1932 Reserves

Reserves Season 1932
Coach: Jimmy Goonan
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 4th
Premier: Melbourne

Carlton Final List


Arthur, Clark, Crisp, Crowe, Davey, Doyle, Egan, Gilby, Gill, Green, Huxtable, Johnson, Jones, Kelleher, Kelly, Little, A. Martyn, C. Martyn (Capt.), Morrissey, O'Brien, O'Rourke, Vallence, Williams.

New Players

Byrne (Williamstown), Bond (Yinnar), Cooper (rover, Western Australia), W. Cutler, (Melbourne), Green (South Australia), Jack Haskett (forward, seconds), G. Mackie (Preston), K. Mackie (Fitzroy), Major (half back, Rochester), Oprey (wing, Oakleigh), Park (Bass Valley), Keith Shea (half forward, Bacchus Marsh), Street (follower, Richmond), Walsh (follower, Footscray), Williamson (back, Ballarat), Young (Hamilton).

Supplementary List

Dickenson (Cobram), Pollock (seconds), Skuse (Chelsea)


W. Coates (Fitzroy), W. Colliss (Essendon), H. Reitschel (Fitzroy, L. Allen (North Melbourne, subject to committee approval)

April 30
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park.
Carlton team; (28 named)
J. Goonan, Baxter, Hale, A. Gilby, F. Gilby, W. Lynch, McIntosh, Lever, Re, Engleton, Williams, Williams, Spurling, Casworth, Myer, Lew Shing, Quinn, Ascot, Green, Street, Pollock, Dickenson, Jones, Little, McKie/Mackie, Williamson, Morrisey, Park
Three quarter time: Carl; 14.22.106 - Fitz; 3.2.20
Carlton won; 25.25.175 - 5.2.32
Best; Jones, F. Williams, Little, McIntosh, Baxter, Hale, K. Mackie, Street, Pollock.
Goals; K. Mackie 11. no further details.
Players mentioned; Mackie (brilliant display of marking and position play), Jones & A. Williams (roving and forward) , McIntosh & Little (centres), Hale & Baxter (backs).

May 07
Carlton played South Melbourne at South Melbourne.
The Blues led by 20 points at the first break. Play was then even up until three quarter time when Carlton ran away to win easily.
Carlton team from; (21 named)
Goonan, Baxter, Hale, Gilby, Lynch, McIntosh, Williams, Williams, Ascof, Street, Clarke, Huxtable, Kelly, Martyn, Dunn, Dowling, Pollock, Dickenson, Little, Mackie, Park.
Carlton won; 13.20.98 - 7.4.46
Best; Pollock, Williams, Street, Dowling, Huxtable, Bond.
Goals; Dowling 4, Jack Haskett 2, Dickenson 2, Pollock, Williams, Park, Little, Mackie 1.

May 14
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park.
Carlton team from; (24 named)
Park, A. Martyn, Williamson, Dunne, Pollock, Young, Goonan, McIntosh, Kelly, R. Green, Dickenson, Jones, Shea, Dowling, Haskett, O'Rourke, Walsh, Bond, Clarke, Lynch, C. Williams, Hale, Baxter, Read.
A fair crowd witnessed a fast, vigorous and thrilling game.
The Blues led 4.4 to 3.2, 9.8 to 4.7 at half-time, then Richmond got to within 1 point but the Blues drew away for an easy win.
Carlton won; 18.12.120 - 10.13. 73
Best; Park, Williamson, Dowling, Shea, Lynch, Bond, Goonan.
Goals; keith Shea 4, Jack Haskett 4, Dowling 3, Clarke 3, Park 2, Dickenson, Lynch.

May 21
Carlton played Hawthorn on the Glenferrie Oval.
The Blues' better teamwork was too good for the Mayblooms.
Carlton team;
Backs; Martyn, Ascot, Williamson
Half backs; Dunne, Pollock, Young
Centre; Oprey, Jones, Lynch
Half forwards; R. Green, Dickenson, Goonan
Forwards; Egan, Shea, Dowling
Followers; Walsh, Pullen
Rover; Clarke
Emergencies; O'Rourke, Hale, Angleton, Williamson
Carlton won; 13.9.87 - 6.10.46
Best; Young, Pollock, Clarke, Martin, Williamson, Shea.
Goals; Clarke 3, Dowling 3, Pollock 2, Keith Shea 2, Williams, Green, Goonan.

May 28
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park.
A fast, interesting game with Carlton's high marking, and the home side's accuracy a feature.
In the final quarter the scores were very close and a Collingwood player kicked the ball the wrong way which probably cost his side the game.
Carlton team; (23 named)
B. Williams, Blooman, Martyn, Kelly, McIntosh, Lynch, Dunne, Egan, Young, Williamson, Green, Dickinson, Haskett, Goonan, Shea, Jones, Pollack, O'Rourke, Hale, Clarke, Angleton, Byers, Rowe.
Carlton won; 13.16.94 - 14.2.86
Best; Williamson, Keith Shea, Pollock, Dickerson, Jack Haskett.
Goals; Jack Haskett 4, Jones 2, Keith Shea 2, Dickerson 2, Pollock, Williams, O'Rourke.

June 04
No match, spilt round

June 11
Carlton played Melbourne at Princes Park.
A large crowd saw Carlton win a fast and hard game.
Carlton team,
Backs; Park, Bloomer, Kelleher
Half backs; Williamson, Dunne, Young
Centres; Lynch, Shea, Jones
Half forwards; Goonan, R. Green, Dickenson
Forwards; F. Williams, Haskett, C. Williams
Followers; Egan, O'Rourke
Rover; A. Clarke
Emergencies; Male, Baxter, Samble, Myers, Rowe, Angleton
Carlton won; 10.11.71 - 6.21.57
Best; O'Rourke, Young, Williamson, Jones, Clarke.
Goals; Clarke 4, Jack Haskett 2, F or P. Williams, Egan, Greene, Jones.

June 18
Carlton played St. Kilda at St. Kilda.
The Saints kicking against the wind in the final quarter required three goals to win.
They took the lead with three minutes remaining.
Carlton team; (24 named)
Goonan, Lynch, McIntosh, Hale, Samblede, C. Williams, Bloomer, Williamson, Dunn, A. Rowe, Angleton, Quinn, S. Jones, Baxter, Egan, Clarke, S. Williams, J. Young, H. Dickens, Haskett, R. Green, K. Shea, Skuse, A. Martyn
Carlton lost; 8.15.63 - 9.11.65
Best; Hale, Young, Williamson, Bloomer, McIntosh, Dunne.
Goals; Keith Shea 3, Haskett 2, Williams, Angleton, Dickenson.
Carlton are second on the ladder with 24 points.

June 25
Carlton played North Melbourne at Princes Park.
The Shinboners started well but the Blues drew away and trounced the Northerners in the final quarter by scoring 10.2 to 2.0.
Carlton team; (23 named)
Rowe, Starke, Hale, Bloomer, Young, R. Williams, McIntosh, Lynch, Shea, Dickenson, Skuse, T. Williams, Haskett, F. Williams, O'Rourke, Egan, Clark, Job, Sambleue, Re, Myers, Angleton, Goonan.
Carlton won; 22.18.150 - 8.4.52
Best; Clarke, Shea, Park, F. Williams, Rowe, Jack Haskett.
Goals; Jack Haskett 6, Keith Shea 5, Clarke, 3, Williams 3, Egan 3, Skuse 2.
Carlton second on the ladder with 28 points.

July 02
Carlton played Footscray at the Western Oval
Carlton team; (26 named)
A. Martin/Martyn, Bloomer Lynch, Dickinson, Haskett, A. Gilby, Little, F. Williams, O'Rourke, Sambleye, Job, B. Williams, Hale, Baxter, McIntosh, Tark? Arthur? J. Green, Angleton, A. Clarke, Myers, R. Williams, Skuse, Shea, Pollock, Goonan.
Half time; Carl 8.9.57 - Foots 6.8.44
Carlton won; 15.15.105 - 10.10.70
Best; Ansell Clarke, Skuse, Frank O'Rourke, Pollock, Keith Shea, Freddy Williams.
Goals; A. Clarke 6, Skuse 4, unknown
Carlton second on the ladder with 32 points.

July 09
Carlton played Essendon at Essendon.
The Blues scored six goals to one in the second term to set up a winning lead.
The Dons out scored Carlton in the second half by seven goals to three.
Carlton won; 13.12.90 - 10.7.67
Best; O'Rourke, Hale, Jack Haskett, Skuce, Lynch, Martyn.
Goals; Jack Haskett 6, Skuce 5, Egan, Samblebe.
Carlton second on the ladder with 36 points.

July 16
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
Geelong were on top of the ladder, Carlton was four premiership points behind..
In windy weather Geelong started well and led 4.5 to Carlton's 1.6 at half time.
The Blues battled to the lead and in a thrilling finish led by seven points and hung onto win the game by one point.
Carlton team; (26 named)
A. Martyn, Hale, Lynch, Shea, F. Williams, R. Williams, Pollock, A. Gilby, Dickenson, Goonan, Egan, Haskett, Job, Park, Baxter, C. Williams, McIntosh, Britt, Skuse, Crowe, Re, Samblebe, Caddaye, Forest, O'Rourke, Arthur.
Three quarter time; Carl 4.9.33 - 5.7.37
Carlton won; by 1 point
Carlton 6.10.46 - 6.9.47
Best; Martyn, Gilbey, Skuse, Shea, Egan.
Goals; Britt 2, Jack Haskett, Skuse, Keith Shea, Job.

July 23
Carlton played Fitzroy at Fitzroy.
The Argus said it was one of the finest games seen at Fitzroy this year.
The home team had the better of the game in first half, but the Blues were on top after half time.
Carlton won; 14.13.97 - 10.17.77
Best; Hart, Job, Pollock, Crowe, Egan, Jack Haskett, F. Williams.
Goals; Jack Haskett 6, Skuce 2, R. Williams, Street, Egan, Britt, Green, F. Williams.
Carlton first of the ladder with 44 points.

July 30
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park.
A fine game of football was played in the first half despite the ground conditions.
A down pour at the interval precluded any good football being played on a ground covered in pools of water.
Carlton team; (24 named)
O'Rourke, Gilby, Martin/Martyn, Young, Park, Baxter, McIntosh, Little, Lynch, R. Green, Egan, Caddaye, Hale, Haskett, Skuse, Street, Job, F. Williams, R. Myers, Samblebe, R. Williams, C. Williams, Mills, Angleton.
Carlton won; 10.13.73 - 3.6.24
Best; Williams, Skuce, Young, Park, Job, McIntosh, Baxter.
Goals; Skuce 5, Williams 2, Jack Haskett 2, Little.
Carlton second on the ladder with 48 points, 167.45%. (equal first place with Geelong on a whopping 279.01%)

August 06
Carlton played Richmond
Carlton team selected from; (23 named)
C. Williams, A. Gilby, Dickenson, Park, Goonan, Little, Young, R. Green, Egan, Haskett, Arthur, McIntosh, Lynch, Job, Myers, Skuse, Hale, R. Williams, Caddaye, Re, Samblebe, Angleton, Mills
Carlton lost; 10.19.79 - 16.15.111
Best; Meyers, Arthur, O'Rourke, Hale.
Goals; Jack Haskett 4, Skuce 2, Meyers 2, Dickens, Hale.
Carlton second on the ladder 48 points.

August 13
Carlton played Hawthorn at Princes Park
Hawthorn played well but for inaccurate kicking in the first half.
At half time Carlton led 5.1 to 2.7
The third quarter was even, but a heavy downpour made the ground muddy in which the Blues revelled. They scored 5.7 to nil in the final term.
Carlton team (25 named)
Baxter, Young, McIntosh, Green, C. Williams, Goater, N. Hill? Gilby, Park, Arthur, Angleton, Egan, Skuce, Samblebe, Bullen, Job, Caddaye, Quinn, Hale, Lynch, Haskett, Myers, O'Rourke, Dickinson, F. Williams.
Carlton won by 42 points; 10.11. 71 - 3.11.29
Carl; - - 5.1 5.4 10.11
Haw; - - 2.7 3.11 3.11

Goals; Jack Haskett 3, Skuce 2, Arthur 2, Williams, Meyers, Goater.
Best; Vin Arthur, Hale, Young, Freddy Williams.
Carlton second on the ladder with 52 points, equal with the leader Geelong.

August 20
Carlton played Collingwood.at Princes Park
High marking and fast play were the highlights of the match.
Carlton team; (27 named)
Crowe, Hale, McIntosh, Goater, Dickinson, Samblebe, Caddaye, Gilby, Park, A. Martyn, Egan, Mackie, Myers, N. Hill, O'Rourke, R. Green, Lynch, Haskett, Skuce, Oprey, Pollock, Job, F. Williams, R. Williams, L. Nills, E. Hill, Angleton.
Half time; Carl 7.7.49 - 4.4.48
Carlton won; 18.14.122 - 8.9.57
Best; Skuce, Egan, Park, Jack Haskett, C. Williams, Lynch.
Goals; Skuce 5, Egan 5, Dickenson 3, Job 3, C. Williams 2.
Umpire; Petrie
Three clubs are equal first, 1. Geelong, 2. Carlton, 3. Melbourne all on 56 points. 4th is Essendon on 40 points.

August 27
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G.
The Blues had a slight lead at quarter time but were over-run by their dashing opponents.
Carlton team; (25 named)
Gilby, Skuce, Haskett, Oprey, Crowe, O'Rourke, Hale, Job, Park, F. Williams, T/C. Williams, N. Hill, Goater, E. Hill, McIntosh, Bloomer, Angleton, Lynch, Samblebe, R. Green, Myers, R. Quinn, R. Williams, Mills, Dickinson.
Carlton lost; 5.6.36 - 17.18.120
Best; Hale, Goater, Park, Job, Haskett.
Goals; Skuse 2, Williams 2, Green.
Carlton third on the ladder with 56 points.

September 03
Carlton played St. Kilda.
A strong wind spoilt good play.
Carlton team; (25 named)
R. Williams, Caddaye, L. Mills, N. Hills, Crowe, Myers, Angleton, Samblebe, G. Hill, Williamson, Gilby, Haskett, Baxter, Pollock, Park, Hale, Lynch, McIntosh, Job, Goater, R. Green, Dickinson, C. Williams, Mackie, F. Williams.
Carlton won; 16.16.112 - 5.3.33
Best; F. Williams, Hale, Mackie, Park, Dickenson, O'Rourke.
Goals; F. Williams 5, Mackie 4, Egan 3, Dickenson 2, Job 2.
Carlton finished third on the ladder.
Played 18, Won 15, Lost 3, 60 Points.

Ladder end of 1932 Reserves Home & Away Season.

1Geelong1620 64
2Melbourne1620 64
3Carlton1530 60
4Essendon1260 48
5Richmond1170 44
6Footscray1080 40
7Collingwood990 36
8Sth Melb.6120 24
9St. Kilda5130 20
10Nth. Melb4140 16
11Fitzroy4140 16
11Hawthorn0180 0

Reserves First Semi Final

September 10
Carlton played Essendon at the M.C.G.
Crowd; 51,209
The match was the curtain raiser to the Collingwood & South Melbourne match.
The team balance has been upset by Keith Shea and other good players recent promotion to the seniors.
Dickenson was named by the Friday's Herald in the forward pocket. Saturdays Herald had P. Wiliiams.
The game began at noon.
A fast, hard, and fearless football match where the Blues freely used their weight, and at times illegally. Essendon were smaller and faster and proved too versatile for their opponents.
Egan's marking through the match was a highlight.
In the last quarter Pollock was replaced by 19th. man Baxter.
Carlton team;
Backs; O'Rourke, Haskett. Martyn
Half backs; Gilby, Park, Hale
Centres; Goater, Lynch, Williamson
Half forwards; Green, Egan, C. Williams
Forwards; P. Williams, Mackie, McIntosh
Followers; Job, Pollock
Rover; F. Williams
19th; Baxter
Emergencies; Mills, Myers, Samble, Angleton
Umpire; Woosnam
The Blues lost by 15 points, 12.12 84 - 15.9.99
Carl. 5.3 5.5 9.9 12.12
Ess. 2.2 7.5 11.8 15.9
Best; F. Williams, Job, Jack Haskett, Egan, R. Green, A. Martyn.
Goals; F. Williams 3, R. Green 3, Mackie 2, C. Williams, O'Rourke, McIntosh, Jack Haskett.

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