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Carlton lost to the Kangaroos by 20 points - The Dome

Round 1, 2005

Carlton 3.5 23 5.8 38 7.10 52 12.13 85
Kangaroos 3.4 22 6.6 42 10.7 67 16.9 105
Venue: The Dome
Date: Saturday 26 March 2005 Result: Loss by 20 points
Umpires: Schmitt, Ellis, Jeffery Crowd: 40,345
Goalkickers: Fevola 3, Betts, Waite 2, Whitnall, Scotland, Davies, Houlihan, Koutoufides 1
Injuries: Livingston (ankle - 8-10 weeks in total)Reports: Nil

Game Review

There was much anticipation from Blues fans for our first outing in the real season after our Pre-Season Wizard Cup win. Over 40,000 Blue and Roo fans came to the Dome to watch a defensive type game in the heat of late March.

The Blues would be competitive and lead the game for much of the first half, but a greater spread of midfielders and midfield goals would be our undoing. Big Sav Rocca would play a solid game with 4 goals, beating Livingston before the unfortunate "Livo" went off injured in the second quarter.

In a worrying point which would become a trend for Carlton, the two teams would have equal shots at goal but Carlton's conversion was poor, including relatively easy misses to forwards Davies and Whitnall, with 2.5 between them.

Captain Anthony Koutoufides was Carlton's best player, with 32 disposals.

The match was the debut for young Eddie Betts, who would kick 2 goals from 6 kicks.


B: 44 Andrew Carrazzo 4 Luke Livingston 3 Digby Morrell
HB: 16 Scott Camporeale (vc) 15 David Teague 31 Jordan Bannister
C: 20 Cory McGrath 24 Nick Stevens 36 Trent Sporn
HF: 7 Justin Davies 8 Lance Whitnall 12 Matthew Lappin
F: 33 Ryan Houlihan 25 Brendan Fevola 30 Jarrad Waite
Ruck: 11 Barnaby French 43 Anthony Koutoufides (c) 29 Heath Scotland
28 Ian Prendergast, 1 Andrew Walker, 19 Eddie Betts, 26 Adrian Deluca
Coach: Denis Pagan
Emg: Karl Norman Kade Simpson Simon Wiggins


Debut: Eddie Betts
50 Games: Ian Prendergast

Brownlow Votes

3: Saverio Rocca (KAN)
2: Daniel Wells (KAN)
1: Troy Makepeace (KAN)

Best & Fairest Votes

Anthony Koutoufides (44), Andrew Carrazzo (29), Digby Morrell (19), Ian Prendergast (15), Eddie Betts (12), David Teague (10), Jarrad Waite (8), Heath Scotland (5), Barnaby French (4), Cory McGrath (3)

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