Frank Hyett        

Frank Hyett

Francis William (Frank) Hyatt
DOB: 09 February 1882 Bolwarrah Victoria
DOD: 25 April 1919

Frank played cricket and football with Coburg Juniors and Brunswick. He transferred to the Carlton Cricket Club as a wicket keeper and opening batsman. He played for Victoria between 1914-15 and scored a century against Tasmania.
He was a vice president of both the Carlton football Club and Cricket Club.
Since 1914 he had been a committee member of Carlton Football Club, and at the time of his death he was the senior vice president and recently appointed VFL delegate of the Carlton Football Club. The club acknowledged his‘vast organising and brilliant talents’ in a tribute after his death in the Spanish flu pandemic.

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Frank Hyett died in 1919, leaving behind his wife and three children. He was Carlton delegate to the VFL and general secretary of the Victorian Railways Union. Over 5000 people attended his funeral. Frank was a close friend of John Curtin, whose second child John (Francis) was named in memory of his friend.


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