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Mick Malthouse in a typical pose during his time at Carlton..jpg
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Mick Malthouse and Mitch Robinson, 2014.jpg
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Mick Malthouse - round 8, 2015.jpg
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Mick Malthouse - 715 games, round 5, 2015.jpg
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Carlton coaching panel 2015.jpg
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Mick Malthouse - new coaching record. Round 5, 2015.jpg
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Carlton coaches catch up - Malthouse and Barassi, 2015.jpg
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Recruits Jaksch and Whiley meet their new coach.jpg
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Coaches Malthouse and Parkin promote the Last Suburban Battle - 2000.jpg
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2003 Rd 17 - Pagan & Malthouse.
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Malthouse 2013.jpg
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Malthouse the Blue 2012.jpg
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Malthouse at his first press conference_0001.jpg
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Malthouse & McConville fight for the ball_0001.jpg
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Malthouse at Richmond_0001.jpg
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Michael Malthouse_0001.jpg
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Mick Malthouse 2011.jpg
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