Carlton d Geelong by 73 pts - Princes Park. Mark Maclure's debut game

Round 13, 1974

Carlton 2.5 17 9.11 65 12.15 87 20.19 139
Geelong 2.2 14 4.3 27 5.5 35 10.6 66
Venue: Princes Park Date: Saturday 29 June 1974
Result: Won by 73 points Umpire: Ian Robinson Crowd: 23,490 Receipts: $15,083
Goalkickers: C.Davis 4, B.Walsh 3, R.Walls 3, D.McKay 2, P.Hall 2, A.Jesaulenko 2, T.Keogh 1, E.Pascoe 1, R.Ashman 1, P.Jones 1.
Best: R.Ashman, B.Walsh, D.McKay, T.Keogh, P.Jones, G.Crane, B.Doull, B.Croswell, J.O'Connell.
Reports: B.Crosswell (allegedly striking R.Hunt in the second quarter), P.Jones (allegedly striking K.Newland in the third quarter) - 2 matches each.
Injuries: D.Dickson (flu, replaced in selected side), J.Nicholls (flu, replaced in selected side), A.Jesaulenko (ankle)

Game Review

A massive 8 goal last quarter put the sealer on a percentage-boosting win providing Carlton with a 79 point margin in this home game.

The Blues 5th straight win pushed them to 5th on the table and into a potential finals berth.

"Tiger" had little chance of escaping his charge of striking Rex Hunt (who had only recently crossed from Tigerland) considering he was reported by field, boundary and goal umpires. My personal opinion is we'd all be better off if he'd hit him a lot harder!

Carlton thrashed Geelong in a power-packed exhibition although they had several star players missing and still came out to kick their highest score since the 1972 Grand Final. It was the highest score booted against Geelong since Round 17 last year - by any team. The win gave the Blues five in a row - and they have not equalled this since the opening five matches of last season. The Blues now appear to have re-gained their 1972-73 form, following their fourth successive win over the Cats at Princes Park. - Football Record.


B: 19 John O'Connell 36 Mark Maclure 43 David McKay
HB: 33 Paul Hurst 11 Bruce Doull 21 Rod Austin
C: 31 Peter Hall 6 Garry Crane 32 Bryan Quirk
HF: 25 Alex Jesaulenko (acting vc) 42 Robert Walls (acting capt.) 17 Brent Crosswell
F: 13 Eric Pascoe 23 Craig Davis 18 Brian Walsh
Ruck: 28 Peter Jones 8 Trevor Keogh 14 Rod Ashman
Res: 7 Graeme Whitnall 26 Ray Byrne
Coach: John Nicholls


Debut: Mark Maclure
50 Games: Brian Walsh and Paul Hurst
100 Goals: David McKay

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