3. A Mentoring Senior Coach?
The Carlton Football Club appeared to be breaking new ground in 2001 when Wayne Brittain took over from Carlton Legend, David Parkin, as senior Coach. But what made this special was that Parkin would remain at the Club in a Senior Role, providing guidance to the young Brittain.

The idea had merit - it provided the chance for the legendary Parkin to gradually hand over the reins, whilst augment his Coaching with some modern day nous. It also allowed the young Brittain a tranisitionary period, perhaps required given it was well known that he hadn't played at the top level before.

2001 came and went - a spate of injuries occurred at the wrong time, but perhaps we'd already missed the boat with our strong 2000. 2002 was a different story however...

The Master Coach / Offsider scenario was considered by the Collingwood Football Club for Season 2012 when the Mick Malthouse / Nathan Buckley tag team were put forward as Director of Coaching / Senior Coach. Mick retired after the 2011 Grand Final, leaving this episode of 'thinking outside the centre square' still only a part of Carlton folklore.

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