1950 Reserves

show_image.php?id=19868Reserves Season 1950
Coach: TBD
Captain: TBD
Best & Fairest: Doug Guy
Position: 9th
Premier: Essendon

New Players

H.A. Bennett (Toolyebuc), K.J. Doyle (Spotswood)

April 29
Carlton played North Melbourne
Carlton lost; 12.11.83 - 17.14.116

May 6
Carlton played Collingwood
Carlton team; from (22 named) Ken Aitken, Bernie Baxter, H. Bennett, Baker, Gerald Burke, Frank Bateman, Davey, K. Doyle, Doug Guy, Kevin Hart, Max Howell, Vin English, Lear, N. Lee, Jim Munro, Ron Price, Roy Rebesco, Ken Shaw, Steeper, D. Thomas, A. Max Thomas, Morrie Williams

Carlton 15.13.103
Collingwood 12.17.89

Result: Won by 14 points.

May 13
Carlton played Richmond.
for tomorrow
Carlton team from; Ken Aitken, Bernie Baxter, H. Bennett, Geoff Brokenshire, Baker, Gerald Burke, Johnny Blake, Davies, Davey, K. Doyle, Doug Guy, Kevin Hart, Max Howell, Adam Inglis, N. Lee, Lear, Munro, Parker, Ron Price, Roy Rebesco, Streeter, A. Max Thomas, D. Thomas, Morrie Williams

Carlton 21.4.130
Richmond 14.28.112

Result: Won by 18 points

May 20
Carlton played St.Kilda

Carlton 24.14.158
St Kilda 13.10.88

Result: Won by 70 points.

June 3rd
Carlton played Sth Melbourne

Carlton team from; Ken Aitken, Geoff Brokenshire, Gerald Burke, John Brown, Baker, Dean, K. Doyle, Vin English, Doug Guy, Kevin Hart, Adam Inglis, Lear, Munro, Ron Price, Ryan, Peter, Tom Simmons, Harry Sullivan, R Thomas, A. Max Thomas, Alan Thynne, Morrie Williams, Doug Williams.

June 24
Carlton played Hawthorn
Carlton 15.11.101
Hawthorn 19.12.126
Goals; Baxter 5, Guy 3, Huntingdon 2, Comben 2, Bateman, Jones.
Best; Guy, Lee, Baxter, Sullivan, Inglis.

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