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Pictures from the Carlton Football Club's tour of England and Greece playing against a VFL All Stars team after the end of the 1972 premiership season. These pictures provided with kinf permission from David 'Swan' McKay.
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warm up at oval london.jpg
(604x391) [1114 Hits]

warm up at athens.jpg
(604x300) [843 Hits]

getting ready at athens.jpg
(604x391) [872 Hits]

inspecting the ground athens.jpg
(604x391) [851 Hits]

lads in athens.jpg
(604x286) [865 Hits]

jack oconnell.jpg
(284x602) [961 Hits]

remove the soccer goals.jpg
(604x391) [907 Hits]

syd jackson.jpg
(604x593) [931 Hits]

boat trip greek islands.jpg
(604x402) [761 Hits]

centre wicket oval.jpg
(604x391) [838 Hits]

crowd athens.jpg
(604x391) [818 Hits]

crowd athens 2.jpg
(604x391) [824 Hits]

don jolley.jpg
(336x602) [965 Hits]

fosters pyramid at mooneys bar.jpg
(391x603) [871 Hits]

arrival in london.jpg
(604x377) [847 Hits]

arrival in london 2.jpg
(578x604) [852 Hits]

athens game.jpg
(604x391) [819 Hits]

athens game 2.jpg
(580x603) [782 Hits]

athens game 3.jpg
(604x401) [820 Hits]

bert deacon athens.jpg
(604x453) [943 Hits]

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