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The Blueseum searching for.... Missing Heads!
The Blueseum is currently seeking an image for all Carlton senior players to complete our historical collection. If you're a collector, or a relative, please help us find an image of every Blue there's been. In fact, we are in the process of setting up an 'Image Gallery' for each player so please add missing heads in if possible.

If you have any images please contact us at or upload directly via his Image Gallery.

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If you are not a member of the Blueseum please send your email address and details of the pictures you have using the following form....CONTACT US.

We Now Have Forums!

Blueseum Forums

The Blueseum now has forums. This means visitors to the Blueseum can now chat about the history of the Carlton Football Club and interact with the Blueseum team to relive great memories, sell and buy memorabilia and help to improve the Blueseum with extra information, pictures and stories. Everyone is welcome to join and participate.

The forums can be found on the menu to the left and via this link.

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Past Player of the Week

Jimmy Aitken - Blue #1

James Munroe ‘Jimmy’ Aitken, born in Sebastopol, was captain of the first team to represent the Carlton Football Club in VFL competition, and is therefore recognised as Player Number One in the long and varied list of individuals to have worn the Navy Blue. Sadly, there is much we do not know about him, apart from the bare facts of his playing career, and his seemingly acrimonious defection to Melbourne in just his second season.

When Carlton joined seven other dissident VFA clubs and formed the Victorian Football League in 1897, Jimmy Aitken was already an established star at Princes Park (Carlton Vice Captain in 1896), so it didn’t surprise when the hard-working centreman replaced incumbent Tom Blake as captain. Defender Ernie Walton was appointed vice-captain, while Blake played on as the team’s senior ruckman.

You can read more by CLICKING HERE.

Past Player of the Week Archive
Blueseum Celebration - Captains!
The Blueseum continues its run back through the 'Captains of Yesteryear' .... and arrives back at yet another Premiership Captain, Bob Chitty; a Blues Legend of a different type. Lead Actor! True Story!!!!

The Blueseum's All Star List of Captains

Image of the Week - Who is this Celebrity Fan?
There are always some interesting finds deep inside the Blueseum Image Galleries - from past memories, to past games, and of course to past Blues. But how about this shot nestled away in our 'Celebrity Supporters' gallery?

For more Images, click HERE. Make sure you start using our hotlink function to check on your favourite image galleries; we're hoping to link all pictures on site to their galleries. So keep clicking!

About the Blueseum
The Blueseum is produced by a dedicated group of volunteers who spend their free time helping to research and record the history of the Carlton Football Club. The site is based on the wiki concept, (think of wikipedia) where registered users are able to change the content of the website themselves. Therefore, YOU can add to the Blueseum. If you believe that you have a contribution to make, or you are simply interested in lending a hand, then please contact us.

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2014 PLAYING LIST!!! The Blueseum will update our Playing List each week in the off season

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