One of the great ironies of following a sport such as Australian Rules appears just as your club releases someone from their list - be it through trading or delisting. The irony comes from the instantaneous change of hope from "I hope he plays 200 games for Carlton" to "I hope this doesn't come back to bite us". But as history tells us, there will always be the player who indeed bites us on the proverbial; either in a return match-up where he might play a blinder, or through a strong career in new colours (or both). So whilst we at the Blueseum encourage Carlton fans to celebrate Premiership players, 'converts' from other clubs to Carlton players and indeed anyone in Navy Blue, there is a long list of 'Fish that got away' that need to be recognised in our Carlton historical museum....

1. Clen Denning; 18 Carlton Games; 159 Fitzroy games including the 1944 Premiership
The 'Man who kicked 6 on debut' would be pushed out of a strong Carlton team before starring with Fitzroy.

2. George Dougherty; 17 Carlton Games; 156 games at Geelong, Footscray and South Melbourne including the 1937 Premiership (Geelong)
Dougherty began his senior career with Carlton in 1934, but could manage just 17 games in two and a half years. Part way through the 1936 season he was cleared to Geelong, where he blossomed into one of the outstanding players of the competition. In his second season with the Cats, he was a vital part of their 1937 Premiership team.

3. Chris Bond; 22 Carlton Games; 141 games at Richmond and Fremantle; Also Captain at Fremantle
After 22 games with Carlton, Bond would find his way to Richmond from 1993 to 1997, before he made the back page news for being traded to the fledgling Fremantle Dockers for Pick 2. Bond would later captain the Dockers.

4. Gordon Casey; 1 Carlton Game; 125 Footscray games and played for Victoria
Casey came to Carlton in 1968 from the tiny Mallee township of Speed in north-western Victoria, and after just one game for Carlton in 1968 was cleared to Footscray. Whilst at the Blues, he was the leading goalkicker in the Reserves for the 1967 and 1968 seasons.
At the Western Oval, Casey found his niche as a tenacious specialist back pocket, and in a fine career, played 125 games for the Bulldogs. He represented Victoria, and later served on Footscray's coaching panel.

5. Brent Crosswell; 98 Carlton Games; 124 games at North Melbourne and Melbourne, including 2 Premierships at North Melbourne
Brent ‘Tiger’ Crosswell was a brilliant, yet enigmatic star at Carlton during the Barassi era. A brash, flamboyant individual capable of winning a game off his own boot with quarter or two of inspirational play, Crosswell was a dual Premiership player for the Blues who later followed his coach Ron Barassi to North Melbourne, and won another two flags.

6. Jim Martin; 6 Carlton Games; 122 games at Essendon and Fitzroy including a Premiership at Essendon (1912) and another at Fitzroy (1913)
'Bull' Martin played 6 games for Carlton in 1902 but found himself at Essendon, playing against us in the 1908 Grand Final. His luck would change and he would earn consecutive Premierships at different clubs over 1912-1913.

7. Peter Rohde; 46 Carlton Games; 117 games at Melbourne
Rohde was a handy player for the Blues before being cleared to Melbourne, where a change in roles to full-back saw him emerge as a top quality AFL player.

8. Aaron Hamill; 92 Carlton Games; 98 games at St Kilda
'The Heartbreak Kid' took a while to get going at Carlton, but enjoyed a fantastic season 2000 in a tag-team forward setup with Lance Whitnall. He stunned the football world, and Carlton fans the world over, by moving to St Kilda the year after.

9. Simon Minton-Connell; 19 Carlton Games; 93 games at Sydney, Hawthorn and Footscray
The young Tasmanian enjoyed some great moments in a short period of time at Carlton, with 50 goals from 19 matches, before being traded out in order for Carlton to secure Greg Williams. A good career followed at three other clubs.

10. Andrew Leoncelli; Nil Carlton Games; 146 games at Melbourne
Leoncelli was listed at Carlton but didn't last too long, before being picked up by Melbourne and becoming a midfield leader.

11. Ben Harrison; 2 Carlton Games; 159 games at Richmond and Footscray
Swapped out after our successful 1995 campaign for Justin Murphy, Harrison demonstrated his football wares across defence and by occasionally kicking goals - particularly against us - for Richmond and the Bulldogs.

12. Kris Massie; 43 Carlton Games; 88 Adelaide games
A top draft pick at Carlton, the trading of Massie after a few injury-curtailed seasons was just another example of the loss of leadership at Carlton in the early 2000's. Massie went on to play some good football for Adelaide.

Others to have left Carlton and played in a Premiership are:

- Troy Bond - 36 games at Carlton, 58 at Adelaide
- Frank Caine - 80 Carlton games, 22 at Essendon
- Denis Kelleher - 54 Carlton games, 59 at South Melbourne
- Justin McCarthy - 3 Carlton games, 56 Essendon

Those with a keen historical eye will notice that certain players have been set aside from the above list, for those that have left the Carlton Football Club and 'turned left for the Carringbush' are, unfortunately for us, worth their own special listing....

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