2010 Best and Fairest Votes

2010 Best and Fairest Count

1st Chris Judd 473
2nd Jordan Russell 354
3rd Marc Murphy 343
4th Bryce Gibbs 322
5th Andrew Carrazzo 310
6th Kade Simpson 300
7th Jeffery Garlett 279
8th Heath Scotland 243
9th Eddie Betts 217
10th Aaron Joseph 197

Voting: 5 Members of Match Committee Vote Independently
Each Member votes for up to a maximum of 8 players with a minimum of 3 players.
Each Player may receive a maximum 10 votes from each Member of Match Committee. ie A player can receive a maximum of 50 votes per match.
Example: Player X receives 8 votes from each of the 5 members of Match Committee therefore he scores 40 votes for the round. 8 X 5 = 40

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