Carlton defeated St Kilda by 15 points at Princes Park.

Round 18, 1934

St Kilda8.25010.56514.89215.999
Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday September 15, 1934
Result: Win by 15 pointsUmpire: F.MatsonCrowd: 10,000
Best: M. Crisp, A. De Luca, K. Shea, M. Johnson, R. Cooper, F. Gill
Goalkickers: A.De Luca 6.6, M.Crisp 6.3, J.Cashman 1.3, A.Clarke 1.1, F.Anderson 1.1, M.Johnson 1.1, Pollock 0.2, Finn 0.1.
Reports: Maurie Johnson (Elbowing Colin Watson & Harold Compte) - 10 Matches.
Injuries: J.Hale (slight concussion) replaced during last quarter, J. Francis (wrenched knee)

Game Review

A cold and miserable day and heavy rain were the conditions for players and spectators of both sides, each playing their last games for the season. It was a game of two distinct halves for the Blues; apathetic and listless in the first half and dynamic and relentless in the second, particularly in the last quarter when the game needed to be won. St Kilda were by far the better side for three quarters but Carlton’s determination in the last term resulted in a 15 point victory.

Two changes were announced on Thursday night. Arrell and Dunn were omitted and Finn and Treweek (19th man) included.

In heavy rain a strong breeze blew across the ground as the game commenced. Carlton was immediately into attack; Johnson kicking to Anderson for the first goal seconds after the opening bounce. St Kilda, assisted by the breeze, adopted a direct style of play, which resulted in three goals from snaps. The Saints were faster and displaying great teamwork. Smart play from Crisp, staying down behind a pack leaping for a kick from Shea, gave Carlton its second goal, but St Kilda replied with another two goals. St Kilda was winning decisively in the ruck and in the centre, which was producing many attacks. Gill was defending valiantly, but three more goals were scored by St Kilda for the quarter, with the Blues managing only one other. At quarter time, St Kilda led by 32 points after an impressive start.

The rain had created greasy conditions in the second, making ball handling difficult. Carlton attacked first with a kick off the ground but Cooper’s snap hit the post. Still attacking, Johnson goaled with a long kick for Carlton’s fourth. St Kilda, winning in the centre, answered by moving the ball around the flank for their ninth goal. Revelling in the muddy ground, the Saints were handling the conditions much better than Carlton. But a good rally by the Blues produced two goals from De Luca. Play was very rugged with hard knocks aplenty. Another two Carlton goals from Crisp and De Luca brought the scoreline closer. St Kilda scored their tenth goal; bringing the ball the length of the ground for a great goal. The half time bell saw the Blues twelve points in arrears. Despite the conditions, there had been remarkably accurate scoring from both sides. At one stage, the aggregate score was 17 goals 5 behinds. Crisp, Johnson Gill and De Luca had been good players in the first half.

St Kilda attacked from the restart, but good work from Gill and Huxtable turned the attack back. The rain had stopped, making better ball handling. St Kilda’s midfield was still dominant but relentless attacks by Carlton was putting St Kilda’s defence under pressure. The Saints went forward and smart work near goal and a quick snap produced goal eleven. Tenacious play in the forward zone gave them another and they had re-established a handy lead. Play was very rough and Hale was involved in a clash of heads. He and the St Kilda player involved spent some time in the hands of the trainers. Great play from Cashman brought a much needed ninth goal. De Luca was now moved to the back line to strengthen the defences. St Kilda’s chances were not helped when two players (one of them from the head knock incident) had to leave the ground, leaving them with 17 men. Making use of this, Anderson helped Crisp to a goal, but St Kilda answered with a great snap; the player kicking truly as he was falling. Shea was moved into the centre to try to quell St Kilda’s dominance there. Crisp goaled for Carlton, but another St Kilda goal gave them a 17 point lead at the last break. Johnson and Huxtable had been good in defence in the quarter, but St Kilda could have been further ahead for poor kicking had cost a greater lead.

Hale, concussed, was replaced by Treweek at ¾ time. St Kilda was now back to 18 players. Carlton, showing fierce determination, launched several attacks but managed only three behinds. St Kilda went forward through the ruck to goal and give a 19 point lead. Carlton’s first goal for the quarter was scored by Crisp who eluded his opponent to goal from a tight angle. Anderson was moved to the half back line to shore up the defence. Francis, limping with his leg heavily bandaged had two easy shots at goal but managed only two behinds. Then De Luca, back in the forward line, scored two quick goals to level the scores. Carlton were now faster and relentless, overpowering a wilting St Kilda. Another Carlton goal produced the lead and when Clarke goaled from a pack, the Blues had established a twelve point lead late in the game. Carlton’s last ten minutes had produced some great football and the Blues held on in the last minutes to win a tough encounter by 15 points.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 5th spot on the ladder with a percentage of 116.3, missing the finals by six points.


B: 11 Jack Hale 21 Frank Gill 16 Ted Pollock
HB: 9 Eric Huxtable 10 Jim Francis 25 Harold Maskell
C: 32 Bob Green 18 Frank Finn 27 Terry Ogden
HF: 8 Keith Shea 1 Frank Anderson 12 Creswell 'Mickey' Crisp
F: 4 Jack Cashman (acting vc) 20 Alby De Luca 31 Ansell Clarke
Ruck: 29 Horrie Bullen 15 Maurie Johnson (c) 19 Ron Cooper
19th Man: 28 Bernie Treweek
Coach: Dan Minogue


Last games: Frank Finn, Terry Ogden

Round 17 | 1935
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