Carlton defeated Collingwood by 4 points at Princes Park. Horrie Clover kicked 8 goals.

Round 10, 1930

Venue: Princes ParkDate: Saturday July 5, 1930
Result: Win by 4 pointsUmpire: ScottCrowd: 40,000Receipts:£1,187 Record for Princes Park
Goalkickers: H.Clover 8, H.Vallence 3, L.Allen 2, J.Green 2, A.Doyle 1.
Reports: Injuries: A. Doyle (twisted ankle), C. Martyn (thigh)

Game Review

The Blues moved to 9 wins, 1 loss and ladder leadership with this victory over the 3-time defending Premiers, after trailling at half time. The two gun forwards; Harry Vallence and Horrie Clover were magnificent, with 11 goals between them - including the winner from "Soapy" Vallence just before full time.

For the second time in the season, a Carlton forward scored 8 goals in a game. On this occasion it was the 35 year, 104 day old Horrie Clover starring at full forward. Earlier in the year, Les Allen had booted 8 while playing just his second game, in Round 4 against South Melbourne.

Last Quarter Fight Back

At three quarter time Collingwood held a 17 point lead, 12.13.85 - 9.14.68. "Carlton were left further astern immediately play opened, G. Coventry outmanoeuvring Gill and increasing the Collingwood lead to 23 points. Thereafter the combinations were locked in a nerve tingling struggled, with the great crowd in a ferment of excitement. Remarkable cheering followed a hit out of the pack by Davey to Clover, who wheeled and goaled. Pandemonium broke loose when this success was followed by a galvanising piece of workby Kelleher and Martyn, a tearing, forceful effort by Doyle in a crush, and a quick breakaway and goal by the stalwart attacker.

Five points behind, Carlton, with thrilling play, nearly took the lead, shots by Vallence and Clark falling behind. Dash and resolution were exploited to the full. Doyle, high above an opponent, marked the return kick by Dibbs, Clover dexterously twisted the ball over his head, and Vallence, amid over powering excitement, marked, goaled, and gave Carlton the lead, hundreds of hats thrown into the air signalling the delight of the Carlton barrackers.

Collingwood then staged a remarkable recovery. A. Collier shattered further drives, Clayden soared high, S. Coventry drove tremendously forward, and Duncan saved at the back of the pack. Another Collingwood drive saw Len Murphy accurately judge a wonderful kick to his brother, Frank, the latter marked cleverly, despite a desperate counter by Gill, and fire on the badly needed goal. H. and A. Collier, L. Murphy and Clayden fought heroically, three singles being scored after desperate striving. A roar of approbation, heard a mile away, followed a whirling kick by Cheswass and a morale shattering goal by G. Coventry.

Eleven points behind, and with the great game drawing to a close, Carlton staged their magnificent fighting finish. Their thousands of supporters, badly shaken with the tenseness of the struggle, watched distractedly as shots missed the goal, and Arthur reduced the gap to ten points, Vallence to nine, and Clark to eight points. Feverishly attacking, with Collingwood wavering just a little, Carlton swept for goal, and everybody was aquiver with the excitement, when Davey tapped the ball over to Green, and the latter turned the ball through goal. With two points separating the scores, and the great crowd roaring encouragement, Cheswass, Clayden, Edmunds, and G. Coventry, co-operating in a series of neat chain passes, passed through the Carlton defence, and goaled.

Gathering all their strength for a final effort, and with the game drawing to a close, Carlton countered. Collingwood replied, raced to the goal front, and someone made a frightful error, lost the ball, and Carlton cleared the area. Dibbs saved Collingwood, but Clover and Brew, on the return dashed fearlessly into a swirling crush, tapped the ball to Allen, and the latter goaled. Two points in arrears, Carlton went all out for victory.

With the great crowd wonderfully thrilled, women shrieking with great tension, Gill, Clark, and Allen co-operated in a resultless move. The game was ending, when F. Williams outplayed his opponent, and forwarded, where Vallence, with a sensational leap, rose high over a crush and marked securely. A mighty roar followed his great goal placing Carlton four points ahead. The crowd near the timekeepers excitedly yelled, "Ring the bell!" and nearly seven minutes of "time on" had been played. Collingwood fought back gallantly, and L. Murphy's kick fell near goal, where men were bowled over like ninepins. Frantic with excitement, and with the game still in the balance, and the crowd shouting widly, Edmunds and Libbis nearly secured the winning goal. Collingwood were still attacking frenziedly, and Duncan had turned yet another fierce attack, when the bell tolled, it's welcome notes being drowned in the extraordinary roar of triumph by Carlton's delighted supporters. Men were carried from the field, and there were amazing scenes as the players were congratulated as they returned to the pavilion."
(The Age July 7)


The entire team played well.
Clover (besides kicking 8 goals he had a hand in another 4), Duncan, Brew, Huxtable, Gill, Gilby, Parsons, C. Martyn, Williams, Arthur, Green, Vallence, Kelleher, Davey, Crowe, Clark, Doyle, Allen.

Congratulations for Carlton

There were amazing scenes at the conclusion of the Carlton game. Everyone wished to congratulate the Carlton men on their magnificent game and victory, and hundreds of enthusiasts rushed the field. Duncan almost exhausted, had to be assisted by two policemen through the dense crowds of hundreds of persons, the centre half back receiving hundreds of slaps on the back on the way to the dressing room. All the other players were similarly treated. In the dressing room there was wonderful enthusiasm. Players who had given their last ounce in the desperate winning effort staggered to the benches, where they remained breathless, steaming, and all out to the terrific strain they had passed through. Scores of persons visited the dressing room, many who had no right to be there gaining admission by means of the door leading to the race.

Players congratulated one another. Brew, Clover, Gill, Vallence, Williams and others, all smiling, exchanged hearty handshakes and patted one another on the back, all proud to be associated with a team capable of such a fighting finish and such a wonderful effort. There were cheers when it was announced that H. Curtis, the old Collingwood captain, and now the president of that club, had arrived to congratulate Carlton. "You were the better side," he said, "and Collingwood wish to congratulate you on your wonderful game. (Applause) It was one of the finest finishes we have ever seen to a football match. (Cheers.) If you go on and win the premiership then Collingwood are going to be there to congratulate you. I do not usually bet on a game, but I had something on this match today. I backed Collingwood, and now I have lost, I wish to hand over my stakes - a one shilling bag of peanuts!" (The Age July 7)

At the end of this round Carlton were in 1st spot on the ladder with a percentage of 142.4.


B: 9 Eric Huxtable 21 Frank Gill 26 Ray Brew (c)
HB: 27 Charlie Parsons 32 Alex Duncan 6 Fred Gilby
C: 30 Vin Arthur 2 Colin Martyn 29 Fred Williams
HF: 14 Jack Green 22 Harry Vallence 19 Alec Doyle
F: 20 Les Allen 1 Horrie Clover (vc) 31 Ansell Clarke
Ruck: 17 Charlie Davey 10 Denis Kelleher 23 Jim Crowe
19th Man: 5 Norm Collins
Coach: Dan Minogue


This was the 79th. meeting between these clubs with Collingwood winning 41, Carlton 36, and 2 matches drawn.

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