Carlton defeated South Melbourne by 5 points at Princes Park in an 'away'game for the Blues.

Round 13, 1942

Carlton 4.5 29 6.10 46 9.14 68 12.17 89
Sth Melbourne 4.4 28 6.8 44 8.15 63 10.24 84
Venue: Princes Park
Date: Saturday 25 July 1942
Result: Win by 5 points
Crowd: 15,000
Goalkickers: C.McInnes 3, J.Wrout 3, J.Mooring 2, V.Brown 1, J.Knight 1, R.Savage 1, P.Schmidt 1.
Reports: Bob Chitty (unduly rough play) - Not guilty. Cyril Mann - charge dismissed.
Umpire: A.Coward.
Injuries: C. McInnes (hand X-rayed)

Game Review

Carlton would win a close game, but would perhaps be thankful about South Melbourne's errant kicking for goals. Bob Chitty would be reported for the fourth time, this time for unduly rough play, but was found not guilty. By the way, the umpire's name is not a joke.

"Amidst thunderous applause, and while playing time-off, White raised the two flags to put South a point in the lead, and it looked as though it was South's game.
Carlton came again, however, and forced the ball around the wing, where Linden marked. The tall chap went back to have his kick, which should have put the ball well out of danger and bought victory to South, but instead, he made an unpardonable error in attempting a hand-pass instead of kicking the ball.
The ball was intercepted by Mooring, who picked it up and slammed it through for the winning goal to Carlton. There must have been only seconds to play, and South came at it again, but the bell rang out to deprive them of any chance of reprieve."

"Only seconds remained, Linden obliviously was feeling the strain of the exciting finish. There were few players on the oval who were not so affected. Sensing the big chap's nervousness, Rex Ritchie ran up, told him to take his time, and drive the boot deep into the ball. Instead, Linden stopped, hesitated, and tried to handball to Vic Castles, near the centre. Castles had not "called" for the ball, not was he expecting the punch-pass. The ball hit the man on Linden's mark. It was Mooring, one of Carlton's nippiest players and deadliest kicks. Like a flash he pounced on the leather, and drove it through for the winning goal, amidst the tumultuous cheering of Carlton's overjoyed supporters. The the ball rang."
(Trove: Record, Emerald Hill August 08 p3)

This game was an away game despite being played at Princes Park due to various football ovals being unavailable due to being utilised by the military in World War II.

At the end of this round Carlton were in 6th spot on the ladder with a percentage of 112.0.


B: 2 Don McIntyre 12 George Gniel 14 Rod McLean
HB: 6 Bob Chitty 5 George Bailey 9 Bob Atkinson
C: 15 Vin Brown 16 Jim Mooring (vc) 8 Fred Fitzgibbon
HF: 34 Cyril Mann 28 Jack Wrout 31 Charlie McInnes
F: 17 Jim Baird 4 Lance Collins 23 Paul Schmidt
Ruck: 10 Jim Francis (c) 24 Ron Savage 11 Jim Knight
19th Man: 20 Arthur Sleith
Coach: Percy Bentley

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