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Carlton lost to Geelong by 6 points at Kardinia Park. One of only three losses all season.

Round 12, 1979

Carlton 2.3 15 6.7 43 8.13 61 14.17 101
Geelong 6.3 39 8.10 58 13.13 91 15.17 107
Venue: Kardinia Park Date: Saturday June 23, 1979
Result: Lost by 6 points Umpires: R.Sawers & K.Norris Crowd: 29,941 Receipts: $25,773
Goalkickers: R.Galt 3, B.Armstrong, P.Jones, T.Keogh 2, W.Harmes, W.Johnston, M.Maclure, A.Marcou, K.Sheldon 1.
Best: K.Sheldon, W.Johnston, A.Marcou, G.Southby, T.Keogh, M.Fitzpatrick
Reports: Nil Injuries: Nil

Game Review

Carlton were enjoying a burst of form which would see them only lose three games over the entire season and claim the Premiership. However, Geelong won this encounter by 6 points with future Blue Mario Bortolotto blanketing Carlton's gun centre half-forward Mark Maclure in a physical duel between the two. Perhaps it was this performance that would see Bortolotto join the Blues shortly after...for more on Bortolotto's story, click here.

Geelong rebounded from a shameful performance against Fitzroy to defeat League leaders Carlton by six points at Kardinia Park. The Cats were desperate for the ball and held off a late thrust by the Blues, whose coach Alex Jesaulenko believes have become complacent. - Football Record.

''Statistically Speaking
Carlton, who have invariably struggled at Kardinia Park, went down by one goal to Geelong, who had 7% more handball but fell down in other areas. The Blues had 4% more kicks, 39% more marks and 3% more scoring shots. - Ray Young Football Record.''

The defining moment of this game was the controversial last-minute free kick not paid to Geoff Southby. He was clearly illegally held, and prevented from stopping a Geelong shot on goal bouncing through for the goal that won the match. Says Southby:

"Glen Middlemiss was the full forward at the time. It was in time-on in the last quarter and the scores were very close. Kardinia Park was at fever pitch with almost 30,000 people, mostly Cats supporters in attendance. Glen almost had my leg in a bear hug for want of a better description, which significantly retarded my ability to get to the footy as it was rolling through the goal square on it's way to goal. I appealed to the near-by Umpire Neville Nash who I thought had a clear view of the incident. I appealed to him with my hand in the air saying "Neville. You must have seen that" (or words to that effect). The Geelong supporters were screaming with delight as the ball went through, putting the Cats in front on the scoreboard with only a couple of minutes to go in the game. The umpire ignored my appeal. A very sensible decision I believe, as the Geelong supporters would have probably lynched him if he had paid the obvious free kick to me. The siren rang soon after without any addition to the score. It was a long trip back from Geelong that evening. And I am not "pulling your leg" like Glen Middlemiss did to me!"

This game is remembered as one of Carlton's controversial finishes, a theme explored in a Blueseum exclusive article available here.


B: 10 Alan Mangels 20 Geoff Southby 18 Kevin Heath
HB: 25 Alex Jesaulenko (cc) 21 Rod Austin 22 Robbert Klomp
C: 47 Peter Francis 37 Wayne Harmes 1 Denis Collins
HF: 7 Wayne Johnston 36 Mark Maclure (dvc) 8 Trevor Keogh
F: 28 Peter Jones (vc) 17 Rod Galt 34 Alex Marcou
Ruck: 3 Mike Fitzpatrick 12 Barry Armstrong 5 Ken Sheldon
Interchange: 9 Greg Towns 4 Vin Catoggio
Coach: Alex Jesaulenko


250 Games: Alex Jesaulenko
50 Games: Mike Fitzpatrick
Last Game (Carlton): Denis Collins

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