'Soapy' Vallence led the way with 7 goals, as Carlton defeated Collingwood by 16 points at Princes Park.

Round 5, 1931

Carlton 2.5 21 8.8 56 10.8 68 16.11 107
Collingwood 5.4 34 6.7 43 11.12 78 13.13 91
Venue: Princes Park Date: Saturday May 30, 1931
Result: Won by 16 points Umpire: McMurray Crowd: 35,000 (approx.)
Goalkickers: H.Vallence 7, L.Allen 3, H.Clover 1, M.Crisp 1, T.Downs 1, A.Doyle 1, D.Kelleher 1, C.Martyn 1.
Best: F.Gill, H.Vallence, C.Martyn, J.Green, C,Davey, M.Johnson
Reports: Nil Injuries: V.Arthur (head) carried from ground late in the last quarter.

Game Review

The Sporting Globe reported that at 2.30pm the crowd was 25,000, by 2.45pm it had increased to 35,000!
This was the 81st. VFL meeting between the teams with Carlton winning 37, Collingwood 41, Drawn 2
Saturday's Sporting Globe had Alf Egan named as nineteenth man.

Carlton's champion full-forward Harry 'Soapy' Vallence was the difference between these two fierce rivals in the Match of the Day at Princes Park. Most of Soapy's goals were team-lifters, coming at pivotal moments in the game - especially in the torrid last quarter, when the Blues charged home from ten points adrift to win by 16. To add to the joy, Carlton's win knocked the 'pies from second on the ladder to fifth, and the Blues climbed from fifth to fourth. Happy days!

The visitors won the toss and kicked with the breeze to the Lygon Street end and they soon had a goal on the scoreboard. The Blues replied but Harry Vallence could manage only a minor score. Then Vallence to Alec Doyle and Carlton had it's first goal. Horrie Clover was playing well and so too was ruck man Charlie Davey and he gave Alec Doyle another chance but his shot hit the post. However, Doyle made up for his miss by passing the ball to Harry Vallence and he made no mistake. The 'Woods then through clever roving put on three unanswered goals. Vallence marked strongly but added another minor. At quarter time Carlton trailled by 17 points, 2.5 - 5.4
Collingwood attacked but scored a point. From the kick in acting captain Colin Martyn marked and then dashed down the ground to score a great goal from the half forward line. Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp added a behind. Horrie Clover's long kick found Harry Vallence and his goal reduced the margin to six points. Frank Gill was playing well in defence. The margin was reduced to five points by Alec Doyle. Horrie Clover marked and his goal put the Blues in front. A free kick from being scragged around the neck Harry Vallence added another goal. A lovely punt kick from Horrie Clover found Harry Vallence and he made no mistake. When Les Allen snapped the Blues' eighth, Carlton held a handy lead. Collingwood added their sixth goal just before half time. Carlton led by 13 points, 8.8 - 6.7
The Blues attacked strongly against the wind, but the 'Woods defence held firm. Collingwood added a string of behinds before they broke through for a goal to reduce the lead to two points. When Denis Kelleher deep in the forward line scooped up the ball and goaled the roar was deafening. The Blues now led by 8 points. Tommy Downs was now influencing the game with his dashing play. Horrie Clover's glorious long place kick was marked by the defenders right in front. The 'Woods then snatched the lead back with two quick goals. The four point margin was soon out to ten with another goal. Centre half back Jack Green was limping and was moved to the forward line, and Charlie Davey replaced him in defence. Great running through the centre by Ansell Clarke and he passed to Harry Vallence. His goal reduced the margin to keep the Blues in touch. But another goal to Collingwood extended the margin to ten points at three quarter time, 10.8 - 11.12
Now with the wind the Blues attacked, but wasted opportunities by over doing the short passing instead of kicking long. A lucky free kick to star forward Gordon Coventry extended the deficit to sixteen points. Frank O'Rourke's shot added a minor to Carlton's score. A run down the flank by Joe Kelly enabled Tommy Downs to gather the ball and snap a much needed goal. The difference was now eight points. Then it was reduced to just two points when Les Allen skilfully intercepted the ball just as his opponent was about to complete a chest mark. The crowd was roaring. Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp with a nice pass to Harry Vallence and the Blues hit the front when Harry's drop kick sailed through. Tommy Downs was a little terrier around the packs and Frank O'Rourke was defending well. The visitors snapped a point. The brilliance of Harry Vallence was again on display when he out marked two opponents and goaled to increase the lead to 9 points. Collingwood replied with a goal and the Blues led by three points with just six minutes remaining. Resting in the forward line Jack Green's strong mark was disallowed, and wingman Vin Arthur was carried off the ground by the trainers. (Note: The Sporting Globe had Alf Egan listed as 19th man). The irrepressible Harry Vallence then booted his seventh goal. Again the 'Woods goaled and the margin was now back to four points. Frank O'Rourke stopped another forward move which resulted in Horrie Clover kicking to Les Allen and he kicked the match winner. Carlton attacked, and Crisp added another goal just before the final bell. The Blues winning a thriller by 16 points, 16.11 - 13.13

Readers may have noticed that the round orders for this year appear to be slightly out of order. Please click here to find out why.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 4th spot on the ladder with a percentage of 129.6.


Despite winning a quartette of premierships in 1927, 1928, 1929, & 1930 Collingwood has won only once at Princes Park since 1924.


B: 23 Jim Crowe 21 Frank Gill (acting vc) 32 Frank O'Rourke
HB: 9 Eric Huxtable 14 Jack Green 15 Maurie Johnson
C: 7 Joe Kelly 2 Colin Martyn (acting capt.) 27 Alf Egan
HF: 12 Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp 1 Horrie Clover 19 Alec Doyle
F: 20 Les Allen 22 Harry Vallence 31 Ansell Clarke
Ruck: 17 Charlie Davey 10 Denis Kelleher 3 Tommy Downs
19th Man: 30 Vin Arthur
Coach: Dan Minogue

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