1919 Reserves

Reserves Season 1919
Coach: TBD
Captain: J. Gordon
Best & Fairest: TBD
Position: 6th
Premier: Collingwood

This was the first season of the VFL Reserves or Victorian Junior League competition.
A Reserves or Second Twenty competition was run for many years in the Pre-V.F.A., & in the V.F.A. era.
The Carlton Football Club first formed a Reserves team in 1868.

In 1919 the competing 9 clubs were;
Carlton, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Leopold (South Melbourne), Richmond, St.Kilda, University A, University B, and West Melbourne (Essendon).
Some of the clubs were called Carlton District, Collingwood District, or the Fitzroy Juniors.
West Melbourne played at the East Melbourne C. G., Leopold at the South Melbourne C. G., and the University clubs on the University ground.
In a 9 team competition one club would have a bye each week.
16 rounds were played this season.

New Junior Organisation


Herald article April 25 on the new VFL season, District teams and new players.


Practice Match, April 12

Carlton District 7.10.52 lost to Brunswick Association 7.11.53
Carlton played University on the old Brunswick reserve, Park Street near Sydney Road. (McAlister Oval?)

April 21, Monday
Carlton played the Combined Ballarat Association at Eastern Oval, Ballarat.
The first visit from a senior team in four years.
A function for the players and officials was held at Beecham's Unicorn Hotel.
Carlton officials, J. Gardiner (president), T. F. Breary (vice president), R. Hunt (secretary),
One of the Graffs is a winger, the other a rover. The rover kicked four goals.
Carlton team;
Leehane (capt), Powditch, Hore, Johnson, Bockholt, Jack Scobie, Canet, McCumisky, A. Graff, B. Graff, White, Willis, Keily, Cowley, Goonan, Martin, Ewans, Down.
Umpire; Lt. H. J. Nugent M.C
Carlton won by 29 points
Carl; 5.8 8.14 11.- 12.25.97
B.A; 0.0 0.5 9.- 9.14.68
Goals; Graff 4 rest unknown

April 26
Carlton 18 played Carlton District 19
The match did not start till 3.30pm as a mark of respect to the death of Carlton vice president Mr F. Hyett
Carlton team; (18)
Leehane (capt), Behrendt, Hore, White, Martin, Scobie, Canet, Chandler, Graff, Graff, Wolley, Haughton, Fisher, Murcovitch, Cowley, Shiels, Evans, Shortell.
Carlton District team; (19)
J. Gordon (capt), Wittman, Gavin, Key, Inch, Read, Wright, Craig, Chappell, Oak, Truman, Freeman, Jamieson, Watson, Noonan, Boyne, Whannell, Rourke, Brown.
Quarter time Carlton 2.5.17 - 0.1
No further details have been found.

W. Noonan (ex South Melbourne)
V. Truman (ex South Melbourne District))
R. Browne (ex Collingwood District)
N. Chandler (ex Brunswick). Brunswick had agreed but then the VFA refused. Carlton had already agreed to transfer W. Dick and V. Gardiner to Brunswick.
However, the VFL granted permission to allowed Chandler to cross to Carlton.
R. Shiell (rover ex Maryborough) an original ANZAC with four years military service.
Joe Prince (South Melbourne)
Ewans, a returned soldier, formerly a Brunswick Junior
Jack Scobie from W.A. formerly of South Melbourne
Halbran a half back, ex West Perth
Buckholt, defender, Brunswick Juniors
Powditch, Fitzroy
A. Boromeo, Maryborough
Goonan, North Melbourne Juniors
Sheil, a 17 yo lad with a promising future.

May 03
Carlton played Fitzroy at Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.
After an even first half, the Blues kicked away in the third term scoring 4 goals to nil, to set up a match winning lead.
Carlton team; (18)
Truman, Garvin, Jamieson, Gordon (Capt.), Noonan, White, Whannell, Wright, Freeman, Oak, Watson, Boyne, Rodwell, Bourke, Craig, Wittman, Key, Chappell.
Umpire; Fowden or Forden
Carlton won by 21 points
Carl; 1.4 3.4 7 8.? 9.9.63
Fitz; 0.3 1.4 1.4 6.6.42
Goals; Bourke 3, Rodwell 2, Oak, Watson, Whannell, Whitman.
Best; Truman, Jamieson, White, Bourke, Gordon, Rodwell
.*Three quarter time behinds unknown

"The new organisation, the Victorian Junior League, played its opening matches on Saturday. The League is affiliated with the senior body, and each club is "under the wing" of a League club, and can be distinguished by its name.
West Melbourne play in assocation with Essendon (L)." (Age p9)

May 10
Carlton played West Melbourne.
An even game up until three quarter time with the Blues leading by 1 point.
The Blues scored 4 goals in the final term.
Umpire; Craddock
Carlton won; 10.6.66 - 5.14.44
No further details.

May 17
Carlton bye

May 24
Carlton played University A on the University Oval
The Argus; "The game between University A and Carlton was fast, clean, and exciting, the high marking of both sides being a feature. Carlton made a fine effort in the last quarter, and drew up to within 3 points of the University's score, and only a goal scored by McKay for the students after the bell had gone, finally decided the game"
Carlton team;
Condon (C), Craig, Keys, Darvin, Inch, Noonan, Chappell, Whae, Watson, Boyne, Boyde, Truman, White, Wright, Whannell, Wittman, Rourke, Rodwell.
Carl; 1.4 3.5 3.6 6.10.46
UniA; 3.1 5.1 7.6 8.8.56
Carlton lost by 10 points
Umpire; Buist
Goals; Daverall/Darvin? 2, Watson, Boyne, Rourke, Inch
Best; Noonan, Condon, Payne, Truman, Wittman.
No further details.

May 31
Carlton played University B on the Melbourne ground.
University kicked with the wind and had established a good lead by quarter time. The second term was even.
Carlton was hindered by the absence of it's captain, Gordon, who was injured just before half time and did not appear after the long break.
Carlton lost;
Carl: 0.1 4.3 -- 4.4.28
Uni B:3.4 6.6 -- 13.13.91
No further details.

June 07
Carlton played St.Kilda
The Blues were missing the services of it's skipper J. Gordon who was injured last week.
Carlton were on top for most of the day, but the Saints drew within a point in the final term.
Umpire; Buist.
Carlton won; 6.9.45 - 4.12.36
Goals; Inch 4, Oak, Chappell.

June 14
Carlton played Collingwood at Victoria Park
A fast and exciting game.
Captain J. Gordon was injured and Whittman was elected to take his place.
The Herald (June 14 p3) had the teams named as Carlton District and Collingwood District playing in the Victorian League.
Carlton team; (18 named)
Whittman (C), Freeman, Garvin, Mathison, Truman, Noonan, Whannell, Brown, Henry, Hyde, Read, Watson, Wright, Craig, Inch, Lewis, Bayne, Stewart.
Umpire; Tishler
Carlton lost by 45 points
Carl; 3.1 5.3 -- 7.4.46
Coll; 6.5 6.8 -- 11.25.91
Best; Truman, Wright, Hyde, Whannell, Craig, Wittman, Boyne/Bayne, Garvin.

June 21
Carlton played Leopold at Princes Park
Carl; 1.2 2.4 -- 4.16.40
Leo; 1.3 3.8 -- 6.15.51
Carlton lost by 11 points
Goals; Wittman 2, Chapell, Gordon
No further details.
Carlton are equal fourth on the ladder along with Leopold.

June 28
Carlton District played Richmond Juniors at Punt Road.
An even contest with the result in doubt with 5 minutes to go, then the Blues kicked the winning goal.
Carl; 3.3 4.6 ---- 9.10.64
Rich; 2.1 3.6 ---- 8.7.54
Carlton won by 10 points
Goals: Inch 4, Foster, Henry, Stewart, Wittman, unknown
Best; Gordon, Noonan, Boyne, Key, Chappell.

July 05
Carlton District played Fitzroy Juniors at Princes Park. (under League heading in The Herald.)
Carlton team;
Gordon (C), Key, Inch, Wright, Truman, Craig, Garvin, Hyde, Chappell, Bowen, Nicholas, Henry, Whittman, Whannell, Noonan, McLatchie, Che..pd ?, Ryan
Carl; 3.3 4.6 -- --
Fitz; 0.3 2.4 -- --
Umpire; Lane
No final details at hand, however the Sporting Edition of Herald has the result.

In the VFL, Victoria played South Australia in Adelaide and a Victorian team played a Ballarat League team.
Details of three Reserves games found. Leopold v Collingwood Dist., St.Kilda Dist v University B and Richmond Jnrs v West Melbourne.

July 19
Carlton played West Melbourne.
Carlton lost; 5.12.42 - 6.12.48

July 26
Carlton had the bye.

August 02
No details

August 09
Carlton played University A at Princes Park
Carl; 1.4 4.6 5.7 5.10.40
Uni; 4.2 5.6 7.7 8.11.59
Carlton lost by 19 points
Umpire; Connor
No further details

August 16
Carlton played University B at Princes Park
Garvin, Oak and Foster will miss due to illness.
Carl; 1.3 3.4 5.5 7.9.51
UniB; 1.5 4.8 5.10 6.11.47
Carlton won by 4 points
Umpire; Tishler
Best; Boyne and Key (following), Chappell (roving)
No further details

August 23
Carlton District played St.Kilda District at the Junction Oval St.Kilda
Carl; 2.3 3.3 ---- 8.9.57
St.K; 2.1 5.7 ---- 7.10.52
Carlton won by 5 points
Goals; Boyne 2, unknown
Best: Boyne, Chappell, Wiseman, Whittman, Noonan, Key, Hyde, Truman.
Injury; Stewart (Carlton) fractured shoulder
No further details

August 30
Carlton played Collingwood at Princes Park
Carl; 0.2 1.3 --3.5.23
Coll; 3.4 5.7 -- 10.12.72
Carlton lost; by 49 points
No further details

September 06
Carlton played Leopold at the South Melbourne Cricket Ground
It was one way traffic up to half time with Leopold kicking 5.9 to the Blues 0.4
Both teams scored 2.4 in the remaining two quarters.
Carlton team (Herald)
Backs; Mathieson, Foster, Henry
Half backs; Truman, Noonan, Whannell
Centre; Nicholas, Gordon (Capt), Watson
Half forwards; Wiseman, Wright, Oakley
Forwards; Craig, Inch, Hyde
Followers; Wittman, Key,
Rover; Chappell
Umpire; Tishler
Carlton lost; by 35 points
Carl; 0.2 0.4 1.4 2.8.20
Leo; 2.3 5.9 6.12 7.13.55
Best; Truman, Chapple, Henry, Key, Wright, Gordon (until injured).
Goals; Whittman, Chapple.

September 13
Carlton District played Richmond Juniors in the final round of the season.
Played as a curtain raiser to the VFL game at Punt Road.
The match started at 1pm.
Carlton won by 7 points.
Carl; 0.2 1.9 3.12 6.14.50
Rich; 5.4 5.5 5.6 6.7.43
Goals; Inch 2, Henry, Chappell, Key, Whannell.
No further details

Carlton finished sixth; Played 16, Won 8*, Lost 8*, Points 32*

-*The Argus published the Reserves Ladder after the final round, however they omitted Carlton from the list. So far, we have found that Carlton had won 7 games.

From the ladder's total points, Blueseum believes Carlton won an eighth game of which the match details are missing.
Any mathematicians out there are welcome to prove me wrong!

Collingwood (undefeated) 64, University A 44, Leopold 40, University B 40, Fitzroy 36, Carlton 32*, West Melbourne 20, St.Kilda 8, Richmond 4.

University A defeated University B in the first final on the MCG
Collingwood defeated Leopold
University A defeated Collingwood
Collingwood defeated University A in the Grand Final

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