; (Herald)
Batters, Bailey, Berry, Carroll, Coulson, Crapp, Currie, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Watling, White.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.1 3.3 3.5 4.8
Ess. 0.0 0.3 0.7 1.9
Goals; Berry, Leydin, Green, Currie.
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, A. Berry, Batters, Currie, Carroll, C. Coulson, Crapp, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney/Maloney, McInerney, McKechnie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Watling, White,
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 3 Won 2 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 12 Against 6 Points 8

Carlton Reserves played Essendon at Princes Oval.
The Blues were defeated for first time this season.
Carlton Reserves lost; 0.5 - 1.3
Carlton's Frederick Monk broke his shoulder blade. He was treated by Dr. Drake at the Melbourne Hospital..


Image Image

Trove; Melbourne Punch June 06 1889

June 03 Monday


The writer of a letter to The Herald (p4) mentions he was horrified to see a football match being played by two teams on the Kew Recreation Ground yesterday..
Hundreds of spectators were present." I ask the public should this be allowed."

June 04 Tuesday


The VFA have instructed umpires to examine the boots of all players before the start of a match.

June 07


"The vice captain of the Carlton, Moloney, in reply to our reporter, has another tale to tell of the streak of ill-luck that has been struck by the Carlton team. Many of their leading players are away. Cook, it is feared, with genuine regret on all hands, will never dribble the oval over the sward again, through injuries received last year.
Strickland still suffers from a very bad knee, and ditto is the same for Gellatley. Moloney says that just when they are fighting against this, and fully expected to be able to play mcKenzie as a follower, it is found that this a little bit difficult. Then Moloney goes on to tell the reason for this, "Everybody knew" he says, "that McKenzie always declared his intensions to play with the Carlton, in the event of beating Melbourne. Therefore it was no surprise to anyone when it was found that that they would soon include him in their team. McKenzie on the Queen's Birthday obtained a permit to play with the Coburg in their match with the Seymour. Afterwards he declared in his permit that he had never played an Associated match for the previous two weeks. The Seymour Club was not an Associated one, but the Coburg belonged to the Junior Association, and, of course, were recognised by the Victorian Football Association. The mistake made by McKenzie was purely an error of judgment." (Herald p4)

June 08
Carlton played Williamstown at the South Melbourne C. G.
Strickland and Gellatly both injured (knees)
McKenzie could not play due to a dispute with Coburg and Seymour. Coburg is aligned to the VFA and Seymour is not, and McKenzie played a game with Seymour and apparently should not have.
The Lake Oval was in excellent condition and flags of the major VFA clubs flew from the flag poles.
Despite a bitterly cold day a large crowd attended.
Jasper Jones captained Williamstown.
On the grandstand was a scoreboard where the progress scores (quarter by quarter) of principal matches were displayed. (Evening Standard)
"The Carlton team came out first, in their neat blue guernseys and striped blue stockings, and were loudly cheered." (Evening Standard June 08)
Carlton kicked against the wind to the grandstand goal.
Williamstown had the better of the play for the first 10 minutes and missed some very easy shots, the gusty wind not helping.
Despite the wind the Blues forced the ball into their forward line where O'Connor in his haste, missed a goal. Leydin received a mark from Green and scored the first goal. O'Connor soon after half time scored the second, which was soon followed by another by Leydin.
The Blues were leading 3-0 when the Villagers scored two late goals.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Berry, Bailey, Batters, Butler, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Thomas Fox, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McInerney, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Watling, White.
Umpire; P. G. Roy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.1 1.3 3.4 3.7
Will. 0.4 0.6 0.10 2.11
Goals; Leydin 2, O'Connor.
Players mentioned; (19) Berry, Batters, Bailey, C. Coulson, Crapp, Currie, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, McCarthy, McInerney, McKechnie, Moloney, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Watling, White.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 4 Won 3 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 15 Against 8 Points 12
Image: The Sun June 14

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played Williamstown at Williamstown C. G.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Adams, Brown, Carlyle, Dalgleish, Dunn, Davie, Dwyer, Gooddy, Hastings, Hannah, Kelly, Kimpton, Marie, Mears, Miller, Rose, Russ, Steel, Sullivan, Tubb, West, Williams, Yourell.
Umpire; A. Knowles
Carlton won; 3.3 - 1.6
No further details.

June 08


A reproduction from the South Australian Chronicle (p15)
The Melbourne Daily Telegraph devoted considerable space in a recent issue to the views of several prominent players and others competent to speak authoritatively on the subject of the engrossing winter pastime, which were obtained by a representative of that organ. As the theme is of absorbing interest to votaries of the game I give an abridged account of the opinions passed as to the requisites of success and evils which threaten the game.
In the views of the interviewed it is not absolutely necessary for a player who wishes to obtain eminence to commence early, the instance was given of a man 32 years of age who took part in the sport with excellence results. Cases of this description were, however, not usual, it was stated, that it was generally better to start in youth, as it naturally resulted in a player becoming more imbued with the spirit of the game: -
"A player to keep in form must practice and train, and training means abstemiousness and rigid adherence to the laws of hygiene. Trainers differ in their ideas on matters of detail; some strictly forbid the use of beer, while others raise no objection to it when taken in moderation.
The training does not interfere with a man's daily work, and must not be confounded with the severity of training for a foot-race or rowing match. There are certain nights devoted to the object, some two or three a week. On these occasions the members assemble and go through a kind of performance, including slow running, dumbell exercises, and skipping, the object being to develop the muscles and gain "wind." The training is intended to conform as much as possible to the general exigencies of the game, and is meant as a preparation for the actual play in the field. In order for a man to become expert in these exercises he must lead a steady life; and refrain from excesses of all kinds, and these gymnastics being but a means to an end, and that end football, that football makes an even greater call upon a man to practice sobriety. This is recognised by the best players, and, consequently, the game may be regarded as having a valuable moral tendency.
Some teams are stones heavier than others, and yet can only win the game from light teams by cowardly play. This applies to the Victorian game equally with the Rugby game: - Were the umpires stricter in their decisions much of this might be remedied. The reasons why the umpires do not exert their authority more are many. Some of them are not fast enough to keep up with the play, and others are innocently good natured. The post of umpire is at the best very onerous and unenviable. Roughness is a sign of weakness, and it is only resorted to by those who are conscious of their defects. A good player will depend upon scientific knowledge of the game, and exert that intuition of the born footballer which enables him to discern and take advantage of any point that arises, always acting strictly within the rules. To enlarge the power of the umpire would be open to serious objection - at least, in the way which has been suggested of empowering him to send an offending player off the ground in the middle of a match. The supporters of the team to which the player belonged would be inclined to accuse the umpire of favoring the other side; and with the usual perversity of human nature would abscribe to the rejected player more importance than he really possessed.
One very important point is the necessity for all the players to be under thorough command of their captain, to work together, and sacrifice their individual opinions for the benefit of the whole. In fact each man must play what is called an unselfish game. There must be less of that 'playing in front of the grandstand' just to show off. As soon as they secure the ball they make a dead run for the pavilion for the purpose of showing off. These men are the snobs of football. The object of every true player is to subordinate his own position to the advancement of the game, and to work like a portion of a machine with the ultimate view of the harmonious working of the team."
With reference to the betting evil it was stated that betting was not very general, and though it's eradication would be beneficial, it was impracticable. There was sufficient love of the game existing among players to make them enter into it's spirit without wagering. Mr. William Plummer, the popular trainer, extensively gave his ideas on the matter. He summed them up in a few words, "strict attention to training, sobriety, and practice."
He mentioned an instance where a very good footballer, and a player in every way promising, well up in all the niceties of the game, fell off his play, and failed as a footballer, just through knocking around a bit and taking a little drop too much occasionally. He neglected the important matter of training; and although at one time a thoroughly good player, he became careless, and instead of attending to his training properly, would engage in kind of desultory practice leading up to nothing. He recommended as a course of training, running, Indian clubs, and the skipping-rope, which has a tendancy to work up the muscles in the legs and give good wind. Baths should be taken, and the body rubbed down with eucalyptus oil. "But," said Mr. Plummer, "a great many men make the mistake when they are training. They get into beautiful form, and then go out and goodness knows what time they get get home, some of them. This kind of knocking about soon knocks all the train ing out of the fellow. I, myself, never overdo things. In my opinion a amn who is going to play in Saturday's match requires no training after Thursday night."
Mr. Plummer, who has been a trainer for the last 15 years, said with reference to the idulgence of drink that beer should certainly not br drunk during the progress of the game, though he had no objection to players taking one glass per day during the training period till Thursday, after that it became injurious. There is nothing like a lemon, in his opinion, to allay the thirst during a match. He was in the habit of giving three afternoons training during the week throughout the whole season, imposing a little extra work on the followers. He laid special emphasis on the necessity of an unselfish game being played. A player was often subjected to sever trials of temper, but he should aviod taking offence.
With regard to the momentus question of professionalism, he considered it ought to be put a stop to, though he did not think it ever would be. Professionalism had many deleterious results, and one half of the professionals could depended upon. Most men were in a position, despite the large amount of time that had to be devoted, to enter fully in the game. A footballer must be well trained, good tempered, unselfish in his play, steady and perservering. "Football," he said, "is no child's play. A player should possess the best physique, and it calls for considerable sacifice of time and leisure."

June 15
Carlton played North Melbourne at North Melbourne Recreation Reserve.
A fine day for football, but the North ground was heavy and slippery after recent rains.
Crowd; 8,000.
McKenzie played.
"The best performer on the ground was McKenzie, concerning whom so much has been said and written during the past fortnight. I am not surprised, after having seen his play in this match, that the Carltonians went to so much trouble to obtain his clearance, for, unless he was above his usual form, he is undoubtedly one of the finest footballers in Victoria. I can't help feeling sorry for Melbourne, who so badly want men like him, have lost his services, but I also congratulate Carlton upon their having gained so valuable an accession. He followed on Saturday in superb style, and in a large measure, the winners were beholden to him for their success. His two goals were real good ones, and a mark he made just before half time has seldom been bettered on the football field. The ball was kicked past him, and was travelling at a good rate, when he, turning, gave chase, and with marvellous dexterity secured it before it reached the ground." (Australasian June 22 p26)
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Bailey, Butler, Crapp, Coulson, Currie, Carroll, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McCarthy, O'Connor, O'Rourke, Roberts, Sutton, White, Watling, Waldron.
Saturday's Herald named the starting 20;
Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Coulson, Currie, Carroll, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (capt), Moloney, McKechnie, McKenzie, McCarty, O'Connor, O'Rourke, Roberts, Sutton, White, Watling.
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.0 3.3 5.5 5.9
N.M. 2.1 2.2 2.3 3.3
Goals; McKenzie 2, Leydin, Green, White.
Players mentioned; (19) McKenzie (BOG), Leydin, McKechnie, O'Connor, C. Coulson, J. Carroll, Watling, Green, White, Roberts, Hutchison, Crapp, Sutton, Keane, Bailey, Moloney, McInerney/McCarty?, Currie, Batters
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 5 Won 4 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 20 Against 11 points 16

Carlton Second Twenty played North Melbourne
Carlton team; (26 named)
Adams, Brown, Carlyle, Carsen, Davie, Dunn, Dalgliesh, Dwyer, Gooddy, Graham, Greensmith, Hannah, Hastings, Kelly, Kimpton, Mears, Miller, O'Connor, O'Sullivan, Rose, Russ, Steel, Tubb, West, Williams, Yourell.
Carlton lost; 0.0 - 5.9


June 17 Monday
The Argus June 18 (P5) reported;
"An entertainment was given at the Hibernian-hall last night in aid of the widow and child of the late Thomas McCracken, who was a prominent member of the Carlton Football Club and Carlton Brewery Brigade, who died a few weeks ago in the Melbourne Hospital from typhoid fever, after a very brief illness. The hall was crowded in every part, and the miscellaneous programme presented by a well known number of amateurs, assisted by Mr. A. Dampier, Miss Nellie Greenless, and Miss Ada Rochfort, was warmly received."

June 19 Wednesday


"Sir - As a supporter of football I beg to offer a suggestion namely that the proceeds of the match between Carlton and South Melbourne on the 29th inst. we handed over to the widow of the late J. (T.) McCracken, the well known footballer who died a short time since, leaving a wife and an infant in poor circumstances.
I am sure the Carlton team would be only too glad to to do anything in this way to support the widow of their late fellow player, and I think it would only be fair to ask the South Melbourne to assist in the manner I propose, for simple reason that two years ago the Carlton team fell in with the same proposal re the proceeeds of the same match for the benefit of the widow of Mr. T. Swift, formerly the secretary of the South Melbourne Club.
Hoping to see this matter taken up by an abler pen than mine. - I am etc.
A Lover of Football" (Herald p4)

June 21 Friday


"Now, Moloney, how are the Carlton boys going to do in their little 'go' with the Saints?" "Well" says Moloney, "if they don't send the Saints to glory, as it were, in the light of past performances the whole of our team and the barrackers, down to the most weak-voiced, will be sorely put about. I regard the match as about a gift for us. We are putting a good team forward, and including amongst the players will be McKenzie, who has just passed through the Association's hands. He has got his permit in a proper manner this time, and will don our togs to-morrow.
Hutchison has met with an accident. On Tuesday night he was going through some exercises at the gymnasium, and attempting some fancy trick came to grief. He wrenched one of his knee-caps, and though the injury is not very serious it will prevent him from playing in this match and a few others. However, we are going to win to-morrow."
(Herald p4)

June 22
Carlton played St.Kilda at the M.C.G.
A large crowd attended. The ground was very heavy.
St. Kilda won the toss.
Carlton kicked off to the railway end, "after some good play in the centre, McKenzie made a fine run along the wing, and Roberts marking from Leydin, punted the first goal for Carlton."
Hutchison was absent but the Blues welcomed back Alick Gellatly who had been out injured for some time.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Batters, Bailey, Butler, Crapp, Currie, Carroll, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInernery, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, O'Rourke, Roberts, Sutton, White, Waldron, Watling.
Umpire; Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.0 3.2 4.6 5.10
St.K. 2.1 2.2 3.4 3.7
Goals; Roberts, Carroll, Gellatly, O'Connor, Bailey.
Players mentioned; (20) Batters, Bailey, Carroll, C. Coulson, Crapp, Currie, A. Gellatly, Green, Leydin, Maloney, McKechnie, McKenzie, McCarthy, Tim McInerney, O'Connor, O' Rourke, Roberts, Sutton, Watling, Waldron.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton first.
Played 6 Won 5 Lost 1 Drawn 0 Goals For 25 Against 14 Points 20.
(Port (26), North (24) and South Melbourne (22) had more points than Carlton, but the Blues had played less games.

Carlton Reserves/Second Twenty played St.Kilda at St.Kilda
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Brown, Carlyle, Dunn, Davie, Dwyer, Dalgieth, Gooddy, Graham, Greensmith, Hannah, Hastings, Jones, Kelly, Mears, Miller, O'Connor, O'Sullivan, Rose, Russ, Steel, Tubb, West, Williams, Yourell.
Umpire; A. G. Carlos
Carlton won; 3 - 0

June 28
The Sun's Tasmanian correspondant reports;
"Berry late of the Carlton (Vic) club, has arrived in Hobart and will play with the City club."

June 28
V.F.A. meeting received a deputation from politicans representing the Collingwood area.
The politicans wanted the Britannia Football Club admitted to the V.F.A. in 1890 as a senior club to represent the Collingwood suburb.
The V.F.A. would consider this proposal at the next meeting.

June 29
Carlton played South Melbourne at the M.C.G.
Torrential rain fell in the morning.
Crowd; 25,000.
The Sun said;
"The colors of both teams were conspicuously displayed all along the roads to the ground.
Cabs, carts and all sorts of vehicles were flying flags of the two teams, but on returning from the match, the colors of the red and white were mostly visible, the blue and white having modestly retired from notice."
Ground very heavy, whenever the ball bounced it brought up a splash of water.
Both teams had their best sides in the field.
The Blues won the toss and kicked towards the grand stand end.
The Carlton forwards failed to make good use of the ball when they had it. The Blues missed several easy chances to goal.
Carlton team; (20 named) plus emerg.
Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Carroll, Currie, Coulson, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, White, Watling.
Emerg; O' Rourke, McInerney, Green.
Umpire; Shaw.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.4 0.6 0.7 0.8
S.M. 2.2 2.2 4.4 4.7
Players mentioned; (16) Moloney, Leydin (BOG), Crapp, C. Coulson, Currie, Hutchison, McKenzie, O'Connor, McKechnie, Bailey, White, Watling, Gellatly, Roberts, Batters, Carroll.
Others who played were; (4) Keane, McCarthy, Sutton, Waldron.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton remained at the top.
Played 7 Won 5 Lost 2 Drawn 0 Goals For 25 Against 18 Points 20.
(Port, South, and North Melbourne all had more points, but Carlton had played less games)

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne at the Lake Oval (SMCG)
No details

July 06
Carlton played Geelong at the M.C.G.
"Great Caeser's ghost!
Do I sleep? Do I dream?
Do I wonder and doubt?
Are things what they seem?
Or are visions about?
Are our Premiership contests a failure?
Or are the old Carlton played out?

(Punch July 11 p10)
The Sun newspaper;
"The greatest attraction in Melbourne was the meeting of the Geelong and Carlton on the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which was filled to excess. Long before the game started, the "barrackers" began to pour into the ground, carrying the colors of both clubs, and when the teams entered there was an attendance of 25,000 people. Cheers after cheers went up as the teams took their positions on the field. Tommy Leydin as usual had charge of the dark blues, and Julien headed the Geelong."
"The stands and members' reserves were filled to their utmost capacity. The colors of both clubs were seen to be flying all over the place, and great interest was taken in the match."
"To the disappointment of Carlton the match was again lost through their bad goal kicking. The best back men on the ground were Crapp and Sutton, who played all through splendidly, the former completely playing around J. Reid."
Carlton playing all over Geelong was once again let down by their inept forwards.
Green missed many chances, and one "sitter" right in front to level the scores.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Bloomfield, Batters, Bailey, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Carroll, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, White, Watling.
Carroll, Gellatly, McKenzie and Waldron did not play.
Umpire; Thewlis.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.3 2.5 2.10 2.16
Geel. 2.1 3.2 3.3 3.4
Goals; Watling, McKechnie.
Best; O'Connor, Bailey, Leydin, Currie, Batters, Bloomfield, Watling, McKechnie, Moloney.
Players mentioned; (20) Green, McInerney, Coulson, White, McCarthy, Hutchison, Jack Lorraine, O'Connor (BOG), Bailey, Leydin, Crapp, Currie, Batters, Sutton, Bloomfield, Watling, McKechnie, Moloney, Roberts, Keane.
Former Carlton captain & champion Jack Baker scored a goal for Geelong.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 8 Won 5 Lost 3 Drawn 0 Goals For 27 Against 21 Points 20

July 13
Victoria played N.S.W. Northern Districts at the M.C.G.
Vic colours; Blue and gold in narrow verticle stripes.
N.S.W. Northern Dists; Diagonal bands of royal blue and white.
A. Gellatly selected in squad, but did not play for Victoria.
Crowd; 10,000
Victoria won.
VIC 2.5 3.10 4.12 6.14
NSW 1.3 1.6 2.7 2.8

July 12 Friday]


"Well, are you going to run over the Williamstown to-morrow, Leydin?" "Oh, don't put it that way plaese," replies the Carlton skipper. "Judging by our recent doings I cannot say that, although we are going to win the match. Last Saturday our weakness in goal kicking was to be seen. We have improved in that department since, and all this week our men have been practising at goal kicking. We have chosen the same team that played last week. McKenzie seems to be getting over that injury to his leg, but I don't know whether he will play to-morrow."
(Herald p4)

July 13
Carlton played Williamstown at Williamstown C. G.
Crowd; 10,000. Largest crowd so far this season at Williamstown.
Weather fine. The Blues won the toss and kicked to the battery end.
Towards the finish the players were indistinguishable as the match ended in the dark.
Carlton team; (22 named)
Bloomfield, Batters, Bailey, Carroll, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, White, Watling.
Umpire; Joe Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.1 3.3 5.5 6.7
Will. 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.9
Goals; O'Connor 2, Green, Leydin, Roberts, White. (Another report; O'Connor 2, Green 2, Leydin, White)
Players mentioned; (20) Coulson, Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Currie, O'Connor, White, Roberts, Green, Leydin, Hutchison, Lorraine, McKechnie, McCarthy, Watling, McKenzie, McInerney, Keane, Sutton, Maloney.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fourth.
Played 9 Won 6 Lost 3 Drawn 0 Goals For 33 Against 21 points 24

Carlton Reserves played Williamstown at Princes Oval.
No details.

July 17 Wednesday
Carlton played N.S.W. Northern Districts at the M.C.G.
Waldron scored the first three goals.
Carlton team; (28 named)
Bloomfield, Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Carroll, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Kelly, Lorraine, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Russ, Steel, Sutton, Waldron, Watling, White, Walton, Williams.
Umpire; J. Thewlis.
Carlton won;
Carl; 2.6 3.9 6.15 9.22
N.NSW 2.2 4.3 4.3 4.4
Goals; Waldron 2, Leydin 2, W. Watling, Gellatly, O'Connor, McKenzie, unknown.
Players mentioned; Leydin, Waldron, O'Connor, McKenzie, Gellatly, Watling,

July 20
Carlton played Richmond at the East Melbourne C. G.
After the teams had been photographed, Leydin kicked off to the railway end.
"Carlton supporters turned out in large numbers, and crowded what they call the grandstand on East Melbourne Cricket Ground, expecting to see the dark blues have a soft thing on with the Richmond, but to their surprise, at three-quarter time, the blues looked very white, but during the last part of the game, the yellow and black had to be contented with a doing of 8 goals to 5."
McKenzie was the best player for the Blues.
Lorraine, McCarthy, McInerney did not play.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Williams, White, Watling.
Umpire; S. Thewlis.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.2 3.6 4.11 8.13
Rich. 0.4 3.4 4.4 5.6
Goals; White 3, Green 3, Leydin 2.
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Coulson, Currie, Gellatly, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Mears, Moloney, McKechnie, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Watling, White, Williams,
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 10 Won 7 Lost 3 Drawn 0 Goals For 41 Against 26 Points 28
.* There were two brothers at Carlton, William H. Crapp and Henry 'Ivo' Crapp, both went by the nickname "Ivo."
Younger brother Henry only played 4 games before taking up the whistle and became the top umpire in the country.
The same starting 19 played against St.Kilda on August 31, the two differing players are William Mears (in this game) and Eddie Brooks against St.Kilda.
We know that the team was photographed prior to this match.
These players have been named by blueseum, if anyone disagrees please contact Blueseum.


North Carlton Crescent played Rainbow
The Sportsman July 24 (p2) in it's match report said;
"All the Crescent played a splendid game, and Waldron (late of the Carlton team), worked hard for the Rainbow."

July 27
Carlton played Footscray at the South Melbourne C. G.
Small crowd in attendance.
The Blues' Leydin won the toss, but the wind did not favour any end.
"The oval on being kicked off was stopped by a Carlton player, and the umpire - like a mug - called it back and bounced it. His decision was greeted with howls of derision, as the oval ought to have been kicked off again."
Kelly scored the first goal from a good place kick.
The Footscray Independant, again, said of McKenzie in the first quarter, that he played "a most spiteful and foul game, while the umpire took no notice of it." "McKenzie and O'Connor were a disgrace to Carlton by their cowardly play during the game. Franks the central umpire, being as bad, letting them do as they liked."
Gellatly scored the second goal from good play by Green.
Footscray surprised eveyone by staying with the Blues in the first half.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, J. Kelly, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McInerney, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Watling, Williams, White.
Umpire; F. Franks.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.0 3.3 5.6 6.8
Foots. 1.8 3.8 4.8 4.8
Goals; Kelly 2, Gellatly, Green, White, Roberts.
Best; Gellatly, Wattling, Waldron, Kelly, Green, Roberts
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Batters, Coulson, Crapp, Currie, Leydin, Kelly, Moloney, McCarthy, Green, Gellatly, Roberts, Sutton, White, A. McKenzie, Hutchison, O'Connor, Waldron, Wattling, Williams.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 11 Won 8 Lost 3 Drawn 0 Goals For 47 Against 30 Points 32

Carlton Second Twenty played Footscray Second Twenty at Footscray.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Adams, Beere, Bennett, Browne, Carew, Carroll, Dwyer, Deeley, Darel(?), Gooddy, Graham, Hannah, Kimpton, Mears, Maril (Marie?), O'Connor, O'Dwyer/ Dwyer?, O'Sullivan, Rose, Russ, Steel, Tubb, West, Whelan, Yourell.
Umpire; A. Pirani
Carlton lost; 0.5 - 5.14

July 27


Not a Carlton related story, but interesting take on football matters of the day.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article6265954

August 03
Carlton played Fitzroy on the M.C.G.
A crowd of 10,000 attended.
This game was played at a very fast pace with the ball carried end to end.
Each goal was answered by the other team, and the result was not determined until the final bell.
Once again the Blues' forwards wasted their opportunities. On the other hand, Fitzroy made the most of their's.
Future Carlton coach Jack Worrall scored 4 goals for the 'Roys.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, J. Kelly, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, Waldron, White, Watling.
Currie, Gellatly, and McCarthy did not play.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton lost;
Carl. 1.4 3.6 4.10 5.11
Fitz. 1.2 3.4 4.5 6.7
Goals; Green 4, Leydin.
Players mentioned; (8) Green, Leydin, McKenzie, White, Bailey, O'Connor, Watling, Keane.
Others that played; (12) Bailey, Crapp, Coulson, Hutchison, Kelly, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, Waldron.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 12 Won 8 Lost 4 Drawn 0 Goals for 52 Against 36 Points 32

Carlton Second Twenty played Fitzroy on the Fitzroy Cricket Ground (Brunswick Street)
Carlton team; (26 named)
Adams, Beere, Brown, Carew, Carroll, Carlyle, Dwyer, Dwyer, Deeley, Davie, Forman, Gooddy, Graham, Hannah, Kimpton, Mears, Miller, O'Tulleran (?), Rose, Russ, Steel, Tubb, West, Whelan, Warlick, Yourell.
No result details

August 07 Wednesday
A fancy dress football match was played on the University ground in aid of the Hospital Extension Fund.
Teams representing North and South Carlton.
Jack Gardiner and William H. Leonard both local MLA 's captained the teams.
Theophilis S. Marshall and Arthur Stooke were the umpires.
The match ended in a draw
Carlton's Joe Rickards won the goal kicking contest held after the game. He received a trophy worth five guineas. Fitzroy's E. Strachan was the runner-up.

August 10
Carlton played North Melbourne at the M.C.G.
A crowd of 10,000 attended.
The Blues lost the toss and kicked towards the railway end.
A late goal kicked off the ground in a scrimmage by Leydin put the Blues in front.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Bailey, Batters, Coulson, Crapp, Currie, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, J. Kelly, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, Waldron, White, Watling.
Gellatly, Kelly, and Waldron did not play.
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.2 2.5 4.8 6.12
N.M. 2.5 3.6 5.8 5.8
Goals; Watling 3, Currie, Leydin, O'Connor.
Players mentioned; (10) McKenzie, O'Connor, Leydin, White, Watling, Green, Currie, Williams, Hutchison, Maloney.
Others that played; (10) Batters, Bailey, Coulson, Crapp, Keane, Lorraine, McKechnie, McCarthy, Roberts, Sutton.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton fifth.
Played 13 Won 9 lost 4 Drawn 0 Goals For 58 Against 41 Points 36

Carlton Second Twenty played North Melbourne at Arden Street.
Carlton team; (27 named)
Adams, Brown, Beere, Buchanan, Carew, Carlyle, Davie, Dwyer, Dwyer, Gooddy, Graham, Hart, Hannah, Kelly, Kimpton, Mears, Miller, McCarthy, McInerney, Rose, Russ, Ryan, Rickards, Steel, Tubb, McLean, Yourell.
No result details

August 15 Thursday


"Some disagreement having arisen about a week ago between the captain (Leydin) of the Carlton Football Club and one or two members, who, it seems, were rather inclined to disregard the skipper's orders in one or two matches, matters culminated in the captain sending in his resignation.
Some pressure was brought to bear on him and he played in last Saturday's match as usual, and the breach was healed to a certain extent.
However, the resignation was read at a meeting of the committee last evening, and they decided not to receive it.
It is now thought that the working of the club will run much more smoothly after this little step on the part of their captain, who believes that when a man is elected captain of a club, he should be the leader, and his instructions on the field carried out."
(Herald p3)


"Well Leydin, and how is the match going to-morrow?"
"Oh, HERALD, there is not much that can be said of the game, so far as I know. I can tell you this though, our men have gone in for more training for this match than for any that they have yet played. The result is that the boys have got themselves into the best possible condition, thanks to the very great energy with which their trainers have kept them to their task.
The team is about the same that usually does battle for the Blue and White. But there is one addition to our ranks, Brooks*, a forward who played with Melbourne last season, has decided upon getting inside of Carlton toggery, and to-morrow you will see him at Port Melbourne. He plays for us and this is his first appreance this season.
I fell confident that we will win the match, for I don't consider that when the Ports beat us we were anything like in football form. The result will be in our favor to-morrow you'll find out."
(Herald p4)
.*According to demonwiki, Eddie Brooks played with Melboune 1888, Carlton 1889, and St.Kilda in 1890. The Herald April 10 1891, said he was joining Fitzroy from Carlton.

August 17
Carlton played Port Melbourne at Port Oval.
A beautiful day for football.
Crowd; 10,000
Leydin lost the toss and Carlton kicked to the railway end.
The Blues scored the first, then Port put on the next three goals before the Blues kicked into gear.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Bailey, Brooks, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, Waldron, White, Watling.
Gellatly, McCarthy, and Waldron did not play.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.2 5.4 5.4 7.9
Port. 3.2 3.3 3.10 5.11
Goals; Green 2.0, McKenzie 1.2, Watling 1.1, Brooks 1.0, O'Connor 1.0, Currie 1.0, Roberts 0.2, Keane 0.1, McKechnie 0.1, White 0.1, unknown.
Best; McKenzie (BOG), Keane, Coulson, Green, Currie.
Players mentioned; (15) Brooks, Batters, Watling, O'Connor, McKenzie, Currie, Green, Keane, Coulson, Leydin, Bailey, Crapp, Roberts, White, McKechnie.
Others that played; (5) Hutchison, Lorraine, Moloney, Sutton, Williams.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 14 Won 10 Lost 4 Drawn 0 Goals For 65 Lost 46 Points 40

Carlton Second Twenty played Port Melbourne at Princes Oval
No details

Trove; Melb. Punch Aug 15

August 17


A charity match was played between past Geelong and Carlton players at Geelong Oval to raise money for the local hospital.
Carlton players were driven in drags from the railway station to the ground via the Botanical Gardens.
Crowd; 500-600, £41 12s 6d ($83.25) raised.
The Geelong Advertiser said the crowd was 1,500
Geelong entertained the Blues at the Victoria Hotel after the game.
J. "Our Own Jack" Donovan captained the Carlton side, and A. Austin, for Geelong.
Carlton team; (33 named)
T. Aram, L. J. Bracken, Eddy Brooks, H. F. Boyle, G. Browning, J. A. Clark, A. Coventry, Charlie Donovan, Jack A. Donovan, Robert Donaldson, R. H. Frayne, F. Gunn, J. Gardiner, Harry Guy, P. Hughes, F. Johnston, C. Letcher, Jimmy Lewis, S. T. (Tom)/T. S. Marshall, J. Melville, B. Murphy, Tom/Tim? McInerney, F. McIntosh, W. Newing, C. Newton, H. O'Bern, Lanty O'Brien, Alf Page, George Robertson, Wally Robertson, F. Spear, W. Williams, J. Woods.
The Sportsman August 21, had 22 named in the match report team.
Bracken, J. A. Clark, A. Coventry, C. Donovan, J. A. Donovan (Capt), Robert Donaldson, R. H. Frayne, C. Letcher, F. Gunn, J. Gardiner, P. Hughes, F. Johnston, J. Lewis, J. Melville, B. Murphy, Tom McInerney, F. McIntosh, W. Newing, Wally Robertson, F. Spear, W. Williams, T. S. Marshall.
The Carlton Gazette had the same team as the Sportsman plus three players;
George Robertson, Harry Guy and 'Lanty' O'Brien
Umpire; A. Lowe
Carlton lost;
Carl. 0.0 0.2 1.2 2.2
Geel. 1.3 3.3 3.8 4.10
Goals; F. Johnson, C. Letcher.


August 17 - Bendigo Advertiser August 22 (p2)
'At a dinner which followed the match last Saturday, between the old players of the Geelong and Carlton Clubs, Mr. T. S. Marshall, secretary of the Victorian Football Association, drew attention to the matter, pointing out that fifteen years ago,
"footballers played for the love of the game, and not for the gate money, and what they could make by betting. They found their own uniforms, paid their own expenses, and did not even require to be rubbed down at half-time. There was too much 'grab' about footballers to-day. If they did not watch very closely, the betting and gate money element would kill football in Australia. The game was now in a very critical state, and if money connections were not put down, football would deteriorate. The association should take some steps at once to put betting down, especially when they found men putting as much as £200 on a single match."
Mr. R. Robertson, of the Geelong club, endorsed Mr. Marshall's remarks, and stated that, as far as the Geelong club was concerned, he could positively say that they had never paid any member of their team either directly or indirectly.
All honor, we say, to Geelong for the position they occupy in the football world under the circumstances. We wonder how many of the Metropolitan clubs can say the same? None, excepting perhaps the Melbourne and Essendon, and one of the results, unfortunately, is that the Melbourne, which once disputed the supremacy among Metropolitan clubs with the Carlton, is now regarded in slang phraseology as a "soft" thing for the other clubs.
The professional element in not supposed to be known in connection with Victorian football, but it exists, nevertheless, and flourishes very vigorously.
The Football Association should take this matter up seriously, and also endeavour to discourage betting. This evil has, unfortunately, grown enormously of late years in horse-racing, even among boys and girls, and we hope a determined effort will be made to check it in connection with football.'

LATTER DAY FOOTBALL - A Contrast With The Old Days

"Responding to a toast of "Success to Football" on Saturday night at the dinner given to veterans at Geelong, Mr. T. S. Marshall, secretary of the Victorian Football Association declared, at present football was getting into a critical state. If they did not watch it very closely the betting element which was being introduced into football would cause the game to greatly deteriorate.
When they found men putting as much as £200 on a single match it was time the association did something to put the evil down. He would look to the representatives of the Carlton and Geelong clubs to assist in putting betting down as much as possible. Football to-day was not what it was years ago, when Geelong, Carlton and Melbourne used to play on the old Argyle Gravel Rash Grounds. They then used to play for the love of the game, and not for the gate money and bets. Players then bought their own clothes and paid their own expenses, nor did they require to be rubbed down at half time.
In those days the clubs never heard of accounts being sent in for boots, &c. There was too much of this sort of thing being introduced into football. They must put forth every effort to put the evil down and purify the play."
(Australian Star (Sydney) August 20 p6)


The Sportsman (August 21 p2) reports on V.F.A. secretary T. S. Marshall's speech at Geelong after the Old Players Match. This is followed by an interview with Marshall.
Also interviewed are Carlton pioneer player and administrator Tom Power, John Gardiner, Robert Donaldson, Jack Donovan and former Carlton player now Melbourne administrator Charles Forrester, H. C. A. Harrison, John Bennie, B. Goldsmith, and a Geelong footballer.
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page23314864


A letter to the editor of the Sportsman newspaper August 28 p6 from T. Vicars Foote an old South Yarra and South Melbourne player.
This writer disagrees with T. S. Marshall's stance on professionalism. An interesting insight into the very early days of football.
To read the letter click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article227930140


The Sportsman August 28 continued with Marshall's speech and interviewed several football personalities including Carlton captain Tommy Leydin
To read click here> http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page23314872


The Carlton captain is at odds with the comments from past players over club expenses and betting on football matches.
Tom's view is, "that we have a right to have the money we earned spent upon us."
To read Tom's Herald interview in full:


The debate continues, this includes an interesting letter from one of the "Old Fogies" from the very early days of South Yarra and South Melbourne.
His views differ from his fellow past players. This is a Herald artice from August 28 p4.

August 24
Carlton played Essendon at the East Melbourne C. G.
The nearby railway bridge was packed and even the verandahs of neighbouring houses were lined with spectators.
A building being erected close by had people swarming all over it's scaffolding.
"Supporters of either team and the general public mustered in large forces, and long before the time appointed for the game the ground was covered by one dense mass of people, fences, posts, trees, and every available spot were taken up. Vehicles of all kinds were crowded around the ground, and the East Melbourne Cricket Club committee smiled blandly upon the "Same Old Essendon" as they realised how much they were indebted to them for the enormous attendance of 25,000 spectators."
Carlton were first onto the ground followed by Essendon, whose supporters chanted "the same old Essendon."
The Blues' barrackers waved a number of blue flags, and the opposition waved black and red flags.
Crowd; 25,000. Possibly the greatest attendance to date for this venue.
Both teams were confident, but with recent wins over top teams, the Dons were the favourites to win.
Ground heavy and slippery.
McKenzie scored the Blues' first major with a shot from near the pavilion gates. White kicked the second just before quarter time. Watling kicked the only goal for Carlton in the second. McKenzie kicked another in the third term.
Scores were tight at three quarter time with only a goal in it.
Essendon's supporters were very confident as they had the wind in the final term.
However, the Carlton team had other ideas, and simply walked around the Dons and scored another goal, while Essendon failed to add to their goal tally.
Brooks scored in the final quarter with a doubtful shot. After some hesitation the goal umpire awarded it.
The Blues' fitness told out in the end and credit must be given to Sam English's mode of training.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Bailey, Brooks, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Williams, White, Watling.
Gellatly, McCarthy, and Waldron did not play.
Umpire; J. Thewlis.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.0 3.2 4.4 5.5
Ess. 1.3 3.5 3.10 3.11
Goals; McKenzie 2, Watling 2, Brooks.
(another report said McKenzie 2, Brooks, White, Watling)
Best; McKenzie, Currie, Keane, Crapp, Roberts, Watling, Coulson.
Players mentioned; (14) Brooks, Bailey, O'Connor, White, Moloney, Leydin, McKenzie, Hutchison, Currie, Keane, Crapp, Roberts, Watling, Coulson.
Others that played; (6) Batters, Green, Lorraine, McKechnie, Sutton, Williams.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 15 won 11 lost 4 Drawn 0 Goals For 70 Against 49 points 44


"Be it known by these presents that the match wasn't over when it finished. Not half over in fact. In the upper room of the East Melbourne pavilion it was played over again by a party of seven.
This was made up of Sir Herky, the Honorary Treasurer*, the Gold Medallist**, an Old Dark Blue Skipper*** (who with a mighty rush through the serried ranks of the foe would crush, the Commercial Traveller****, Mine Host of the Duke of Wellington*****, and the Carlton Fat Man******.
There were one or two bottles of Dry Monopole punished during the couple of hours' sitting, which passed pleasantly enough in recalling old-time reminiscences.
Strange to say, the Honorary Treasurer, the Gold Medallist, and the Fat 'Un were three of the original eight lads that started the Carlton Football Club, at the University Hotel, in 1864 - exactly a quarter of a century ago.
Various reasons were assigned for the phenomenal success which has ever attended t'ould club during all those years, considering it was so terribly handicapped through never possessing a ground; the argument being eventually capped by the Fat 'Un delivering himself oracularly (as is his wont) as follows:-
"I will tell you the sole reason in my opinion. It is because from 1864 to the present time - right away through the first, poor old Ben James, and down the line of Charley Hillsden, Robert McFarland, Tom Power, till now in Wally Donaldson's day, the club has ever and always been lucky in getting hold of the very best men that you could find if you traversed the whole colony to fill the position of Secretary. And signs are on it."
And having so delivered his soul the Obese One sat down admist a general buzz of approval."
The Melbourne Punch, August 29 (p139)
.* Hon. Treasurer most likely is Ben James.
.**Tom Power had a saddlery business and one of his saddles won a Gold Medal at The Paris Exhibition 1889.
.*** Jack Donovan
.**** Could this be Fred W. 'Paddy' Gunn who was a commercial traveller?
.***** In an advert Argus May 07 1889, Fielder "Phil" Ware is the proprietor of the Duke of Wellington Hotel.
.****** Could this be Andy McHarg or George F. Bowen.

Carlton Reserves were to play Essendon at Melbourne's Friendly Societies Ground.
The match was awarded to Essendon as Carlton did not have enough players to form a team.

August 29 Thursday
Carlton Rovers played Wanderers on the East Melbourne C. G. at 3pm.
The match was arranged to benefit the widow and child of hansom cab driver John O'Shea who was killed in Flemington Road.
The Rovers team is made up of Carlton First Twenty players. Many South Melbourne players made up the Wanderers.
The Carlton Rovers team; (21 named)
Brooks, Coulson, Crapp, Currie, Gellatly, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (Capt), Lorraine, Maloney, McCarthy, McKechnie, McKenzie, O'Connor, Rickards, Roberts, Sutton, Waldron, Walton, Watling.
(Sportsman August 28)
Further details and result unknown.

August 31
Carlton played St.Kilda at the St.Kilda C. G.
Leydin won the toss and kicked with the aid of a strong wind.
Hutchison and McKenzie were involved in a clash where McKenzie was stunned for quite a few minutes.
"In this instance McKenzie was running for the ball at good pace, and was just on the point of picking it up when his over-eager club-mate blindly rushed into him and laid him out."
Of Keane;
"The last named has greatly improved in the last month, and as he has always been looked upon as a fast and reliable place man, there is some excuse for the praise which his friends in the northern district lavish upon him. He certainly gets over the wet ground at a remarkable pace, and in this particular he has few, if any, equals in Melbourne."
(Australasian September 07 p25)
McCarthy, Waldron & Lorraine did not play.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Bailey, Brooks, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Lorraine, Leydin (Capt.), Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, Waldron, White, Watling.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won.
Carl. 2.6 5.11 7.13 10.14
St.K. 0.0 1.1 1.2 1.7
Goals; Green 4, Currie 2, O'Connor, Watling, Keane, White.
(another report said Green 5 goals)
Carlton's starting 20
Bailey, Batters, Brooks, Coulson, Crapp, Currie, Gellatley, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Moloney, McKechnie, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Watling, White, Williams. (Sportsman September 04 p2)

Carlton Reserves were to play St.Kilda at Carlton.
Umpire; H. Cheese
It is doubtful if this match went ahead as a number of the Saints' junior players were required for senior duty.

September 03


" A rather unusual circumstance happened on Saturday afternoon (the Melbourne Age relates) in connection of the running of a passenger train from Caulfield to the Princes-bridge station. In consequence of the signal at the Jolimont crossing being at danger, the driver was compelled to bring his train to a standstill. The next moment a number of carriage doors were thrown open, and the occupants jumped out onto the permanent way and hurried in the direction of the East Melbourne cricket ground. It was apparent that they were anxious to get to the ground for the purpose of seeing the football match which was about to take place between the Carlton and Essendon football clubs. In their anxiety to avail themselves of the opportunity of getting out of the carriages, some of the passengers failed to notice the approach of another passenger train coming from an opposite direction, and it was only on the driver blowing his whistle loudly and continuously that they were made aware of the danger they were in. The guard of the stationary train was unable to leave his post, either to shut the doors that were left open or to get the names of some of those who had alighted from the train."
(Armidale Express & New England Advertiser p7)

September 07
Carlton played South Melbourne at the South Melbourne C. G.
S.M.C.C. secretary Mr. E. D. Heather had arranged for a special service of omnibuses to be laid on between the city to Lake Oval and return.
Warmest day this season.
Crowd; at least 25,000 another report said 30,000 plus*.
Proceeds donated to the striking London U.K. dock labourers.
S.M.C.C. donated £50.
A total of £500 was raised from this football match, and over £7,600 had been donated by the Melbourne community to the strikers fund up until this weekend. Another £1,500 had been raised in Ballarat and Bendigo.(Bendigo Advertiser Sept. 09)
"I was quite right about the football contribution from the Carlton v South Melbourne match. Gate money went mighty contiguous to £900. The Cricket Club (S.M.) on whose ground the match was played, took one-third. The footballers gave up every penny of their shares, adjacent to £600 to the fund, but the cricket club, which had taken its £200 without wagging a finger, considered they were doing the thing magnanimous by voting £50. I don't wish any body any harm, but if the South Melbourne Cricket Ground should happen to be upended by an earthquake, and the public refused to subscribe a cent to bring it back to the horizontal - well, I should smile."
(The Colonist, Launceston, September 21, p27)
McKechnie injured his ankle at training and did not play.
Leydin won the toss and elected to kick to the lake end goal.
The Blues were fresher and scored the first goal of the final quarter with South tiring.
The wind had blown all day across the ground to the wings.
With 20 minutes to go, the Southerners "deliberately" kept the ball on the wing and kicked the ball out of bounds to waste time.
The worst feature of the match was when Watling was taking his place kick within very easy range of goal. Watling would have equalised the score with the goal.
Just as he was about to take his kick a South Melbourne player jumped into Watling's back with his knees which prevented Watling from scoring.
See The Adelaide Advertiser report of this game below.
.* Mark Pennings Vol. 3
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Bailey, Brooks, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKechnie, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, Waldron, White, Watling.
Gellatly, McKechnie, and Waldron did not play.
Umpire; T. Thewlis
Carlton lost;
Carl. 2.1 2.1 3.1 4.3
S.M. 3.2 3.8 4.10 5.11
Goals; Green 2, Watling, White.
Best; McKenzie, Keane, Bailey, Watling.
Players mentioned; (19) Batters, Currie, McInerney, O'Connor, Green, Hutchison, Sutton, Roberts, White, Moloney, Crapp, Leydin, Lorraine, Brooks, Watling, Keane, Bailey, McKenzie, Coulson.
Other player; (1) McCarthy.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton third.
Played 17 Won 12 Lost 5 Drawn 0 Goals For 84 Against 55 Points 48

Carlton Second Twenty played South Melbourne at Princes Oval
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Brown, Burwood, Cader, Carter, Carlyle, Coonerty, Chrystol, Davie, Dunn, Eck, Gooddy, Hastings, Lemon, Monk, Mears, Marie, Miller, Russ, Steel, Tubbs, Waugh, Williams, Yourell
Carlton team in The Herald ; (28 named)
Adams, Brown, Buchanan, Beere, Carew, Carlyle, Davie, Dwyer, Dwyer, Fuller, Hannah, Holbrook, Kelly, Kimpton, Macklin, Mears, McInerney, Morgan, Nomel, Quirk, Rose, Ross/Russ, Rickards, Steel, Tubb, West, Wygraft, Yourell.
(18) Buchanan, Beere, Carew, Dwyer x2, Fuller, Hannah, Holebrook, Kelly, Kimpton, Macklin, McInerney, Morgan, Nomel, Quirk, Rose, West and Wygraft.
Result unknown


The Advertiser (Adelaide) carried a report on this match;
I take the following with reference to last Saturday's match in Melbourne from the Daily Telegraph:-
The fight between the red-and-whites and the dark blues on Saturday afternoon was a great one, and no mistake. The crowd that attended to watch it was perhaps one of the largest ever seen on a football ground. The people started on their way out at 1 o'clock, and from that time until the game begun there was a continuous stream setting towards Albert Park Lake. To say that the excitement was intense was hardly sufficient to convey what it actually was. It was something wonderful.
The premiership for the year has been very much in doubt all the season, and even though South did beat Carlton, and are a long way ahead of Essendon, it is yet on the cards they will not attain the coveted honor, as they are still engaged to meet two formidable teams in Geelong and Fitzroy. Saturday's game was everywhere anticipated to be a genuine exposition of football, and it was in this everone was disappointed. It certainly should have been the greatest event of the season, seeing that it was the hardest fight for the top that has yet taken place, but there have been half a dozen better matches, better in every detail and every way.
The first quarter of the game was very evenly contested. In the second and third quarters South had good advantage, but in the last half hour Carlton simply walked away from them. The play from the kick-off was fast, and getting faster as the game progressed, at last got rough and tumble, and a good deal questionable. The first three quarters were certainly very fairly played by both teams, but at the last such could not by any stretch be said. South had five goals when the last comenced and Carlton were two behind them, but with so much dash, freshness, and spirit did the dark blues enter upon the final struggle that their supporters were at least confident of their men being able to effect a draw, if not a win. And this hope was all the more intensified when Carlton scored their fourth goal, and there was about twenty minutes to call of time.
It was at this stage the worst features of the game showed plainly forth. Souths seemed to recognise while they were pretty well punped, Carlton were comparatively as fresh as daises. The wind all the day prevailed from the north; that is, it blew from wing to wing, and, though generally only of moderate force, in the gusts it blew very strong. It was easy therefore to keep the game all along the south wing, and it was not too patent for the ball to keep continually going out of bounds. It would not, perhaps, be altogether correct to say that all the South team deliberately kicked out of bounds, but it would certainly be safe to say that at least two or three of them did.
Such a deplorable and unmanly action undoubtebly greatly mitigated against the chances of Carlton had of winning, as the ball was kept out of play almost for half of the remaining time, and could not easily be got into proper play. But absolutely the worst feature about the match, and which even the warmest of supporters of South howled at, was the deliberate action of a member of the team, who long after Watling, beyond the shadow of a doubt, had marked the ball and was about to have an easy place shot which, if it resulted in a goal, would have equalised the scores, jumped and fell onto his knees with full weight on the Carlton man's back. "It might easily have broken his back," said one ardent footballer, and the wonder is it did not. It went along way to preventing Watling from scoring, and a howl of execration was hurled at the cowardly player.
Looking at the play from a football point of view South Melbourne marked better than their opponents, and were very much quicker in taking little marks out of the rough and tumble scramble. Carlton were much nimbler on their feet, and made runs with dash and spirit. Their staying powers were much superior, but they suffered greatly in fumbling the ball, that is, in not picking up as cleanly and quickly as the South. Speaking to the captain of the Carlton after the match had been decided, it was elicited that he was very far from being satisfied with his defeat. He complained bitterly of the action of the Southerners in the last quarter. His team were in grand condition, but were a long way behind form, especially two of them, who played exceedingly carelessly.
He thought there was too much out-of-bounds play for a good match, and could not say that the match was a first class one, and it should have been. He judged that South, when they had the lead, played too much expressly ti waste time. The whole team were far from being satisfied with the fairness of the field umpire, who, it was thought all over the ground, gave rather questionable decisions - once in particular when a free kick was given against the captain himself for holding the ball. As he explain it he was himself held by one hand by a South Melbourne man, and it was impossible for him to bounce the ball. This was all the more hard, as before notice was taken of the umpire's whistle Carlton had kicked the ball through the posts.
There is a matter in connection with this match of such a serious nature as affecting football in all it's branches as should call forth a strict enquiry by the association. Two Carlton men are willing to affirm anywhere that they heard a certain prominent member of the South Melbourne team, in effect say to the umpire after a free kick had been given from which a goal was scored, "If you do that again I'll call my men off the ground."

September 14
Carlton played Melbourne at the Friendly Societies Ground, East Melbourne.
Melbourne F.C. had financially fallen on hard times and the Blues donated £25 ($50) plus the gate takings to help out it's old pioneer rival.
The attendance was described as "poor" for this match between the two old rivals. Carlton sat near the top of the ladder while Melbourne languished at the bottom.
Friday's Herald reported that in an interview with a Carlton he play looked upon this match as a practice game and he had it's eyes firmly fixed on the Geelong match. A Melbourne official said he he did not give the Reds much of a chance against the Blues.
Leydin lost the toss and the Blues kicked to the southern end goal.
For three quarters Melbourne were the dominant team. The Blues were playing a losing game, but rallied magnificently in the final quarter.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Batters, Bailey, Brooks, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Gellatly, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (Capt.), Lorraine, Moloney, McInerney, McCarthy, McKenzie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, Waldron, White, Watling.
Origins of Australian Football Vol 3 (p432) had R. Morgan (ex Scotch College) kicking 2 goals.
The Sportsman (September 18) (19 players named)
Batters, Bailey, Brooks, Currie, Coulson, Crapp, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Melville, Morgan, McInerney, McKenzie, McCarthy, Roberts, Sutton, Williams
Umpire; P. H. Roy.
Carlton won;
Carl; 1.2 2.4 2.7 6.10
Melb; 3.2 3.3 5.6 5.6
Goals; W. Green 3, R. Morgan 2, T. Leydin
Players mentioned; Leydin, Bailey, McKenzie, Williams, R. Morgan, Green, McInerney,
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 18 Won 13 Lost 5 Drawn 0 Goals for 90 Against 60 Points 52

September 19 Thursday


The Melbourne Cricket Club is going to take over the Melbourne Football Club.
This has ramifications for the Blues,as the M.C.G. has been Carlton's home ground for the past five seasons, while Melbourne has been playing out of the Friendly Societies Ground.
The Melbourne Punch September 19 (p187) pondered over Carlton's future.
"What will be the ultimate fate of the Carlton Football Club is fit food for conjecture at this present time. It is exactly five and twenty years ago since it was first founded by Ben James, Tom Power, Andy McHarg and some five others at a meeting held in the University Hotel.
Since that time it has done an incalculable amount of good in the way of charity; and seems to me a monstrous thing that a club which has proved itself to be ever foremost in matters of benevolence should be stamped out of existence for want of a proper recreation reserve to play on.
However it has existed under it's terrible disabilities is a marvel, and the senseless opposition that has prevented the Carlton Cricket Club from having permissive occupancy of the Princes Oval, and which must be in the immediate future strangle the old Carlton Football Club, is something worse than a Blunder, it is a Crying Injustice to the great Northern district."
Image Image
Trove; "Olympus" aka George F. Bowen Melbourne Punch Sept 19 1889

Trove; Geelong Advertiser September 21 p3

September 21
Carlton played Geelong at the Geelong Cricket Oval.
Crowd; 7,000
£26 1s 3d. was donated by the spectators for the "widows and orphans of the firemen who lately lost their lives in Melbourne."
William John "Billy"Walton a back man from Rainbow (a local Carlton club) is to take his place in the starting twenty. Walton would go on to play 70 games between 1889-93
Brooks, O'Connor, Waldron, and McCarthy did not play.
Playing in perfect conditions the Blues forwards could not find the goals.
Green again missed four easy chances in the opening quarter, he was not the only culprit.
Early in the third term, the Blues had 1.16 on the board when Geelong with one of their rare attacking moves scored the equaliser. The home team tried the move again and nearly succeeded. Leydin turned the tide by scoring Carlton's second goal. The Blues continued to squander their opportunities in front of goal by scoring 2.7 in the last quarter.
Jack Baker played for the Pivots, he topped the goal kicking for Geelong with 18 goals this season.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Bailey, Batters, Brooks, Crapp, Currie, Coulson, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin (Capt), Lorraine, Moloney, McKenzie, McInerney, McKechnie, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, White, Watling, Waldron, Walton, McCarthy.
McCarthy, O'Connor, Brooks & Waldron did not play.
Umpire; J. Shaw.
Carlton won;
Carl. 1.11 1.14 3.16 5.23
Geel. 0.0 0.2 1.6 1.7
Goals; Leydin 2, J. Keane, Currie, Green.
Players mentioned; (20) Bailey, Batters, Crapp, Coulson, Currie, Green, Hutchison, J. Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McInerney, McKechnie, McKenzie, Roberts, Sutton, Watling, Walton, White, Williams.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 19 Won 14 Lost 5 Drawn 0 Goals For 95 Against 61 points 56

Carlton Second Twenty played the Geelong Second Twenty on the Aberdeen Street ground.
The Blues were overwhelmed and hardly got the ball into attack in the first term. After half time the game even up a little, but the locals were too strong.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Adams, Beere, Brown, Buchanan, Carew, Dwyer, Dwyer, Fuller, Hannah, Graham, Kimpton, Kelly, Mears, Macklin, McInerney, Quirk, Rose, Ross/Russ?, Rickards, Steel, Tubb, West, Wygraft, Yourell.
Carlton lost; 0.3 - 3.13

The North Melbourne Advertiser reporting on the Essendon - Port Melbourne Second Twenties match this week said;
"The match between the second twenties did not come off, the Ports second twenty followed the example of Carlton, St.Kilda, and Fitzroy, failing to put in an appearance, leaving the Essendon second twenty in undisputed possession."

September 27 Friday


"Carlton, the dark blues, who at one time during the season were not thought to be in the running, partly through the defection of Jack Baker, have gradually travelled along with no brilliant spurts, until at length they have reached the second highest rung on the premiership ladder. They have played some very fine games, notably against Essendon, who were forced to succumb to the Northerners. Their men have been regular at practice. Whether they keep their present position will depend upon whether they win against the Fitzroy tomorrow, otherwise they will drop down to third if Port Melbourne happen to beat the Geelong.
McKenzie, the hero of the protest, who hailed from Melbourne, was undoubtedly the first and foremost in the play. He worked like a tiger, and must be classed as one of the best ruck men who have trodden the turf for many days.
Currie and McKechnie deserve recognition for their more than useful work; whilst O'Connor, a regular "bullocker," formerly of the South Melbourne, and later of a Northern Tasmanian club, showed his paces with great effect. As a combination, these men were by no means to be despised.
Batters was scarcely up to last year's form, but was still quite good enough to be placed in the team as rover.
Crapp was to the fore as centre back. C. Coulson and Keane, as half backs on the wing, merit words of praise for their doughty deeds. Sutton playing back only showed his capabilities in a few matches, and was not so effective as he was last season.
Lorraine, who came from St.Kilda must be complimented on his skill and judgment. Moloney, as a centre man, was occasionally brilliant, and played a fair average game.
Roberts, who, we believe, hailed from Ballarat Imperial this year, showed that he was a capable half forward. Leydin proved himself a host near his opponents goal, sometimes played half back, was at home in both places, and must be commended for his style of play.
Watling, as centre forward; Hutchinson, half forward and occasional follower; Green, as goal sneak, and George White, forward and change follower, were well to the front in the work entrusted to their care.
The principal goal kickers in premiership matches were - Green 27, Leydin 12, White 10, Watling 8, Currie 8, O'Connor 7, McKenzie 5.
Much of the success of the Carlton is due to the patient and earnest efforts of Leydin, the captain, and Mr. W. C. Donaldson, the honorary secretary."

"The playing areas were as a rule in good order, the worst in that respect was the East Melbourne, where the turf was occasionally sodden by rain. Other grounds, notably the South Melbourne, Melbourne, St.Kilda, and Ports were comparatively dry even after rain, in consequence of the nature of the soil or the system of draining operations.
The committees of cricket clubs, who take one-third of the net proceeds, have reasons to be once more thankful that the football season has been productive of large gates, so that the former can rejoice in the prospect of having more money to provide additional accommodation and make their reserves more attractive than ever to the public.
Football, practically, has kept the majority of cricket clubs from becoming insolvent, and the time has arrived when the executives of football clubs are beginning to ask themselves - 'Seeing that we contribute such a large share to the revenue of cricket clubs, why should we not have a voice in the disposal of the funds.' It will be a big question in the future."

September 28
Carlton played Fitzroy at the Fitzroy C. G.
Crowd; 20,000.
Leydin won the toss and the Blues kicked with the strong wind blowing to the Railway end goal.
The ground was in very good condition.
It was feared that Carlton did not make enough use of the wind, and once again their forwards had let them down. (The strong wind abated in the last quarter.)
However, the Blues played their best football in the final quarter, keeping the 'Roys scoreless.
Future Carlton coach Jack Worrall was one of Fitzroy's best players.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Batters, Bailey, Brooks, Currie, Coulson, Crapp, Green, Hutchison, Keane, Leydin, Lorraine, Moloney, McKenzie, McKechnie, McCarthy, McInerney, O'Connor, Roberts, Sutton, Williams, Watling, White, Waldron, Walton.
Brooks, McCarthy, O'Connor, and Waldron did not play.
Umpire; J. J. Trait.
Carlton won;
Carl. 2.8 2.9 4.11 5.14
Fitz. 0.1 2.4 3.4 3.4
Goals; McInerney, White, Green, Currie, Watling.
(Another report said; Green 2, McInerney, Currie, Watling)
Best; McKenzie, Crapp, Leydin, Roberts, Lorraine.
Players mentioned; (13) Crapp, McInerney, Green, Leydin, Keane, White, Currie, Watling, Roberts, Lorraine, Coulson, Hutchison, McKenzie.
Others that played; (7) Batters, Bailey, Moloney, McKechnie, Sutton, Williams, Walton.
V.F.A. ladder; Carlton second.
Played 20 Won 15 Lost 5 drawn 0 Goals For 100 Against 64 Points 60

South Melbourne won the 1889 V.F.A. Premiership.


Carlton's A. McKenzie was named best player 'Champions of the Colony' according to The Argus*
.*Origins of Australian Football Vol 3 - Mark Pennings p438

September 30 Monday


The Carlton Gazette reported;
"A large attendance with over 100 couples present to "chase the glowing hours with flying feet". G. A. Sutchs' Carlton Band provided the entertainment.
Nearly all the leading members, past and present - put in an appearance and tripped it gailey on the "light fantastic" until morning did appear - or near it.
Amongst those present were John Gardiner MLA, Councillors Geddes and Ievers and other leading residents. The stewards, Messrs, J. G. McCutchan, F. McIntosh, J. Melville, M. B. Hearne, W. Hemsworth, W. Strickland, W. H. Moloney, G. Lindsay, A. Gellatly, and G. M. Robertson, with the energetic and capable hon. secretary Mr. W. C. Donaldson, were indefatigable in their efforts to secure the comfort and pleasure of all, and it goes without saying that they succeeded admirably. Messrs Edlington and Goetz were the caterers and in the refreshment department and gratified the demands and wishes of all."

September 30 Monday


"Carlton have run such a close second in the race for the premiership that up until the last Saturday but one of the season they still possessed a chance of getting home first.
On the opening day of the season they were defeated by Port Melbourne, but getting into splendid condition they met no other reverse until the end of June, when they were badly beaten by South Melbourne and very luckily by Geelong. Since the first week in July they have won 10 matches out of 12, simply avenging their former defeats by Port Melbourne and Geelong, but South Melbourne beat them in each of the two matches played.
Carlton defeated North Melbourne,Williamstown, Essendon, St. Kilda, and Melbourne, each twice, and Footscray once. They met Fitzroy twice, suffering defeat on the first occasion, but winning last Saturday in the closing match of the season.
The numerous followers of the famous "old blues" were very sanguine all through the season, and but for one or two wretchedly weak exhibitions of goal kicking they might have again achieved the honor which they gained in 1887.
The most noticeable instance was on the occasion of their first match against Geelong, when Carlton, though beaten by one goal forced the ball 18 times across the goal line of their opponents, whose record in response was only 7.
Carlton scored 16 behinds and Geelong only 4.
The team have invariably taken the field in splendid condition, the result of a strict course of training under the experienced guidance of Mr. Sam English. The popular skipper Leydin is still a host in himself, and, associated with him as back players, Lorraine, Crapp, Sutton, and Coulson, have done excellent service. Keane, Bailey and Roberts on the wings, Maloney (centre), White and Green (forward), O'Connor, McKechnie, Currie, and McKenzie (followers) and Batters (who held a roving commission) have worked well and effectually to maintain the prestige of the old club and only just missed winning the honours of premiership."


"Carlton although very unsuccessful in the early part of the season, through bad goal kicking, occupy an honorable second place on the list, having played 20 matches, 15 of which were won, and 5 lost.
They scored 100 goals, against 58 kicked against them.
Those who distinguished themselves were Leydin, O'Connor, White, McKenzie, Green, Hutchison, Currie, Crapp, Coulson, Bailey, and Moloney."
Green scored 29 goals.
Green was equal top VFA goal kicker along with Barrett (SM), W. Brown (Rich), J. Worrall (Fitz), all with 29 goals.


"Second on the list - and a remarkably good second too - comes Carlton, whose numerous supporters and the public generally have every reason to be satisfied with them. From first to last they have exhibited fine form, except now and again in the matter of goal-kicking, and no one will deny them the credit of having acquired their enviable position purely upon merit. Their misfortune in missing goals during the first half of their earlier encounter with South, and their still worse luck in being beaten by Geelong, after having much the best of the game, most assuredly deprived them of the big prize of the year, for which, even up to the second last week of the campaign, they fought with stubborn determination and with strong hopes of success.
Their prominent performers throughout have been McKenzie, McKechnie, O'Connor, and Currie following, Crapp, Coulson, and Leydin defending, Green and Watling forward, Moloney in the centre and half back, and Roberts, Bailey, and Keane on the wings. The last-named has acquired the reputation of being the fastest wing player in the colony, and his share in the good things accomplished by the dark blues was a meritoriously large one."


Carlton finished seventh.
Played 20 Won 10 Lost 9 Drawn 1 Goals For 28 Against 30 Points 42 Av. 2.100

North Melbourne won the 1889 Second Twenty Premiership
(The Argus October 8 1889 p7)

October 07


The first Grand Final took place when Norwood and Port Adelaide finished the year with equal wins and goals. To decide the premiership the S.A.F.A. organised a "Grand Final", with Norwood winning 7.4 - 5.9.
The first Grand Final in Victoria would take place in 1896.

October 12
St.Kilda Football Club Sports Day
Carlton's William H. Crapp entered the Champion Drop Kick of Victoria event.
W. Franks of North Melbourne won the contest with a kick of 66 yards 2ft 8ins.

November 02 Friday
The Carlton Football Club held a complimentary smoke concert at Parer's Crystal Cafe.

November 23


"Lovers of cricket and football in Carlton will be glad to know that at last, after a long and persevering fight, a portion of Princes-park has been granted for the use of the Carlton football and cricket clubs. This week permissive occupancy has been given by the Minister of Lands, and steps will be taken forthwith to form the ground, so that, if possible, it may be ready for next football season. I warmly congratulate the Carltonians, and feel sure that before long they will have a ground and appointments which in every respect will be a credit to the district. The best thanks of all Carltonians are due to the two local members, Messrs. Gardiner and Leonard, for their unceasing efforts to secure a ground - efforts which, I am glad to note, have now been crowned with well deserved success. The football club has, I am informed, about £1,000 in hand to start with. Forward Carlton." (Australasian p23)

The Carlton Story. Hugh Buggy and Harry Bell. Pages. 64. 65, 66. 259.
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