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James E. Clinton

DOB: circa 1872
DOD: 01 October 1918 Melbourne Hospital
Carlton Secretary: 1914 - 1918

The Referee newspaper (September 30 1914) in it's article on Carlton's premiership victory over South Melbourne said;
"J. E. Clinton assumed the secretarial reins early in the season, and the success of the side is largely due to his efforts. He is popular with players and supporters, and genial and courteous towards all with whom he has dealings."

"An 'Addendum' to the report refers eulogistically to Secretary Mr. J. E. Clinton - 'The floating of the pennant on our ground for season 1914 was due to his vigilance in securing players to achieve this great object. Your committee feel that the best thanks of members should be placed to this report for services rendered by Mr. J. E. Clinton as secretary."
(Sporting Judge March 20 1915)

1915 January 31 (p14)

Writing about a proposed amalgamation of Rugby and Australian Football the Sydney newspaper The Referee spoke to Carlton secretary J. E. Clinton for his views.
"In a conversation with Mr. J. E. Clinton, hon. secretary of the Carlton F. C., he informed me that his club was not inclined to the new scheme. The Australian Rules, in his opinion, are excellent, though he admits games with N. S. Wales would be a big advantage. He, of course, judges Rugby largely upon what he saw in the England - N. S. Wales contest - which was little more than a riot. The few passing bursts that he enjoyed, but the monotonous scrummaging spoiled the game as a spectacle. One fears this exhibition will retard amalgamation, and also that a new body with the old code will beat the old body with a new code."

1915 Carlton vs Collingwood

Around 3pm a pack of officials gathered at the centre of the ground as the ground staff had forgotton to paint the white circle in the centre of the ground. Carlton secretary J. Clinton with whitewash brush in hand completed the job.

1918 July 30
Herald report, J. E. Clinton is seriously ill in the Melbourne Hospital.

From the Argus, October 2nd, 1918
Mr. James Edward Clinton, secretary of the Carlton Football Club for seven years, died yesterday morning, in the Melbourne Hospital, after a short illness. He had represented the Carlton club at various times on the Victorian Football League. As a young man he was well known as a racing cyclist. He leaves a widow, but no family. The funeral will take place at the Melbourne General Cemetery this afternoon.

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