1931 Reserves

Reserves Season 1931
Coach: Jimmy Goonan
Captain: Jimmy Goonan
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 5th
Premier: Melbourne

Carlton Seconds

Annual Meeting held at Princes Park, Wednesday evening February 11
Following office bearers elected;
President; T. W. Cronin
Vice presidents; J. Newbold, C. Craig, G. Paxian? G. Cronin, J. Franklyn, A. Lancaster
Committee; F. Finch, T. Farrelly, F. O'Keefe, W. Robertson, F. Loughnan, M. Thorp
Captain & Coach; J. Robertson*
League Delegates; T. Henry, E. Overend
Secretary; T. Henry
Treasurer; D. Rowe
Assistant Secretary; E. Overend
(Trove; Age February 13 1931 p4)
.*A report in the Herald 1933 mentions Jimmy Goonan as being the Reserves coach for the past six seasons.See 1933 Reserves

Old with Guernsey Numbers

L. Allen (20), V. Arthur (30), R. Brew (26), A. Clark (31), H. R. Clover (1), N. Collins (5), J. Crowe (23), C. Davey (17), T. Downs (3), A. Doyle (19), F. Gilby (6), F. Gill (21), J. Green (14), E. Huxtable (9), R. Job (13), M. Johnson (15), D. Kelleher (10), J. Kelly (7), A. Martyn, C. Martyn (2), B. Scharp (33), H. Vallence (22), F. Williams (29)


F. Brooks (16), L. Clarke (24) (Reserves), C. Crisp (12) (forward, Sandhurst-Bendigo), Egan (half forward, Myamyn), Jones (half forward, Dunlop), F. W. Jones (11) (Port Melbourne), L. Major (8) (Rochester), McNamara (Reserves), B. O'Brien (25) (Camberwell/Footscray), O'Rourke (Koroit), E. O'Regan (18) (Port Adelaide), Mackie (centre half back, Preston), D. Wheelahan (28) (South Melbourne)

Supplementary List

Flynn, A. Gilby, R. J. Green (Ascot Vale C.Y.M.S.), R. Kennedy, Little, Allan Mudge, McNamara, Pollock, Stirling,


Alex Duncan (Coburg), Charlie Parsons (Sturt, Adelaide), Len Crone (returned to St.Arnaud), Charlie McSwain (training with Collingwood, cleared to Northcote). J. S. Robertson (Essendon), W. J. 'Bill' Stephenson (Pakenham)

Reserves List


Baird, S. Cusworth, G. Franke, Goater, W. Lynch, McVay, Neeson, Perry, Re, T. Reddish, Rowe, Stark, Sutton, Warne, Watson, C. Williams


A. Anderson, Angleton (local junior), Broadbent, J. Delaney (Fitzroy), Doolan, J. Goonan (Preston), N. Clarke (Box Hill), T. Green (Ascot Vale C.Y.M.S.), Hale, Latimer, Lever, Linton, Milward, McGlynn, McIntosh (East Brunswick), McMillan (Edithvale)
The Great Southern Advocate (Korumburra) April 16 (p5) , "McLaughlin, who played with Korumburra last year, is having a run with Carlton this year."

Opening round of the season.
May 2
Carlton played Richmond at Richmond
An even first half, although the Blues held a 3 goal lead at half time, and by 1 goal at three quarter time. The lead changed hands during the last term with the home team wasting opportunities late in the quarter, the Blues hung on for a 2 point win.
Carlton won; 19.14.128 - 19.12,126
Goals; M. Johnson 7, unknown
Best; no details
Carlton sixth?
Played 1, Won 1, Lost 0, For 128, Against 126, 101.58%, Points 4

May 9
Carlton played Fitzroy at Princes Park
A close game throughout, the Blues' straight kicking keeping them in the game. Haskett kicked the winning goal with only 20 seconds remaining.
Carlton won; 17.12.114 - 15.19.109
Umpire; Hughes
Goals; Haskett 6, Williams 3, McNamara 2, Starke 2, O'Brien, Clarke, Job, Lynch
Best; Clarke, Haskett, O'Brien, Wheelahan, Williams, Flynn
Carlton second
Played 2, Won 2, Lost 0, For 242, Against 235, 102.97%, Points 8

May 16
Carlton played Essendon at Essendon
Essendon wasted their chances with poor kicking for goal.
At quarter time Carlton had scored 0.1 to the Dons' 0.7, and the Blues led at half time by 3 points, 5.4 - 4.7
Carlton had less opportunities in second half but still won the match comfortably.
Carlton won; 13.9.87 - 8.18.66
Goals; Clarke 5, Watson 2, Green 2, Haskett 2, Rowe 2
Best; Clarke, T. Green, Watson, Vallence, Williams, Goonan
Carlton second
Played 3, Won 3, Lost 0, For 329, Against 301, 109.30%, Points 12

May 23
Carlton played Geelong at Princes Park
A crowd of 2,000 attended to see the two undefeated teams play.
The Blues trailled by 8 points at the last break, but kicked 6 goals to 1 in the final term to win by 19 points.
Carlton won; 11.10.76 - 6.21.57
Goals; Haskett 4, O'Brien 3, Baird 2, Stark, Jones
Best; O'Brien, O'Rourke, Pollock, Williams, Neeson
Carlton first
Played 4, Won 4, Lost 0, For 405, Against 358, 113.12%, Points 16

May 30
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park
Players were requested to be at the ground no later than 2.15pm.
Carlton team; (24 named)
From; Baird, Brooks, L. Clarke, Cusworth, Egan, Goonan, Haskett, Job, Jones, Kennedy, Little, Lynch, Major, McVay, Allan Mudge, Neeson, O'Brien, O'Regan, Pollock, Stark, Sterling, Watson, Wheelahan, F. Williams
Carlton lost; 12.14.86 - 18.21.129
Goals; no details
Best; F. Williams, Little, Job, Sterling, Major
Carlton second
Played 5, Won 4, Lost 1 For 491, Against 487, 100.82%, Points 16

June 8 Monday, King's Birthday Holiday
Carlton played Footscray at Princes Park
Admission fee 6d. (5c)
In the mud in the first quarter, the Dog's little men were on top.
Carlton never got into top gear until the final term when they outscored Footscray by six goals to one to win by 21 points.
Carlton team;
Backs; Job, Edwards or McVay, Martyn
Half backs; Brooks, J. Kidd, O'Regan
Centres; F. Williams, Little, Major
Half forwards; J. Goonan, C. Williams, Jones
Forwards; Stark, Haskett, Sterling
Followers; Pollock, Allan Mudge
Emergencies; Neeson, Lynch, Baird, Watson, Cusworth
Carlton won; 11.7.73 - 7.10.52
Goals; Haskett 5, Sterling 2, Stark 2, O'Brien, C. Williams
Best; F. Williams, Little, Major, O'Regan, A. Martyn, O'Brien
Played 6, Won 5, Lost 1, For 564, Against 539, 104.63%, Points 20

June 13
Carlton played St.Kilda at Princes Park
A one sided game where Carlton won in all departments.
Carlton team; (22 named, plus 2 names unreadable)
From; Baird, Bastow, Cusworth, Doyle, Gilby, Goater, Haskett, Job, Jones, Kidd, Little, A. Martyn, McVay, Allan Mudge, Neeson, O'Brien, O'Regan, Pollock, Stark, Sterling, C. Williams, F. Williams
Carlton won; 16.19.115 - 6.3.39
Goals; Haskett 4, Jones 2, Neeson 2, O'Brien 2, Stark 2, Doyle 2, Goonan, Pollock
Best; O'Brien, Little, Goonan, Gilby, Martyn, O'Regan
Carlton first
Played 7, Won 6, Lost 1, For 679, Against 578, 117.47%, Points 24

June 20
Carlton played Melbourne on the M.C.G.
The top two teams met in a very one sided game.
Carlton team; (25 named)
From; Baird, Bastow, Cusworth, Delaney, Goonan, Haskett, Job, Jones, Kidd, Little, Lynch, Martyn, Morrissey, McNamara, McVay, Allan Mudge, Neeson, O'Brien, O'Regan, Pollock, Stark, Sterling, Watson, C. Williams, F. Williams
Carlton lost; 3.7.25 - 12.18.90
Goals; no details
Best; no details
Carlton third
Played 8, Won 6, Lost 2, For 704, Against 668, 105.38%, Points 28

June 27
Split round Carlton did not play

July 4
Carlton played North Melbourne at Princes Park
The Blues dominated in most postions.
Carlton team; (25 named)
From; Allen, Angleton, Baird, Bastow, Baxter, Cusworth, Goater, Haskett, Job, Kidd, F. Lever, Little, Lynch, C. McIntosh, McVay, Morrissey, Neeson, O'Brien, O'Regan, Pollock, Re, Stirling, Watson, C. Williams, F. Williams
Carlton won; 15.10.100 - 13.8.86
Goals; Allen 7, Lewis 3, C. Williams 2, Baud, Neeson, Re
Best; Lever, Allen, McIntosh, Lynch, Kidd, Morrissey
Carlton third
Played 9, Won 7, Lost 2, For 804, Against 734, 109.53%, Points 28

July 11
Carlton played South Melbourne at Princes Park
After a close first quarter the Blues increased their lead in every term and ran out easy winners.
Carlton team;
Backs; Job, McVay, Neeson
Half backs; O'Regan, Kidd, Morrissey
Centres; Lynch, Little, F. Williams
Half forwards; C. McIntosh, C. Williams, W. Jones
Forwards; Lever, Re, Sterling
Followers; Pollock, Allan Mudge
Rover; O'Brien
Reserves; Warne, Goater, Baird, Baxter, Bastow, Haskett
Carlton won; 12.11.83 - 5.8.38
Goals; B. Warne 3, F. Williams 3, Re 2, Lever, Allan Mudge, Neeson, O'Regan
Best; Lever, Morrissey, McIntosh, Kidd, Lynch, Little
Carlton third
Played 10, Won 8, Lost 2, For 887, Against 772, 114.87%, Points 32

July 18
Carlton played Hawthorn at Glenferrie
Equal top placed Carlton played second last Hawthorn. Only the home team's inaccuracy in front of goal prevented them from winning. In the final term Hawthorn attacked incessantly but they only scored 1.7, the Blues hung on for a 4 point win.
Carlton team; (24 named)
From; Allen, Baird, Bastow, Baxter, Gilby, Goater, Haskett, Huxtable, Job, Kidd, Lever, Little, Lynch, McVay, McIntosh, Allan Mudge, Pollock, O'Regan, Re, Simmons, Sterling, Warne, C. Williams, F. Williams
Carlton won; 6.13.49 - 4.21.45
Goals; Allen 3, Warne 2, Re
Best; Kidd, McIntosh, Warne, Lynch, Allen
Carlton third
Played 11, Won 9, Lost 2, For 936, Against 817, 114.56%, Points 36

July 25
Carlton played Richmond at Princes Park
Richmond were too strong in the air and around the ground for the lighter Carlton team.
Carlton team; (24 named)
From; Allen, Baird, Bastow, Baxter, Clarke, Doyle, Gilby, Haskett, Job, Lever, Little, Morrissey, McIntosh, Allan Mudge, O'Brien, O'Regan, Pollock, Re, Simmons, Stark, Sterling, Warne, C. Williams, F. Williams
Carlton lost; 4.10.34 - 11.11.77
Goals; Allen 2, Pollock, B. Warne
Best; Morrissey, Baxter, F. Williams, Lever, Sterling, Simmons
Carlton third
Played 12, Won 9, Lost 3, For 970, Against 894, 108.50%, Points 36

August 1
Carlton played Fitzroy at Brunswick Street
Carlton won easily kicking 12.2 after half time, at one stage kicking 9 goals straight.
Carlton team; no details
Carlton won; 18.12.120 - 10.17.77
Goals; no details
Best; no details
Carlton third
Played 13, Won 10, Lost 3, For 1090, Against 971, 112.25%, Points 40

August 8
Carlton played Essendon
No match report
Carlton team; no details
Carlton lost; 6.11.47 - 8.21.69
Goals; Re 2, Clark, Tarry, Stark, Lever
Best; Martyn, Little, McIntosh, Pollock, Williams
Carlton third
Played 14, Won 10, Lost 4, For 1137, Against 1040, 109.32%, Points 40

August 15
This was the only Reserves match played as the Victoria vs South Australia state game was on at the M.C.G. (Carlton's Colin Martyn captained Victoria)
Carlton played Geelong at Corio Oval
By half time Geelong had a 5 goal lead and were then never seriously challenged.
Carlton's M. Stark was injured in the final term and was replaced by the 19th. man who wore the same number as Stark (No. 45)
Carlton team; no details
Carlton lost; 7.9.51 - 13.11.89
Goals; Jones 2, Re 2, Lever, Baird, Williams
Best; Jones, Baird, A. Martyn, Lever, McIntosh, Little, Regan, Hale
Carlton* see below
Played 15, Won 10, Lost 5, For 1188, Against 1129, 107.20%, Points 40

August 22
Carlton did not play.
.*At the completion of this round Carlton were fifth on the ladder.
They were equal fourth with Essendon on 40 points, but a huge 20% behind the Dons.

August 29
Carlton played Collingwood at Princes Park
A vital match for the Blues who welcomed the return of McVay, Kidd, M. Johnson, J. Baird, C. Williams, and C. McIntosh.
A fast close game with scores level late into the final term, but Collingwood scored four late goals to win by 28 points.
The Blues are now one game and percentage outside the four.
Carlton team; no details
Carlton lost; 8.7.55 - 11.17.83
Goals; Lever 3, Jones 2, Hale, Baird, Clarke
Best; Kidd, Jones, McIntosh, Johnson, Lever, Pollock
Carlton fifth
Played 16, Won 10, Lost 6, For 1243, Against 1212, 102.55%, Points 40

September 5
Carlton played Footscray at Footscray
The home side with better teamwork were too quick around the ground and in the air.
Carlton team; no details
Carlton lost; 7.13.55 - 14.10.94
Goals; Crowley 2, Jones 2, Lever 2, Williams
Best; Axcet or Ascet, Jones, Lever, Kidd, Crowley, Pollock
Carlton fifth
Played 17, Won 10, Lost 7, For 1298, Against 1306, 99.38%, Points 40

September 12
Final round of the season
Carlton played St.Kilda at Princes Park
Carlton lost their final match of the season.
1931 ended badly for the Blues as they lost 6 out of their last 7 games. They finished 3 games and 38.2% outside the four.
Carlton team; no details
Carlton lost; 8.12.60 - 12.12.84
Goals; no details
Best; Hale, F. Williams, McIntosh, O'Rourke, O'Regan, Lever
Carlton fifth
Played 18, Won 10, Lost 8, For 1358, Against 1390, 97.69%, Points 40

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