Carlton defeated St Kilda by 23 points - Princes Park.

Round 3, 1921

Carlton 8.4 52 9.4 58 13.7 85 15.11 101
St Kilda 3.1 19 8.7 55 10.7 67 11.12 78
Venue: Princes Park Date: Saturday May 21, 1921
Result: Won by 23 points Umpire: Elder Crowd: 30,000
Goalkickers: H.Morgan 5, C.Fisher 4, P.Daykin 3, H.Clover 2, M.Beasy 1,
Best: S.McLatchie, F.Martin, A.Duncan, M.Beasy, R.Hiskins, J.Stephenson, H.Morgan, C.Fisher.
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

At almost 31 years of age, William Morgan made his debut in this game in which he slotted home five goals.

"A game full of events and illustrating the all the finest points in football, was played at Princes Oval, Carlton, on Saturday, and witnessed by a very keen crowd of nearly 30,000 people, who had every reason to be satisfied with the afternoon's sport. For it had all the best qualities of football - pace, exceptional skill, marking of the dashing and dazzling kind, while the drop-kicking both about goal and in the outfield was splendid. Handled with his usual ability by Elder, such a game could hardly fail to be exhilarating, and Australian football was never a finer spectacle than one finds it now. In the past few seasons Carlton's traditional methods have entirely changed. They are playing the open game with a breezy dash and just sufficient method in short play to maintain the science of football without slowing it down."
(Trove; Argus May 23 p7)

Carlton kicked to the outer end aided by the breeze, but it was not as strong as the scoring seems to indicate.
Within a few minutes of the first bounce Stewart McLatchie helped Charlie Fisher, who off his left foot, obtained the the Blues' first goal. Almost immediately after the restart, from a scrimmage on the Blues' forward line, William Morgan scored the second goal and then he quickly followed it up with another. The Saints replied with a behind, then a goal. Then Charlie Fisher flashed in, and with a few minutes of brilliance, he snapped two goals. Following a towering mark, Horrie Clover kicked the sixth for the Blues. St.Kilda not to be outdone scored two goals. But just before quarter time Maurie Beasy's soccer kick went through, and then Percy Daykin goaled, restoring the 33 point margin. 8.4 - 3.1
Just after the start of the second term, St.Kilda scored a behind, then Dick Wittman got the ball to Morgan who bought up the Blues' ninth goal, with the lead now out to 38 points. However, the Saints then took over and scored five unanswered goals. The Blues were hanging on to a 3 point lead and the Saints were deep into attack when the bell rang for half time. 9.4 - 8.7
St. Kilda continued to attack, but Maurie Beasy and Alex Duncan held them out. The Blues managed go forward and William Morgan scored the tenth from a great kick. St. Kilda replied with two goals and the Saints hit the front. They only held it for thirty seconds before Morgan restored the lead. Daykin snapped a goal. McLatchie got the ball to Percy Daykin who was at least 60 yards from the sticks, he place-kicked Carlton's thirteenth goal, to take the lead out to 18 points. 13.7 - 10.7
St.Kilda had the wind in the final quarter, but the Blues bottled up the game confining the play to around the centre of the ground. A splendid mark by Horrie Clover whose angled shot bought up two flags. There was still time for the Saints, but the defensive play of Rupe Hiskins, Alex Duncan, and Jim Watson prevailed. Fisher from a good mark, kicked the sealer. St.Kilda kicked their last goal just before the final bell.
A brilliant hard fought game by both teams, the Blues ran out winners by 23 points. 15.11 - 11.12

At the end of this round Carlton were in 2nd spot on the ladder with a percentage of 124.4.


B: 15 Croft McKenzie 17 Jim Watson 25 Frank Martin
HB: 18 Wally Raleigh 6 Jack Greenhill (acting capt.) 9 Maurie Beasy
C: 24 Dick Wittmann 13 Billy Blackman 3 Jack Stephenson
HF: 7 Charlie Fisher 1 Horrie Clover 20 Alex Duncan
F: 2 Percy Daykin 23 William Morgan 29 Harry Bell
Ruck: 27 Bert Boromeo 5 Rupe Hiskins 21 Stewart McLatchie
Coach: Norman Clark


Debuts: Harry Bell and Jim Watson
Debut (Carlton): William Morgan



Game advert. Herald May 20 p3
Picture No. 1: Acting Carlton captain Jack Greenhill, relieving his goal in the second quarter.
Picture No. 5: A fair shoulder to Moyes by McKenzie who obtains the mark. Debutant Jim Watson (17)
Picture No. 7: St.Kilda gets it's third goal.
Picture No. 9: An incident in the second quarter.
Picture No. 10: Greenhill shepherds Martin, putting Kennedy (St.Kilda) out of action.
Photos from (Trove) The Australasian May 28 1921 (p48)
Herald sporting edition May 21 p1

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