Football Match Report

21/2/19 Ikon Park

Carlton 8.5.53 def. by Hawthorn 12.5.77

As a team Carlton put in a respectable effort in the second and fourth quarters, kicking four goals in each of these quarters. On the other hand Hawthorn kicked five and four goals respectively in the first and third quarters. In this time Hawthorn looked the superior side, working the ball well from the clinches and running the ball on the outside, to a forward line which was clinical in front of goal.

So what do we have to look forward to? We looked much more willing to kick the ball long to a contest, especially getting the ball quickly into the forward line, making for a marking contest in our forward line. And at times the boys looked well drilled, when running the ball in open space. We looked willing to play on instinct and selecting an option, which didn’t always work, but we didn’t look scared to back our skill levels, like so often occurred last year.

Our stand out player was Petrevski-Seton, who put in a four quarter effort. He won the ball inside, ran the ball outside; and in both aspects of the game he was clinical with his disposal. Setting up our first goal for Ed Curnow through a pass to Mckay. And winning a hard fought handball when working back in defence.

Sam Walsh played on a wing, apart from some first quarter nerves, he was super impressive and lauded by the small crowd. He won the ball in open play and selected good options. He is a genuine ball mover, his most impressive moment was where he took on three Hawthorn players for an open ball and through his chase and tenacity; the Hawthorn opposition carried the ball over the boundary line. As the number one pick, Carlton fans are excited but he genuinely looks like a footballer that can run both offensively and defensively.

Levi Casboult rucked for most of the game. He attacked the ruck contest with vigour, his bigger body, he used effectively against the taller Hawthorn ruckman and while many don’t see him with forward line opportunity, his manful efforts in the ruck would not go unnoticed by the coaching panel.

Wil Setterfield played the second half, coming off a knee reconstruction, to my eyes he was super impressive, winning ball inside, he was capable to judge whether to offload by hand or run with the ball and dispose by foot. He is also quite a good tackler, who like Petrevski-Seton and Walsh, will have their respective games enhanced in the future playing alongside Cripps.

Jack Silvagni showed signs that now with his mature body, he can play midfield and half-forward. Still with his doubters, today he showed some grit and willingness to take the game on and back himself, that he has the flair and skill, to emulate his father’s burst of speed gathering the contested ball from defence. I wouldn’t make this comparison without the belief that Jack looks like maturing this year. Keep watch.

Our tall targets up forward, McGovern in the first half, Mackay and Curnow showed glimpses, but as with forward play the marking targets are only as good as the delivery they receive. Charlie Curnow got enough of the ball, but looked a little rusty by foot. An excitement machine that needs to be decisive with his disposal and shots for goal.

Down back, Jones was flying high but his disposal can be brought into question. Weitering is noticeably bigger, contests well and he is learning to dispose of the ball whilst under pressure. Our backline needs to learn to function mechanically under pressure, which could say to be our greatest deficiency across the ground. Work hard inside and dispose of the ball to outside runners, always moving the ball with pace.

Looking at our game plan, we can make a contest inside but we need to compliment this aspect of the game with moving the ball on the outside, with speed but also at times moving the ball slowly with marking options up the ground; this is where Hawthorn showed us up in quarters one and three. The difference between a good side and a side still with players learning to use the ball wisely.

Overall a decent performance against superior opposition, but through the four goal defeat learning to analyse the opposition’s skill level, to know where we need to improve as a team. And at times we looked like a capable team, solo efforts by young players, whilst learning to link and have confidence in their team mates.

7 out of 10 today for effort and execution.

Go Blues!!!