Carlton Team Of The Nineteenth Century

Mark Pennings has released the fifth and final installment of his magnum opus, "Origins of Australian Football" - Volumes 1 - 5 in August 2017. Earlier in the year Blueseum was asked to submit its Carlton Team Of The Century (T.O.T.C.) for publication in the final volume.

Most of the 23 senior teams listed in Volume 5 have a "Team Of The Century." Mark has asked either club historians or a supporter history group such as Blueseum to come up with a list of suitable players. Mark has complied some of the remaining clubs' T.O.T.C.

Having such an illustrious history with a long list of more than 600 senior players, Carlton's T.O.T.C. was quite difficult to select. Many players deserving to be included have missed out, hence the need for an extended emergency bench. However, many other equally fine players missed out altogether.
It is of course a subjective selection since it is now more than 150 years since the club's foundation and some 120 plus years after Carlton broke away from the Victorian Football Association.

Although Tom Power only played a handful of senior matches, he has been included as the Team Manager in recognition of his devotion to the game and his club. First, as one of the original Carlton founders and player, and then for his many years as honorary secretary and treasurer of the club. Power also drove many of the rule changes to the game after the initial rules were drawn up in May 1858. His organisational skills were recognised when he was appointed as the first treasurer of the Victorian Football Association in 1877. Tom also produced the first book dedicated to Australian Football, an annual which ran from 1875-1881 called "The Footballer." (Editions of which can viewed online at the State Library of Victoria)

Note: 20 players on the field. There were two extra Followers (Ruck/Rovers), teams were reduced to 18 in 1899.


Backs: George Smith, Ned Sutton, John Gardiner

Half Backs: Orlando 'Lanty' O'Brien, William Strickland, Harry Guy

Centres: Tommy Leydin, Jack Baker, William Goer

Half Forwards: Charles Coulson, George Coulthard, Harry Wilson

Forwards: W. 'Bill' Newing, Billy Dedman, Sam Bloomfield

Followers: Jack Conway, Jack Donovan, George Robertson, Wally McKechnie

Rover: Walter 'Dolly' Batters

Emergencies: Dick Frayne, Tom Gorman, Fred W. 'Paddy' Gunn, Dan Hutchison, Billy Lacey, John MacGibbon, Barney Murphy, Jack Roberts, Peter Williams

Team Manager: Tom Power

Note: Blueseum has images of all of these players, except one.

We require an image of Billy Lacey.
He was a school teacher at Maryborough (Vic) and later ran the Palmerston Hotel in Carlton around 1888.
The Maryborough Historical Society was visited in Nov. 2018, but they could not provide an image.
Click on to his name for further details.
If you can help with an image of Billy, or any Carlton player/official/trainer etc, please contact blueseum.


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