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1941 Reserves

Reserves Season 1941
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: No award
Position: 8th
Premier: Essendon

Carlton Final List


Anderson, Baird, Baxter, Bavin, Bennett, Brown, Butler, Carney, Chitty, Cooper, Crisp, Francis, Gill, Green, Hale, Jones, McIntyre, Mclean, McTaggert, McInnes, Mann, Mooring, Price, Edward Rippon, Savage, Sanger, Schmidt, Skinner, Wrout.

New Players

F. Davies (Seaford), Regnier (St.Kilda), Sleith (Preston)

To Be Included When Clearances Arrive Or They Train.

Bailey (W.A.), Bignell, McPharlin (W.A.), Ernie Pilkington, Shea, Cha...? (W.A)


Albiston, Adamson, Cripps, J. Conley?, J. Connelly, Finn, Grieve, Gingell, Ireland, Morgan, Ravenscroft, Wallace, Wilson.

Off List

Diggins (retired), Cameron (Navy), Hollingshead (Shepparton), A. Shields (W.A.), Park (A.I.F.), Chandler (retired)
Albie Broman who played with the Reserves in 1940 was named in the Sporting Globe November 15 1941 (p4) as having enlisted in the military.

Carlton v Fitzroy April 12
Carlton played Fitzroy in a Charity Game to aid St.Vincent's Hospital Appeal at Princes Park.
Crowd; 9,000 Takings £450
Carlton president Ken Luke donated a perpetual trophy worth £10/10 to be played for between Fitzroy and Carlton
A curtain raiser match between recruits of both clubs will be played at 1.30pm
.*Keith Shea did not play and was replaced by Bulter.
Carlton Team;
Backs; McIntyre, Gill, Baird
Half backs; Jones, Francis (Capt), Anderson
Centres; Skinner, Shea/Butler, Green
Half forwards; Cooper, Wrout, Crisp
Forwards; Schmidt, K. Baxter, Rippon
Followers; Bennett, McInnes
Rover; Hale
Emergencies; Mann, McTaggard, Butler*
Umpires; Bill Blackburn and Jack McMurray, one half each.
Carlton won; 12.6.78 - 9.14.68
Players mentioned; K. Baxter, Butler, Crisp, Francis, Hale, Schmidt, Skinner,
Goals; Schmidt 7, Crisp 3, Baxter 2

Carlton Recruits Team (34 named)
Umpire; Morgan
From; Rod McLean (Capt), Adams, Albiston, Allister, Atkinson, Bavin, H. Baxter, Conley, Connelly, Cook, Crisp, F. Davies, H. Davies, Ellis, Greive, Gingell, Green, Horner, Huxtable, R. Johnson, McPharlin, Morgan, O'Brien, Petersen, Pilkington, Ravenscroft, Sanger, Sleith, Smith, Tupper, Wall, White, Wilson.

June 28
Carlton played Footscray
Carlton won;
Carl. 6.6 11.7 15.12 20.20.140
Foots. 2.6 5.14 13.15 16.18.114
Goals; Butler 7 rest unknown

July 5
Carlton played Geelong at Geelong
Carlton team;
Backs; Evans, Greive, F. Davies
Half-backs; Cripps, Jones. McInnes
Centres; Temme, Finn, Brown
Half-forwards; Adamson, Baird, Butler
Forwards; Cherry, Dowsely, H. Davies
Followers; Bennent, Stoll
Rover; Price
Emergencies; Hoarey, Collicoat, Priestley, Horner, Peterson, Jackson.
Carlton lost; 13.13.91 - 14.17.101

July 19
Carlton played Essendon
Carl. 5.1 10.3 11.5 --
Ess. 4.3 8.4 13.8 --
After this day's match Carlton was seventh on the Reserves ladder
Played 12, Won 6, Lost 6, Points 24

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