Carlton lost to Richmond by 8 points - MCG.

Preliminary Final, 1921

Carlton 1.4 10 2.10 22 7.14 56 7.17 59
Richmond 4.2 26 5.5 35 8.5 53 10.7 67
Venue: MCG Date: Saturday October 8, 1921
Result: Lost by 8 points Umpire: McMurray Crowd: 42,866
Goalkickers: P.Daykin 2, C.Fisher 1, F.Martin 1, G.Green 1, E.Bickford 1, S.McLatchie 1.
Best: R.Hiskins, B.Boromeo, B.Blackman, C.Fisher, S.McLatchie, W.Raleigh, A.Duncan, J.Stephenson, P.O'Brien.
Reports: Injuries:

Game Review

The game opened in perfect conditions, and both sides exerted fierce physical pressure. Richmond defender Donald Don was reported for knocking Carlton's Jack Greenhill unconscious with a round-arm punch to the head, and the Tigers led by 13 points at half-time. This was due mainly to the Blues atrocious kicking for goal - Carlton had 12 scoring shots to 10, but only managed to score two majors to the main break.

During the half-time interval, one the most violent thunderstorms in Melbourne's history swept across the city, and the MCG was deluged with water, hail and mud. Not far away, at the Lake Oval in South Melbourne, the storm damage was such that the VFA Grand Final had to be abandoned. The field umpire in that match, Michael Madden, was struck on the head and felled by a huge hailstone that split his head open.

When play resumed at the MCG, Carlton came at the Tigers, and with 5 goals in difficult conditions, managed to level the scores. Duncan missed an easy goal, but Fisher managed a fortunate goal to put the Blues in front at the last break. His after the siren shot for goal landed short, but none of the close Richmond defenders managed to touch it and the ball skidded through for a major score. Carlton had managed 21 scoring shots to 13, but had only converted this into a 3 point lead by the last break.

Richmond managed two quick goals in the last while the ball was still relatively dry, and after this it became almost impossible for accurate play. No more goals were scored for the match, and the valiant Blues were left to rue their first half misses in excellent first half conditions, the Tigers holding on for an 8 point win.

Luckily the Blues had finished on top of the ladder, and as minor premiers were able to challenge Richmond to a rematch in what would become the Grand Final.

The hailstorm wasn't the only freak occurence during the match, a behind post was knocked out of the ground during play in the third quarter. The game was held up while this was replaced.

Storm, Tempest and Lightning

"With startling suddenness, the sky grew black. Without warning the heavens opened. In an instant the landscape was utterly obscured. Hailstones in uncountable billions, the likes of which have never been before, lashed the earth. It was majestic, yet weird. Across the murky sky lightning flashed, and thunder roared. The hail drummed upon the buildings with a noise that was uncanny. Before this terrific outburst everything else seemed paltry. The hailstones averaged the size of pigeon-eggs, and some were as big as a fist, jagged pieces of ice that were a menace to those unsheltered on the banks. The field was a mound of crystal, a lake of crushed ice, white as snow. Crowds swarmed the members' reserves. And no blame to them. They were soaked through and through; but not one, sought to leave the ground. Indeed, it was a crowning tribute to the fascination of the game that throughout the storm, unprecedented in its violence, tens of thousands never shifted an inch, waiting for the game to resume.
And immediately the storm passed, the players trotted on the field, ankle deep in icy hail. Above the crowd, there rose a strange mist. It was floating from sodden men and women, thousands upon thousands of them, wet to the skin. But little they cared. They refused to move even though it began to rain in torrents, as the players splashed in the mire."
(Trove-Referee October 12 p19)


B: 19 Fred Johnson 4 Ernie Jamieson 22 Harry Toole
HB: 18 Wally Raleigh 10 Paddy O'Brien 6 Jack Greenhill (vc)
C: 3 Jack Stephenson 13 Billy Blackman 8 Newton Chandler
HF: 11 Edric Bickford 20 Alex Duncan 27 Bert Boromeo
F: 2 Percy Daykin 16 Gordon Green (c) 7 Charlie Fisher
Ruck: 25 Frank Martin 5 Rupe Hiskins 21 Stewart McLatchie
Coach: Norman Clark

Hail covers the ground
Images: Trove, Australasian Oct 15

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