1945 Reserves

Reserves Season 1945
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Dan Beauvais
Position: 6th
Premier: Footscray

Carlton Final List


J. Bennett, Brown, Chitty, Clark, Fitzgibbon, Green, Hynes, McInnes, McLean, Mooring, Price, Sanger, Savage, Spencer, Tudor, Turner, Waye, Williams, Baird, Bignall, Jones, Mann.

New Players

Alexander, (Carlton seconds), P. Banting (Perth), M. Carr (Perth), Clapton (Carlton seconds), Gregory, A. Hanton (Army), H. Hanton (Army), A. Hearn (Fitzroy), Hopper, Gregory, Kenney, half back (Spotswood), J. McNair (R.A.A.F.), W. Morley (Red Cliffs), N. McManus (Red Cliffs), F. Rose, half forward (Army/Sea Lake), G.J.Smith (Midlands), R. Simpson (R.A.A.F.), Trewan, forward (Red Hill), W. Welsh (Yallourn), Wines.


R. Boys (Northcote), Brew, wing (Brunswick), Davies, P. Fitzgibbon (Brunswick), A.Green, R. Green, Greenshields, Greep, Harris, Kelly, Kenny, Lanigan, Trewin, Bridson, Blacker, T. Smith, L.K. Wade (Cobden), Greep, R. Richie (Swan Districts), M. Wilson.


A. Blackmore (Brunswick), F. Jessop (Brunswick), J. A. Jorgensen (Northcote), Morgan (Northcote), Lucas (Sandringham), S. Matcott (North Melbourne), J. Mulcahy (Coburg), W. G. Woodman (Brunswick)

April 21
Carlton played Melbourne
Carlton team; (22 named)
Aitken, K.Brown, Bignell, Bridson, Beauvais, Drew, Clapton, Gregory, Green, Green, Greenshields, Hearn, Harris, Lanigan, Kenny, Meek, Spence, Trewin, Turner, Wines, Wade, Wilson.
Umpire; Morgan
Carlton won by 42 points.
Goals; TBA
Best; TBA
Carl; 11.2 14.7 18.10 19.17.131
Melb; 2.2 6.14 8.22 11.23.89

Carlton third on the ladder with 4 points.

April 28
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
Carlton team; (20 named)
Brew, Bignell, Brown, Bridson, Beauvais, Clatton, Ebert, Gregory, Greenshields, A. Green, R. Green, Hanton, Harris, Lanigan, Meek, Spence, Tudor, Trewin, Turner, Wilson.
Umpire; Jennings
Carlton won by 72 points
Carl; 3.4 10.8 16.11 2015.135
Haw; 1.5 2.8 5.12 8.15.63

St.Kilda seconds vs Mebourne on the Albert Gound St.Kilda Road. (the old Warehousemans' Ground from Pre VFL days)
The Albert Ground and the Old Scotch Oval were used by various rederves teams this year. The Old Scotch or the Civil Service Oval, since 1992, is now part of the Melbourne Park Tennis Complex.
The Military had taken over some grounds during WW2.

May 05
Carlton played Essendon
Jim Baird's first game back since suffering a leg injury a few years ago. He played part of one game in the reserves last year but broke down. Baird got through this match and pulled up ok.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Alexander, Brown, Bridson, Baird, Brew, Beauvais, Chelini, Clapton, Comber, Checcini, Ebert, A. Green, R. Green, Gregory, Hanton, Lanigan, Morcom, Spence, Trewin, Wade, Wilson.
Umpire; Sutherland
Carlton lost by 16 points.
Goals; TBA
Best; TBA
Carl; 10.12.72
Ess; 11.22.88

May 09
The Herald (p14) reports Ken Hands has been cleared by Geelong to Carlton. The Blues have been persuing Hands for 12 months. In return, K. Brown who now lives in Geelong was cleared from Carlton.

May 12
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy
Jim Baird played well.
Carlton team; (21 named)
Bridson, Beauvais, Brew, Clapton, Checcini, Comber, Davies, Ebert, Green, Gregory, Greet/Green? Hearn, Hanton, Harris, Ken Hands, Lannigan, Meek, Spence, Tudor, Wilson, Baird.
Carlton lost by 13 points
Carl; 1.1 2.5 7.7 10.18.78
Fitz; 5.3 8.10 10.17 12.19.91

Kevin Brown who last week transferred to Geelong in exchange for Ken Hands, played in the Geelong seniors and was given the daunting task of playing on South's champ Laurie Nash.
Ken Hands would make his senior debut against St.Kilda next week.

May 19
Carlton played St.Kilda on the Albert Ground.
Umpire; Thomas
Team Age May 18 p5

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