W. 'Bill' Gorman

Melbourne Rules - Challenge Cup Competition
Original Carlton Football Club player.
Committee Member: 1866 (Tom or W. Gorman?)
Career: 1864-1868

Pioneer player in 1864.

W. "Bill" Gorman, a forward, and his brother Tom Gorman were both original members of the first Carlton side to play in 1864.

1865 (who the committee here feel it is their duty to state, has played like a little brick throughout the entire season) scored a goal against Royal Park.
(The Herald. June 14 1919)

1866 Carlton played 4 games for the Challenge Cup during the season, and scored only 3 goals, 2 by W.Gorman and 1 by James Byrne

1867 Carlton fielded it's strongest team against Melbourne June 22 1867.
W.Gorman and Tom McCarthy scored the two goals to give Carlton it's first ever victory over the Melbourne Football Club.

1868 Gorman, W."Bill" or brother Tom?
Outstanding player for Carlton during the season.

(The Carlton Story, H.Buggy and H. Bell p6, 13,14,17)

Relation of H. W. Gorman and A. Gorman ?


July 25 1879 By J. Noble
Come all ye jolly footballers,
Some news I have in store.
'Tis of a famous football match
'Tween Seymour and Euroa.

The Seymour team to Euroa came,
They were a wiry-looking lot,
They felt quite sure they would win the game,
But they got it rather hot.

When I arrived upon the ground
The umpire called out "play,"
A Seymour man with a terrible bound
Then carried the ball away.

But Gorman, once of Carlton fame,
Did follow in his track,
He knows well how to play the game,
And threw Seymour on his back.

Which Gorman does it refer to? In 1879 Tom Gorman was in Hamilton, so it could be about his brother Bill.
This poem was about the first football match to be played in Euroa.
The poetry continues for another 12 verses.
It was printed in the Euroa Advertiser 2 August 1902 p3

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