1977 Reserves

Reserves Season 1977
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Ian Zeunert
Best Clubman: Gary Conn
Best First Year Player: Michael Young
Most Improved: Nick Clark
Leading Goalkicker: Ken Sheldon 26 goals (18th in the competition), Peter Brown and Peter McKenna both 23 goals (equal 23rd in the competition)
Gardiner Medal: Jim Buckley equal 13th with 16 votes
Position: 10th
Premier: Richmond

Round 1: 2nd April 1977

Geelong 20.17.137
Carlton 4.11.35

Result: Lost by 102 points

Goalkickers; Mark Kerr 1, Ken Sheldon 1, Michael Young 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Gary Conn, David.B McKay, Mark Kerr, Ken Sheldon, Ian Zeunert.

Geelong kept Carlton to only four goals in their match at Kardinia Park. Andy McGillivray (seven goals) and Wayne Hovey (four goals) were in the Cats best. Carlton had good players in David.B McKay, Gary Conn, Mark Kerr and Ken Sheldon.

B: Michael Lenaghan, Wayne Farquhar, Geoff Hocking
HB: Gary Conn, Peter Brown, David.B McKay
C: Michael Young, Tony Pickett, Leigh McConnon
HF: Ian Zeunert, Mark Kerr, Peter Halsall
F: Scott Howell, Jim Canfield, Nick Clark
R: Trevor Fletcher, Peter Francis, Ken Sheldon
I: Mick Laidler, Malcolm Collins

Note: Bus leaves Princes Park at 8.45am.

Round 2: 9th April 1977

Carlton 22.29.161
Fitzroy 16.13.109

Result: Won by 52 points

Goalkickers; Trevor Fletcher 5, Peter Brown 5, Syd Jackson 3, Michael Young 3, Ken Sheldon 2, Ian Zeunert 1, Peter Waters 1, Mark Kerr 1, Alex Marcou 1.

Best; Trevor Fletcher, Syd Jackson, Alex Marcou, David.B McKay, Peter Waters, Michael Young.

Carlton with Syd Jackson and Trevor Fletcher starring were too good for Fitzroy and had a comfortable 52 point win. Good players for Fitzroy were Dare, Christou and Sinclair.

Round 3: 16th April 1977

Carlton 19.18.132
St Kilda 17.9.111

Result: Won by 21 points

Goalkickers; Ken Sheldon 7, Peter Brown 3, Danny Halloran 2, David McKay 2, Nick Clark 1, Greg Fisher 1, Peter Halsall 1, Michael Young 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Ken Sheldon, Ian Zeunert, Nick Clark, Peter Brown, David McKay, Danny Halloran.

In the closest game of the round, Carlton defeated St Kilda by 21 points. Best for the Blues were Ken Sheldon (7 goals), Peter Brown and Nick Clark, and for the Saints, Ellis and Blackburn.

Round 4: 23rd April 1977

Hawthorn 20.19.139
Carlton 14.7.91

Result: Lost by 48 points

Goalkickers; Michael Young 4, Trevor Fletcher 2, Ken Sheldon 2, Peter Brown 1, Danny Halloran 1, Rod Galt 1, Tony Pickett 1, Peter Waters 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Greg Fisher, Ian Zeunert, Warren 'Wow' Jones, Alex Marcou, John Tresize, Ken Sheldon.

Hawthorn had an impressive win over Carlton by 48 points. For the Hawks, Trott (five goals), Fletcher and Petch played well. The Blues had good players in Greg Fisher, Warren 'Wow' Jones and Alex Marcou.

Round 5: 30th April 1977

Sth Melb 16.14.110
Carlton 13.19.97

Result: Lost by 13 points

Goalkickers; Mark Kerr 3, Gary Conn 3, Ken Sheldon 2, Michael Young 2, Trevor Fletcher 1, Peter Francis 1, David.B McKay 1, Alex Marcou 1.

Best; Ken Sheldon, Nick Clark, Ian Zeunert, Jim Canfield, Alex Marcou, Michael Young.

The Swans defeated Carlton by 13 points. Best for the Swans were Stilo, Lucas and Morrison, and for the Blues was Ken Sheldon, Nick Clark and Michael Young.

Round 6: 7th May 1977

Carlton 17.11.113
Collingwood 16.15.111

Result: Won by 2 points

Goalkickers; Scott Howell 3, Gary Conn 3, Greg Fisher 2, Peter Bedford 2, Mark Kerr 2, Nick Clark 1, Jim Buckley 1, Lou Chiodo 1, Jim Canfield 1, Syd Jackson 1.

Best; Jim Canfield, Nick Clark, Syd Jackson, Mark Kerr, Greg Fisher, Alex Marcou.

Reports: B.Robinson (Collingwood) reported by field umpire R.Sawers on a charge of striking Peter Bedford (Carlton) with the right clenched fist to the back of the head in the fourth quarter.

Carlton and Collingwood had a hard fought tussle with the Blues winning by two points. Best for Carlton were Jim Canfield, Nick Clark and Peter Bedford, and for the Magpies Clifford, Wight and Foley.

Round 7: 14th May 1977

Melbourne 17.15.117
Carlton 14.15.99

Result: Lost by 18 points

Goalkickers; Jim Buckley 2, Nick Clark 2, David McKay 2, Alex Marcou 2, Gary Milroy 2, Gary Conn 1, Syd Jackson 1, Glenn Lawry 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Nick Clark, Trevor Curram, Alex Marcou, Michael Young, Gary Conn, Syd Jackson.

Melbourne finished too strong for Carlton to win by 18 points. Melbourne players to do well were Alves, Carroll and Sparks, and for the Blues Nick Clark, Trevor Curram and Michael Young.

Round 8: 21st May 1977

Nth Melbourne 17.18.120
Carlton 8.18.66

Result: Lost by 54 points

Goalkickers; Gary Conn 2, Nick Clark 1, Peter Francis 1, Peter Halsall 1, Kevin Heath 1, Gary Milroy 1, Greg Towns 1.

Best; Michael Young, Barry Armstrong, Greg Towns, Nick Clark, Kevin Heath, Jim Buckley.

North Melbourne proved far too good for Carlton with an impressive 54 point victory.

Round 9: 28th May 1977

Essendon 13.10.88
Carlton 9.16.70

Result: Lost by 18 points

Goalkickers; Jim Buckley 2, Nick Clark 2, Trevor Curram 1, Alex Marcou 1, Gary Milroy 1, Scott Howell 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Jim Buckley, Geoff Southby, Nick Clark, Syd Jackson, Gary Conn, Ken Sheldon.

Essendon won their second game for the year with a hard fought 18-point win over Carlton. Best for the Bombers were Hartigan, Mansfield and Berry, while for the Blues, Jim Buckley, Geoff Southby, in his first game back, and Nick Clark.

Round 10: 4th June 1977

Richmond 19.10.124
Carlton 10.14.74

Result: Lost by 50 points

Goalkickers; Peter Brown 3, Peter Francis 2, Rod Galt 2, Jim Buckley 1, David.B McKay 1.

Best; Jim Canfield, Peter Francis, Jim Buckley, Rod Galt, Gino Bianco, Wayne Harmes.

Richmond retained their top position with a 20 point win over Carlton. The Tigers, with their forward line firing, were far too strong for the Blues. Best players for Richmond were Noonan, Lynch and Stonehouse, and for Carlton, Jim Canfield, Peter Francis and Jim Buckley.

Round 11: 11th June 1977

Carlton 18.14.122
Footscray 14.15.99

Result: Won by 23 points

Goalkickers; Peter Brown 6, Ken Sheldon 4, Nick Clark 2, Russell Ohlsen 2, Jim Buckley 1, Greg Fisher 1, Peter Halsall 1, Michael Young 1.

Best; Russell Ohlsen, Ken Sheldon, Wayne Harmes, David.B McKay, Jim Canfield, Peter Brown.

Carlton proved too strong for Footscray with a 23 point win. Best for Carlton were Jim Canfield, Peter Brown and David.B McKay and for the Bulldogs Foreman, Dell and Johnson.

Round 12: 18th June 1977

Geelong 13.16.94
Carlton 4.6.30

Result: Lost by 64 points

Goalkickers; Peter McKenna 2, Jim Canfield 1, Ian Zeunert 1.

Best; Jim Buckley, Jim Canfield, Alan Mangels, Trevor Curram, Michael Young, Gary Conn.

Carlton were kept to only four goals by Geelong who defeated the Blues by 64 points. Best players for the Cats were landy, Preen and Card and for the Blues Jim Buckley, Jim Canfield and Alan Mangels.

Round 13: 25th June 1977

Carlton No result as round cancelled due to poor weather.

Missed Chance
Bad weather conditions forced the VFL to cancel the Reserves matches last Saturday. It was interesting to note that the first six sides on the ladder were rostered to play against each other. More rain this week and another possible cancellation would mean players would again miss match practice.

Round 14: 2nd July 1977

Carlton 14.11.95
Hawthorn 12.13.85

Result: Won by 10 points

Goalkickers; Jim Buckley 4, Phillip Bamford 4, Peter Brown 1, Bruce Hall 1, Peter Halsall 1, Alex Marcou 1, Renato Serafini 1, Ken Sheldon 1.

Best; Peter Halsall, Jim Buckley, Phillip Bamford, Michael Young, Greg Fisher, Ian Zeunert.

Carlton and Hawthorn fought out a tight game with the Blues winning by 10 points.

Round 15: 9th July 1977

St Kilda 22.14.146
Carlton 16.09.105

Result: Won by 41 points

Goalkickers; Renato Serafini 4, Ken Sheldon 4, Nick Clark 2, Peter Brown 1, Greg Fisher 1, Trevor Fletcher 1, Peter Halsall 1, Alex Marcou 1.

Best; Ken Sheldon, Wayne Harmes, Peter Brown, Ian Zeunert, Alex Marcou, Trevor Fletcher.

Best players for St Kilda in their 41 point win over Carlton were Greene, Carlon and Ellis and for the Blues Ken Sheldon, Wayne Harmes and Peter Brown.

Round 16: 16th July 1977

Sth Melb 19.14.128
Carlton 15.13.103

Result: Lost by 25 points

Goalkickers; Peter McKenna 6, Peter Halsall 4, Nick Clark 3, Peter Brown 1, Ken Sheldon 1.

Best; Peter Halsall, Peter McKenna, Ken Sheldon, Nick Clark, Ian Zeunert, John Tresize.

Macca's six
Peter McKenna returned to something like his old form with six goals against South Melbourne. Peter McKenna who has been sadly out of touch was at his magnificent best. But this was not good enough to prevent South running out winners by 25 points. Best for the Swans were Hoffman, Morwood and Blair, and for the Blues, Peter McKenna, Ken Sheldon, Peter Halsall and John Tresize.

Round 17: 23rd July 1977

Carlton 15.17.107
Collingwood 14.21.105

Result: Won by 2 points

Goalkickers; Peter McKenna 6, Peter Francis 2, Peter Halsall 2, Ken Sheldon 2, Danny Halloran 1, Gary Milroy 1, Russell Ohlsen 1.

Best; Peter McKenna, Wayne Harmes, Ken Sheldon, Rodney Watts, Peter Halsall, Danny Halloran.

Another six
Peter McKenna continues to impress in the Carlton reserves. He was the player who won the game against Collingwood, with a brilliant six goals. Promotion to the seniors this week looks certain for Peter McKenna. Other good players for the Blues in their two point win over Collingwood were Wayne Harmes, Ken Sheldon and Rodney Watts, and for the Magpies Batt, Jessop and Wise.

Round 18: 30th July 1977

Melbourne 7.15.57
Carlton 7.10.52

Result: Lost by 5 points

Goalkickers; Nick Clark 1, Peter Francis 1, Peter Halsall 1, Matthew Scully 1, Renato Serafini 1, Alex Marcou 1, Rodney Watts 1.

Best; Mark Maclure, Peter Francis, Rodney Watts, Peter Brown, Ian Zeunert, Malcolm Collins.

Melbourne and Carlton fought out an interesting game, with the Demons winning by five points. Of the fourteen goals kicked, all were kicked by different players. Best for the Demons were Giampaolo, Campbell and Sparks, and for the Blues Mark Maclure, Peter Francis and Rodney Watts.

Round 19: 6th August 1977

Nth Melb. 16.18.114
Carlton 11.10.76

Result: Lost by 38 points

Goalkickers; Peter Francis 2, Alex Marcou 2, Ian Zeunert 2, Phillip Bamford 1, Nick Clark 1, Trevor Fletcher 1, Peter Halsall 1, Matthew Scully 1.

Best; Peter Francis, Ian Zeunert, Wayne Harmes, Jim Buckley, Kevin Heath, Trevor Fletcher.

North Melbourne had too much experience for Carlton and ran out winners by 38 points. Best for the Kangas were Nettlefold, Davis and Gumbleton and for the Blues, Peter Francis, Wayne Harmes and Jim Buckley.

Round 20: 13th August 1977

Essendon 24.17.161
Carlton 18.19.127

Result: Lost by 34 points

Goalkickers; Wayne Harmes 4, Alex Marcou 3, Peter McKenna 3, Trevor Curram 2, Trevor Fletcher 2, Jim Buckley 1, Nick Clark 1, Peter Halsall 1, Peter Francis 1.

Best; Alex Marcou, Wayne Harmes, Scott Howell, John Tresize, Peter McKenna, Ian Zeunert.

Robin Close returned to his old form with a brilliant six goal display at full-forward for Essendon Reserves. Essendon proved too strong for Carlton scoring an impressive 34 point win. Best players for the Bombers were Close, Young and Fields, and for the Blues, Wayne Harmes, Scott Howell and John Tresize.

Round 21: 20th August 1977

Richmond 20.18.138
Carlton 16.8.104

Result: Lost by 34 points

Goalkickers; Tony Pickett 3, Stephen Buckley 2, Lou Chiodo 2, Trevor Fletcher 2, Peter Halsall 2, Malcolm Collins 1, Trevor Curram 1, Peter Francis 1, Gary Milroy 1, John Tresize.

Best; Gary Conn, John Tresize, Greg Towns, Peter Halsall, Peter Francis, Scott Howell.

Richmond beat Carlton by 34 points. Best for the Tigers were Borchard, Roach and Stonehouse and, for the Blues, Greg Towns, Peter Francis and Peter Halsall.

Round 22: 27th August 1977

Carlton 16.13.109
Footscray 9.14.68

Result: Won by 41 points

Goalkickers; Peter McKenna 5, Peter Halsall 3, Peter Brown 2, Lou Chiodo 2, Stephen Buckley 1, Nick Clark 1, Trevor Fletcher 1, Russell Ohlsen 1.

Best; Scott Howell, Nick Clark, Stephen Buckley, Russell Ohlsen, Jim Canfield, Peter Halsall.

Carlton with Peter McKenna kicking five goals, had a 41 point win over Footscray. Best for the Blues were Scott Howell, Nick Clark and Jim Buckley and for the Bulldogs Kelly, Dell and Davis.

1977 Reserves End of Home & Away Season Ladder

1Richmond1803 722733 1743 156.8
2Collingwood1614 642455 1879150.7
3Nth Melb.1407 562209 1794 123.1
4Footscray1407 562144 1956 109.6
5Melbourne1209 48 2045 2097 97.5
6Hawthorn10011 402181 2204 99.5
7Geelong9012 362022 1999 101.2
8Sth Melb.8013 321998 2476 80.7
9St Kilda7014 281914 2210 86.3
10Carlton7014 281958 2361 82.9
11Fitzroy6015 241853 2350 78.9
12Essendon5016 121902 2336 81.4

1977 Reserves Finals Series

Saturday 4th September 1977

Elimination Final - Footscray 18.14.122 d Melbourne 10.10.70

Qualifying Final - Nth Melbourne 15.18.108 d Collingwood 11.10.76

Saturday 11th September 1977

1st Semi Final - Footscray 19.19.133 d Collingwood 18.13.121

2nd Semi Final - Richmond 12.13.85 d Nth Melbourne 11.9.75

Saturday 18th September 1977

Preliminary Final - Footscray 13.11.89 d Nth Melbourne 9.11.65

Saturday 25th September 1977

Grand Final - Richmond 19.18.132 d Footscray 10.15.75

Leading Goal Kickers

1. Ken Sheldon 26
2. Peter Brown 23
3. Peter McKenna 22
4. Peter Halsall 19
5. Nick Clark 18
6. Trevor Fletcher 15
7. Michael Young 14
8. Alex Marcou 13
=9. Peter Francis 12
=9. Jim Buckley 12

Note: it's worth noting that six of the above top 10 goalkickers played in the 1979 Senior Premiership team.

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