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Northern Blues Best and Fairest

This page seeks to track Best & Fairest performance of Carlton listed players subsequent to the alliance arrangement of the Club with the Preston Football Club in the VFL (Playing under the name the Northern Bullants and then the Northern Blues from Season 2012).

2017: 1st: Cam O'Shea, 2nd: Tom Wilson, 3rd: Luke Russell
2016: 1st: Tom Wilson, 2nd: Jason Tutt, 3rd: Mark Whiley
2015: 1st: Bradley Walsh, 2nd: Nick Graham, Equal 3rd: Mark Whiley & Brent "Boxer" Bransgrove
2014: 1st: Tom Wilson, 2nd: Patrick Cripps, Equal 3rd: Sam Cattapan & John Anthony
2013: 1st: Kane Lambert, 2nd: Tom Bell, 3rd: Nick Graham
2012: 1st: Adam Marcon, 2nd: Kane Lambert, 3rd: David Ellard
2011: 1st: Brock McLean, 2nd: Adam Iacobucci, 3rd: Jarrod McCorkell
2010: 1st: Jarrod McCorkell, 2nd: David Ellard, 3rd: Sam Jacobs
2009: 1st: David Ellard, 2nd: Adam Iacobucci, 3rd: Richard Hadley
2008: 1st: Jason Saddington, 2nd: Luke Blackwell, 3rd: Adam Iacobucci
2007 1st: Adam Iacobucci, 2nd: Josh Houlihan, 3rd: David Teague
2006 1st: Daniel Harford, 2nd: Digby Morrell, 3rd: Ian Prendergast
2005 1st: Glen Bowyer, 2nd: Digby Morrell, 3rd: Adam Bentick
2004 1st: Jonathon McCormick & Brett Zorzi (equal), 2nd: Daniel Harford, 3rd: Callan Beasy
2003 1st: Shane Watson, 2nd UK, 3rd UK

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