4. Breaking the Flood - Pick up the Little Guy?
In the early first decade of the 21st century, the Footy Press - and the Coaches - were trying to break the flood. Some teams would play 18 man defences and basically just try to choke their opposition, before scoring on the fast break.

Carlton Legend David Parkin was heard to mutter something about the ability to hoist a player up in the air much like a Rugby Union line-out in order to take the 'assisted' contested mark.

Some would scoff.

But there was a 'Skinny' player up forward who may have been easy to lift?

Incidentally, footy folklore tells us that another team (in another time) had actually tried something along these lines. The story goes that Footscray's Simon Beasley had a shot for goal from the boundary line after the siren to win in Round 7, 1988. The Bears' built a mini-pyramid on the mark, with Mike Richardson sitting on the shoulders of Matthew Campbell on the mark in a move which prompted the AFL to change the rules. Also, as Beasley prepared to take his kick, hundreds of spectators invaded the ground and did their utmost to put him off. Umpire Bryan Sheehan later admitted he'd threatened to award a 15m penalty against the home side, which would have put Beasley in the square, but eventually Beasley took his kick and missed.

The Bears won by 1 point. Among the kids on the ground was Michael Voss. Footscray General Manager Dennis Galimberti questioned whether the Bears' security priorities were VIPs or players. "The Bears have a number of people guarding this pavilion. Perhaps they should divert some of those to crowd control and re-think their priorities. It is like Ford Knox trying to get inside for a beer, but when an opposition player is having a shot for goal the security go missing," he said.

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