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Season 2017:
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show_image.php?id=36816 The Blueseum is currently seeking an image for all Carlton senior players to complete our historical collection. If you're a collector, or a relative, please help us find an image of every Blue there's been. In fact, we are in the process of setting up an 'Image Gallery' for each player so please add missing heads in if possible.

This is not just restricted to senior players either, if you played reserves, or U19s, were a trainer, doctor or volunteer for the club we want your story and your picture.

If you have any images please contact us at admin at or upload directly via his Image Gallery.

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The Blueseum now has forums. This means visitors to the Blueseum can now chat about the history of the Carlton Football Club and interact with the Blueseum team to relive great memories, sell and buy memorabilia and help to improve the Blueseum with extra information, pictures and stories. Everyone is welcome to join and participate.

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headingbars.jpgPast Player of the Week - LEGENDS OF 1987


From Sacred Heart College in South Australia, Mark Naley made his SANFL senior debut with South Adelaide in 1980. He quickly established his reputation as a star state footballer, particularly impressive against the Vics on a number of occasions. He represented his state from 1981 to 1989, and again in 1991 and 1992.

He was then recruited by Carlton, playing 65 games and scoring 74 goals in a successful VFL career between 1987 and 1990. His stay at Carlton got off to a slow start until he was selected for State of Origin duties by South Australia in 1987. He played a blinder in that game, and from then on was a star with the Blues. The undoubted highlight was the Premiership of 1987. One enduring memory of Mark Naley is of him wearing the long-sleeve number 17 guernsey (often with the sleeves rolled up), accelerating through the centre square and blasting through a goal from 45 metres out. Equally comfortable as a rover or at half forward, he formed a devastating roving partnership with fellow smalls Gleeson, Murphy, Evans and Bradley in the late 80s.

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show_image.php?id=35348 Sometimes within the Blueseum we see stunning pictures from the past, that make you think.... Don't you wish you were there? This shot of the Grand Final in 1906, over 100 years ago, surely gets the historical juices flowing....

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